Spring Cleaning

A few months ago, one of my kids got lipstick on the carpet in my closet. I called our carpet cleaner immediately and they were there for what felt like forever trying to get this dark lipstick stain out of my light carpet. They were able to get most of it out, but there was some lipstick that just wouldn’t budge and I finally just decided to ignore it and forget about it!

As I was doing a little “spring cleaning” last week in my closet I came across the lipstick stain that I had “forgotten” about for a moment and decided to try one last time to get it out! I finally found a three-step process from BISSELL that works like a charm! The first step is a simple spray (Oxy Stain Destroyer Pet Pretreat) and the other two go straight into my BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro Cleaner with water (2X Professional Deep Cleaning Formula and Oxy Boost Carpet Cleaning Formula Enhancer). In simpler terms, you first treat the stain (whether it’s grass, mud, or lipstick in my case!), then you power-clean it and last but not least, you brighten and boost your carpet.

It was so easy to set up and to use! The vacuum sprays the formula where you direct it and then uses the hot water to help lift the stain! I was seriously amazed! After watching professional carpet cleaners for hours not be able to get this stain out, I was sure it was going to be there forever.

Whether you already have a stain that needs treating or if you simply want to be prepared for future stains that will come (especially if you have kids or pets), you need to add this to your spring cleaning routine!! For a chance to win your very own BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro Cleaner + the formulas I used, comment in this blog post with your favorite spring cleaning tip and follow me on Instagram (@emilyijackson)! For more entries, tag your friends who you think would also love a chance to win! The winner will be announced on Monday, April 10th! Good luck!

Sponsored by BISSELL.


  1. I know how you feel about removing tough stains! My husband got red wine on our light grey couch and I was so nervous it wouldn’t come out! Thankfully though-we treated it instantly using a paper towel to absorb what was there and went over it with a soapy sponge and let it dry. It was gone within a matter of minutes! Needless to say, my husband was as relieved as I was that it came out 😉

  2. I make sure to swap out something old from my closet if I buy anything during the spring! Always manages to freshen up my closet 🙂

  3. My favorite tip is put your hangers backwards and then in the fall whatever hangers hasnt been turned around(by being worn) you get rid of that item because you obviously don’t wear it!

  4. I love Meyers brand in Basil and I usually mop my floors by hand with Murphys and hot water! I would LOVE to win this as I have a toddler and a dog staining my carpet left and right! Ps Leo got lipstick on my carpet and I sprayed it with hairspray and then dabbed it with a dry washcloth. Came right out!

  5. Take anything and everything out of my home that can be washed (curtains, pillows, couch cushion covers, blankets, etc.), wash it and open the windows! Love spring cleaning 🙂

  6. Spring cleaning means closet cleaning in my mind. I go through and donate items I no longer love or see myself wearing!

  7. Cleaning my carpets is a must for me in the spring even when they are not stained! I love the renewed look and smell.

  8. My favorite spring cleaning tip is to open all of the windows and have fresh smelling candles burning while I clean so our whole house can feel the spring air.

  9. Even though its a pain, I make sure to wipe down all baseboards, window pains and ceiling fans. Open the windows & enjoy the fresh air while you clean!

    Cheers to Spring!

  10. I would love to use this in my home! Between 3 little kids and 2 dogs our new carpets are getting destroyed! My spring cleaning tip: I use a mixture of vinegar and baking soda in a spray bottle that I use to clean the screens on my windows. Simply spray the solution on the screens, let it sit for a minute or 2 and then use your hose to wash it off!

  11. When spring comes around, I like to wash the outside of my windows since they get all dirty during the winter. Do it when it’s cloudy though so the sun doesn’t dry the cleaner & leave streaks!

  12. I absolutely love fresh flowers around the house… well, I went away for a weekend and a vase of red tulips died, dropping all the petals on my light granite counters. I came home to red stains all over. Between the tears and prayers of trying to lift it (with no avail with common granite cleaners and soap). I read that organic matter can be sometimes cleaned with hydrogen peroxide… I moistened some cotton swabs and placed them on the stains (with pots on top to weigh them down. Within hours the stains had lifted! It was amazing! Definitely a go to for me now with organic stains.

  13. My favorite spring cleaning tip is to clean out air vents in your home and swap out your filters. I like to whip up a little essential oil spray with lemon and lavender to spray on the new filter. That way I get a little extra spring clean feeling when the air system kicks on.

  14. First of all I want to bring my quilt abs sleep in your closet.. swoon 😍😍.
    My biggest spring clean tip would be do it whilst pumping music and have bags and cleaning stuff ready to go. There is nothing worse that being in the mood and not having supplies lol

  15. My spring cleaning tip is to go through every room and purge everything you don’t need or haven’t used in the last six months!

  16. I like to start in the kitchen by removing the shelving and other compartments and using warm soapy water. I then clean out all cabinets and organize all lids and containers, throw away anything I feel is too worn.

  17. I like to periodically clean the washing machine by disinfecting it with distilled white vinegar and baking soda to keep it fresh and high-functioning. Fill the machine with hot water, add the cleaning agents, and let it sit for 30 to 60 minutes. Then restart the machine, let the water drain, and wipe it dry. Environmentally friendly too!

  18. my favorite spring cleaning is opening all the windows to air out the house and then dusting/vacuuming everywhere!

  19. Wow!! What perfect timing for this giveaway chance, I am in need of a carpet cleaner for my area rugs to get them fresh for spring. We have a white 3 year old lab as well!! 🙂 Ive been working on my spring cleaning, Method brand has a cucumber scented all purpose cleaner that Im in love with. It works great from using it on your blinds, counters, baseboards, furniture everything!! Open the windows and it smells like fresh sweet cucumbers, love it!!!!!

  20. I always try to do one room a week in the spring, carpets, windows, baseboards etc. One room is a lot less overwhelming than the whole house! By the end of May the entire house has been super cleaned… I don’t mind it takes two months, I prefer less stress!

  21. I love Bissell products! Thank you for the post. I have two dogs who are not the cleanest and it’s always challenging to be constantly keeping up after them! Fingers crossed!

  22. My favorite spring cleaning tip is to go out front and weed right after a day of rain. The wet soil makes weeding so much easier! And have a good front mat so you don’t track in the garden mud 🙂

  23. I felt like I was having de-ja-vu reading your blog post because this morning my little girl Haddie got hot pink lipstick all over my carpet! UGH. I don’t even know where to start lol SO this post was perfect timing! My favorite Spring cleaning tip is to refresh! New pillows, new placements, or new flowers can make the whole house feel new and fresh! xo


  24. Having a dog requires keeping up with the hairs on the floors daily then mopping when necessary. Also, here in the South wiping the pollen off of his paws whips with his allergies.

  25. I have cream colored carpet and pets! So i bought a Bissell carpet cleaner just like this one a couple years ago….best investment ever!! It works great, I use it about every 3-4 months to freshen my carpets up and they look like new! And their stain remover is the best =)

  26. Boil a bowl of water and sliced lemons in the microwave to loosen all the gunk, then use the hot lemon water to wipe down the microwave. Finally, toss the lemons in your garbage disposal to freshen up your sink as well!

  27. My favorite spring cleaning tip is go room by room and try not to take too much on at once! Otherwise nothing truly ever gets done.
    xo Jessica

  28. My favorite spring cleaning tip is cleaning out the kitchen drawers and reorganize them. I have the drawers lined with a non adhesive grip top and grip bottom liner. The liner protects the drawer and you just need to take the liner out and shake!

  29. My favorite spring cleaning tip is to clean a room from top to bottom and then open up the windows for some much-needed fresh air!

  30. My favorite spring cleaning tip is to pull everything out of the garage & sweep and wash it out. Between a dog and salt from the cars from winter it gets pretty dirty.

  31. My favorite cleaning tip is I love using white vinegar, water, and a couple drops of onguard or lemon doTERRA essential oils when I mop my floors or wipe counters. Would love to win this vacuum!

  32. would love to win this with a new puppy + baby on the way! definitely have my fair share of messes ahead of me. 🙂

  33. My favorite spring cleaning tip is from my mom! She taught me to choose one room per night and use your sock covered foot to wipe the baseboards. Your socks will already be dirty from your day and once you’re done you can throw them in the dirty laundry basket! Simple but effective!

  34. My favorite spring cleaning tip is cleaning the carpets and opening out the windows to air the house out. This would be amazing to win!

  35. It’s great to sort out clothes that we don’t wear anymore and donate them. Would love to win this because I have a crazy 3 year old 😁

  36. Hmm my favorite spring cleaning tip…. SPRING CANDLES! Because once you’re finally done with all the cleaning it feels, looks, and smells SO much better with an amazing candle burning! (My favorite is Orange Blossoms from Gold Canyon!)

  37. Have coffee grounds to throw on throw up – takes the smell right out of the carpet or floor and then easier to wipe up. With little ones who always seem to get sick once each spring (conference weekend) I have determined I should have these on hand since the puke smell is so awful!

  38. Stay on top of stains!!! I used the bissell green machine for small spots the second my kids spill anything. If you wait to clean, the stain will set right in and stay for good.

  39. Before we start spring cleaning we go through every room and try to simplify! The junk has to go! I also like to add yummy smelling essential oils to my cleaning products.

  40. My favorite spring cleaning tip: using all natural products to keep my hardwood floors fresh! Water mixed with lavender and lemon essential oils leaves the floors shining and my house smelling great, and it’s a huge bonus hat there are no harsh chemicals!

  41. Purge! Get rid of unworn clothes and accessories, and organize the rest by how you get dressed in the morning and by color. Your closet will look pretty, and your everyday routine will be easier.

  42. Always remember to check your air conditioner before it gets hot! It makes a lovely home for mice during the winter and you don’t want them decaying in there during a hot summer!

  43. I like to clean closets that are used frequently and completely purge and reorganize- pantry, linen , under the sinks , etc… window inside and out sling with carpets.

  44. My favorite spring cleaning tip is to have all my cleaning gear (microfiber cloths, duster, cleaning sprays, window cleaner, etc.) in a caddy for easy storage and accessibility when cleaning any room! It makes it so easy to just grab and go tackle a room!

  45. My favorite spring cleaning tip is to clean out closets! I take everything out of my closet and vacuum and wipe the walls down and get rid of clothes I don’t wear anymore and reorganize everything. I also clean out my hall closets and get rid of the random junk that collects.

  46. My tip is to clean a every week, all year round so that I’m always on top of my cleaning! That way I don’t have a major stressful cleaning time once a year.

  47. Hi Emily!

    My favorite cleaning tip is to make a weekly and monthly list of your cleaning tasks so you can tackle things in little batches. This way, your house always feels clean and the task doesn’t seem so daunting. I also find a way to make it fun. I play music and dance (ha!) while I vacuum and dusk. My husband and I have even got in some water fights while doing dishes. 🙂 Using products that work is crucial and it’s always a plus when they smell amazing.

    We have a four month old golden retriever and potty training a puppy can do a number on your carpets and rugs – I’m sure you can relate. :/ I would love to have a great go-to product to help with pets and our future kiddos.


  48. My spring cleaning tip is to ask your wife to do it (and then enter giveaways for her as a thank you). 😉

  49. Hi Emily!

    I came across your blog recently, and love it! I have a few favorite spring cleaning tips. First, I like to clean the windows (inside & out)- it makes such a big difference! I also clean with nontoxic products that smell amazing- I am currently loving Meyers brand and The Laundress. They provide a bit of motivation! I also try to get all those hard-to-reach spaces that somehow accumulate so much dirt like behind the toilet and under the sofas.


  50. My favorite spring cleaning tip is to trade out my winter closet for my spring/summer clothes and get rid of a lot in the process!!

  51. Having a yellow lab, cleaning, sweeping and dusting is constant! This looks like an amazing system, especially for pet hair. Some of my favorite things to do in the spring is to go through closets and get rid of anything not being worn. I also love to mop the floors as well as opening the windows and airing out the house! Love your blog Emily, I look forward to reading your posts each day 🙂

  52. Cleaning the carpet is a must! With spring and pet allergies, it’s important for me to get rid of as many allergens in the home before more arrive from outside. Would love to have one of these Bissels, saves my back from dragging one of those huge industrial rental cleaners.

  53. Mr. Clean magic easers are a life saver!! And anything from Mrs. Myers because it makes the whole house smell so clean and so fresh!! I have used the bissell carpet cleaner before and its great stuff!

  54. My favorite spring cleaning tip is to go one room at a time purging and organizing! I love to have this Bissell for my carpets! 🙂