Weekend Getaway
At the last minute Capri and I decided to hop on a plane and go visit our friends, The Pinegar’s in California. Both of our husbands were busy working so we thought it would be a perfect little getaway.  I talked to Lindsey and we planned on a weekend of fun! We would go to Disneyland, swim, go to the beach and of course shop. Lindsey and her girls picked us up from the airport and we headed out shopping immediately, we went to Lulu (my fave), Nordstrom and some cute kids boutiques.
 The next day we woke up early and went to Disneyland. Yes, we braved the crowds, shuttles, and strollers all by ourselves with no husbands to help. It was an adventure but we did it and had so much fun. Capri’s favorite ride was It’s a Small World. She was mesmerized!  When we got home that night the flu hit me hard! I felt so bad that I was so sick. Sp I went to bed at about 8:30 and thankfully Capri went to bed with me and slept through the whole night. She is perfect! 
The next day all three little girls got sick. It was horrible but we still wanted to have some fun so we headed to Nordstrom at Fashion Island. Pretty soon Capri had a major explosion in the dressing room and was walking around the mall with me in only a diaper. I think that is the only time I have felt like a bad Mom ha! On Saturday it seemed we were all done with the flu so we headed to Laguna and Newport to go to the Beach. It was Beautiful! Capri just wanted to eat the sand and Lindsey’s  girls were in heaven! Later that night we decided we NEEDED a break so we got a baby sitter and went to Maggiano’s for dinner and then BJ’s for dessert. Don’t worry, the cookie and ice cream we ate was only 5,000 calories!!! It was a great way to end our trip. Even though we ALL got sick we had a great time!!! 

Pool Day
Yesterday we had our first official pool day! Capri was in heaven. I think we have ourselves a little fish. She cried every time I tried to get her out of the water. It’s a good thing she loved it so much because I have a feeling we are going to be spending most our time in the pool when we move to hot Arizona!!! 


Weekend Fun
This weekend consisted of shopping, eating out, seeing the movie “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” (hilarious!!!) running, playing in the sun, and spending time with family and friends. It was perfect!!!