Ski Chic

Growing up in Utah my dad would take my sisters and I skiing and snowboarding and even though we weren’t very good, we always had such a blast making memories! We would joke that we never looked cute while skiing because our parents would bundle us up in our puffy, marshmallow-looking snow pants, coats, gloves and hats. It was hard to walk in all that we were wearing, let alone ski!

I told myself that I would always try to take advantage of living so close to the gorgeous mountains and ski resorts. We are hoping to get Capri and Cannon up on the slopes soon (probably within the next year or so), that way they are comfortable with it starting at a young age! For those of you who ski or snowboard, when did you first start? Or if you have kids who ski, at what age did you give them their first lesson? I really think Capri would love it! She is adventurous and loves the snow, so I’m thinking maybe next winter!

Last weekend at the Sundance Film Festival I was able to meet up with a couple other bloggers and we kept busy with lots of skiing at Deer Valley, eating delicious food, networking with each other, attending events on Main Street and spending time away in the beautiful (but bitter cold) snowcapped mountains!

While I was up there I was also able to collaborate with Amazon’s live fashion and beauty show, Style Code Live to talk about how I dress ski chic when hitting the slopes! It was SO, SO, SO cold I could hardly feel my face; but at the top of the ski lift where we filmed there was clear skies and it was lightly snowing. It was truly a breathtaking view that I will never forget!!!

In my Style Code Live segment I talk about my three key pieces for winter and why I love them so much! It isn’t always easy finding clothing that is both functional and stylish (especially in the winter) but I found some super cute pieces that are currently available at that are warm, cozy and fashionable!

I wore a faux-shearling jacket that is on-trend and kept me warm, a BCBG beanie with an oversized pompom (that I am so obsessed with and can’t wait to wear more of!!), and super cute Kate Spade snow boots that can either be folded down or zipped up when it’s extra cold.

You can watch my segment here and also shop the pieces I’m wearing in the carrousel below the video!

I had such a blast attending the Sundance Film Festival with Cecelia New York and hope I am able to go next year! If you haven’t been, you are definitely missing out! And if you love to ski or if you’ve never been to Utah, plan a trip here and let me know how you like it!

I’d love to hear how you are dressing ski chic this season!

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  1. I started skiing just a year or two ago (funny but I can’t remember)
    My boyfriend on the other hand started very soon, I thinkt around 10 years old

    1. After years of trying to ski beyond the basics (& not until my 40’s), my husband and I went to a resort with much steeper slopes. I got used to that & then I improved! Outta sight! Now I have no fear! Keep trying!

  2. The fold-down on those boots is a brilliant design feature! So versatile! Great post! You have overcome the marshmallow looks of childhood!