Coral and Leopard

Outfit details: Old Navy dress, Hunter boots
Old Navy was our go-to this year for back to school shopping. Capri has started pre-school (which is crazy to me!) and we’ve had a lot of fun putting her outfits together every morning. Most of everything that we have loved is Old Navy. They have the cutest little dresses, and for fast growing three year-olds like Capri, it is great to get them at such a great price! At this rate I am sure that Capri is going to be the tallest girl in her grade-school classes, just like her mom was!

Below are a few other “little girl” looks that I am loving at Old Navy.


  1. Oh my! So cute! I have a daughter a little older than Capri and another one a bit younger, and I love shopping at Old Navy for them. The florals this fall are my favorite with the faux fur 😉 Glad to know you shop their also!