Thanksgiving Weekend

I pretty much stole this post from my sister Rachel’s AMAZING blog because we were together and did the same things all weekend. Thanks Rach!!- Thanksgiving was so much fun this year. I always love Thanksgiving because it gives me a good excuse to play with my sisters and family ALL weekend. and when I say all weekend I mean it. 
Rach and I planned on having our families {Drew,Tay and Capri} sleep over at my Mom’s house the night before Thanksgiving because the Turkey Trot {a race my family has run every Thanksgiving for the past 5 years} was so early in the morning. 
We decided Thanksgiving night to sleep over again for Black Friday shopping
and the sleep overs turned into a 4-day slumber party at my parents house and we had SO much fun.
Cheesecake Factory with the cousins, shopping ALL day, dodging people at the grocery
store and checking and re-checking grocery lists for Thanksgiving dinner.
Turkey Trot race,  a long nap by the fire,
baking, cooking, cleaning and spending time
with amazing family, playing games and watching Christmas Vacation.
shopping with all the girls, boys shopping at who knows where, Christmas
lights at Temple Square, Hot Cocoa and Z-Tejas. 
Lounging in our sweats all day and just relaxing, Me, Tay, Amy, Rach and Drew getting stir
 crazy and using the new app Find My Friends {great for stalking your sisters}
to find my little sis Megs at her friends house,spying on her and her little boyfriends, Drew being chased down by a high-school footballer
and a text from meg that said: “you all are creeps!”
Church, playing with the family and sigh of relief from Drew and Tay that the slumber-
party extravaganza at the Skalla home was finally over