Updates and Summer!!

I am so excited that it is finally starting to get warm. I just hope that this nice weather lasts. Tay and I have had a busy summer so far. Here what we have been up to the past couple of months…
I am in school and I am also doing an internship for my dads company. Its actually been really fun and interesting! I get to follow him around to his different meetings and I have been helping them get going with some PR and marketing stuff. I have also been getting ready for the baby to come. I CAN’T wait! I have gotten her crib, car seat, diaper bag, and LOTS of cute clothes (Thanks Mom)!! I feel like I am getting HUGE…my belly has really started to pop! Thankfully, I haven’t really been sick at all my whole pregnancy! I still work out quite a bit which I think has been the reason I feel so good. I have been going to step and kickboxing classes which are so much fun, I also go on lots of walks with my family, but I cant wait to start running again after this cute baby comes! I am mostly excited to get a jogging stroller so I can take her on runs with me!!

My Crib…

I LOVE my diaper bag!!!

Tay has had a VERY busy summer so far as well. He is taking organic chemistry and some business classes. I feel like I haven’t seen him very much in the past couple of weeks because he is always studying and taking tests. He recently got into the finance program at BYU so he is doing that and all of his medical school classes. He is so crazy- by the time he graduates he will have a Major in Finance with minors in Chemistry and Spanish. I am so proud of him for doing all of this and working so hard for our family. After this summer semester ends in 9 DAYS (whose counting?) he will do an internship with a venture capitalist firm called VSpring. It will be SO nice for him to be able to have a break from school while he is doing this internship and I will get to play with him WAY more WAHOO!!!!!!!

One other thing I have to blog about is that we get to go to “The Ranch” in Colorado. I am so excited because Tay hasn’t ever been there and it is one of my ALL TIME favorite places to go.

The Ranch at Sunset…


  1. You are so beautiful pregnant Em! It’s so much fun getting ready for a little girl. No offense to boys, but baby girl things are much cuter. I have the same diaper bag and love it! My mom says she sees you at the gym and how adorable you are. I love your pics from AZ. My family has gone to the Hyatt there since I was little. It’s a fun resort! Keep the baby updates coming… Can’t wait for her to arrive!