My Skincare Routine

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Details: La Mer cleansing foam, La Mer tonic, La Mer moisturizer, Kiehls eye cream, Tom Ford Primer, Purity makeup removing wipes, Kiehls body lotion, Kiehls lip balm

I am so excited to be sharing my skin care routine with you today. I often try new products but this is my true-tested daily and nightly skin care routine. It has worked wonders for me and my skin. I have eczema and struggle with very sensitive skin, and these products treat everything perfectly. I first start with the La Mer cleansing foam. This has really softened my skin and keeps it nice, clean, and clear. Next I use the La Mer Tonic. This tones the skin and gives it the proper nutrients. This is a MUST for me! Then I use the La Mer moisturizer. This is my favorite product because I have seen such a difference in my face since I have started using it. It really is like Botox in a tiny jar, definitely worth the its price! The last things for my face are the Keihls avocado eye cream and before Makeup application the Tom Ford primer. The primer really helps protect your skin against all the pore-clogging products in makeup. In addition to my facial routine, I use Kiehls body lotion and Kiehls lip balm every night before I go to bed. I would love to hear about your skincare routine or if you try any of these products. Tell me what you think!

Photos Emily Egan

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  1. Hi, Apologies if you have already done a post on this, but was wondering if you would do a post on how you style your hair? Many Thanks

  2. will need to try some of these. i am very partial to basic dove bar soap and cetaphil for cleansers and cetaphil moisterizer. but i have eczema too and would love to try this primer! as another person above commented…i’d love a tutorial on how you style your hair! i cannot get the perfect wave like yours down!

  3. I have eczema too, and it’s such a struggle finding a routine that works. Change in weather or traveling always have an unpredictable effect. I’d love to know which of these products you recommend specifically for eczema!

    S. Roderick

  4. Most people with sensitive skin have an omega3 deficiency so if you don’t eat seafood you should take a fish oil capsule every day. Also being an endurance athlete you would have compromised gut health and a good probiotic will help. Of course cutting back sugar and carbs will do wonders for skin quality too but that is the hardest thing ever to do!

  5. You and your Sis over at Pink Peonies have turned me into a La Mer monster. Thank you! AND I work in the beauty industry and have access to lots of great products but I choose to buy La Mer instead:) shhh don’t tell!