Fashion Island / Balboa Island
This was our last day in Newport. We went shopping and walked around most of the day then we had two dinners. Yes two. We ate at Roys which was to die for. Our waiter brought Capri her own complimentary dessert which she was so excited about. That girl loves ice cream! 
We later headed over to Balboa Island and saw Rubys Diner. We had heard so much about it but had totally forgotten that we wanted to try it. So we walked up the pier and ate there too. The food was delicious but the atmosphere of feeling like you are in the middle of the ocean was even better. It lived up to all of the hype for sure! 
We are so sad the trip is over but excited to get back to normal life. Tay starts school this week. It’s his last fall semester! It will be a crazy few months but we have Hawaii in December with my family to look forward to. We can’t wait! 

Disneyland was so much fun. Capri’s favorite ride was It’s a Small World. She waved, pointed and laughed the whole ride. She’s the sweetest girl and seeing her face light up made me so happy. We can’t wait to go back, hopefully sometime soon! 

LA/Rodeo Drive/The Grove
We headed to LA to do a little shopping. I had never been to Rodeo Drive or The Grove so I was dying to go! 
Rodeo Drive was of course amazing.  We shopped for a while and I talked Tay into getting some new work out clothes at Lululemon… Lets just say he will never go back to Nike! We went to lunch at  Jack n’ Jills and Capri was in heaven over their Mac & Cheese. 
Later that night we went to The Grove and walked around, went to dinner and looked at the fountains, which was Capri’s favorite part.  It was the perfect end to the perfect day.