High VS Low

high-low1. Saint Laurent Top, 2. 3.1 Phillip Lim Top, 3. Barton Perreira Sunglasses, 4. Dior Sunglasses, 5. 3.1 Phillip Lim Bag, 6. Rebecca Minkoff Bag, 7. Oscar de la Renta Skirt, 8. J.Crew Skirt, 9. Christian Louboutin Pumps, 10. Ivanka Trump Pumps

Here’s two dressy looks for your Thursday!! I actually really love both of these looks, which is your favorite?!


  1. I too like the high vs low but…I am going to think a lot of people will still find the “low” to be a bit pricey? 500$ for a blouse or $300 for sunglasses is not that “low”. Still ….much more affordable, and I like both! The sunglasses in the high are awesome! I don’t really care for either bag…but love the rest!

  2. The fact that you consider a $500 blouse a “save” is absolutely ridiculous. I’m sure you could have found a similar blouse in a price range that most people could actually afford. $500 for a shirt is not something most people can afford.

  3. Are you high? $495 for a blouse and $315 for sunglasses are “low”? Wow, you need to get out in the real world and spend less time in your “Ivory Lane” tower.

  4. Although I love both high and low versions I think the low is still too high for most of us. A lot of us look up to you for fashion and style inspiration being that you are so modest which we love and I would love to see something even lower especially for the stay at home mom who’s husband works blue collar or even for the single mom working in human resources. Although I love J. Crew and Nordstorm a lot of us don’t have one near by most malls have Macy’s, Gap or Express which would be my go to’s. But thank you for the post.

  5. You and Amy today on snapchat is just awesome!!!! I need that makeup brush now it looked amazing!!! You guys always make me laugh, sister love at its finest! <3 <3