My inspiration… My Modern Muse

Hello everyone! Today is a special post for me as I get to show the greatest inspiration in my life, my most beautiful little girl:) Estee Lauder has come out with their new fragrance, Modern Muse. What is a Modern Muse? It is a person or thing today who inspires you, me, and all of us to be our best-selves or the independent, strong version of ourselves that we aspire to be. For me, there is no greater inspiration in my life than my daughter Capri. 

With their new fragrance, Estee Lauder is asking who/what is your Modern Muse? Let me know who/what is your Modern Muse by tagging me on your social media and using the hashtag #modernmuse. Later tonight I will post a few of my favorites on my facebook page. Look forward to hearing from all of you!!

This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.
Photos by Veronica Reeve