Bumpdate: 27 Weeks

^ ATM dress, J Brand jacket (similar style here and here), J.Crew sandalsCalpak luggage c/o (also here), 

^ J.Crew swim top, J.Crew swim bottom, Revolve hat

^ J.Crew swim top, J.Crew swim bottom, Chloe sunglasses 

^ Home from Hawaii and reunited with my babies! Felt so good! 

^ Chelsea28 sweater (40% off!!!), Nordstrom leggings, Stuart Weitzman boots, Rag and Bone hat, Capri’s vest, Capri’s skirt, Capri’s top, Capri’s booties

^ BP sweater, Zara coat (similar style here), Paige jeans, Stuart Weitzman bootiesChloe sunglasses, Givenchy bag

^ Checking up on the babies today with my little helper! 

^ Vince turtleneckPaige jeans, Stuart Weitzman boots, Free People scarf, YSL bag

^ Topshop sweater, AG jeans, grey booties

^ Halogen turtleneck, Topshop cardiganAG jeans, UGG boots

How far along are you: 27 weeks

Cravings: Honey Bunches of Oats, Tropicana 50 orange juice and sugar cookies 

Weight gained: 20 pounds 

Sleep: My back hurts especially at night when I’m trying to sleep, so I toss and turn a lot.

Baby Movement: Honestly there is nonstop movement!! The babies literally never stop moving and I love it. 

How are you feeling: I was sick in the beginning of my pregnancy but now thankfully the nausea is gone. But I am starting to feel really uncomfortable! And hopefully this isn’t TMI, but down south constantly has SO much pressure. Baby A is so low that they could barely see the head in the ultrasound. My doctor told me the baby is so jammed down there and is totally stuck! My back constantly hurts, and I am super emotional and very sensitive. 

Names: We don’t have any names yet! Please leave name suggestions in the comment section below! People keep asking if we will stick with the C’s (Capri and Cannon) but I don’t think we will, unless I hear something amazing and fall in love! 

Gender: We know the gender of both babies but are keeping it a secret until they are born! 

Favorite maternity clothes: these jeans, these leggings, this sweater, these t-shirts (seriously the best!!!)

Diaper bag: I got the Louis Vuitton large never full. I love it! I plan to put the ToteSavvy insert in once the babies are actually here. I also love Fawn Design bags!

What other questions do you have? I will try to do another bumpdate in a couple of weeks! I wish I would’ve thought to do them sooner, but time keeps slipping away from me. Thank you so much for all your love and support!!! We can’t wait for these precious babies to join our family very soon! 




  1. I had my twins at 32 weeks so go ahead and get everything ready just in case!!!!! I was feeling lots of pressure in my lower region just like you and then Baby A’s water broke and I ended up on bedrest in the hospital trying to keep him in and made it 4 days before having both my babies. Good luck!!!

  2. First I want to say CONGRATS! You look beautiful! I typically don’t comment, but I had to let you know how amazing you look. All these outfit posts are classy to say the least. You have a gerat sense of style, and your kids are adorbs. Best of luck. When is your due date?

  3. So swEet!! I love the names easton, Bennet (ben), bEckham, waRner and Hutton for boys. The names hadley, ainsley, LacEy, taytum, evErleigh for girls

  4. Huge congrats! Sending positive vibes your way for you and your babes! Love following your story. We stuck with ‘C’ names.. my three are named Carter (boy), Chandler (girl), and Caris (girl). Best wishes.

  5. Congrats! You looks so great for twins and 27 weeks! I’m afraid that’s what I look like with one. And since I’m having a boy in December, I’ll share with you my list of boy names. Cal, Clarke, Dean, Gabe, Hudson, Reed, Sawyer, TATE. GOOD luck cute mama!

  6. If you have boy/girl twins consider emmett (after you!) and saylor (after your husband) 🙂 congrats! Love reading this post.

  7. Congrats & you look great! Here are my fav baby names With a “c”

    Claire, Chloe, cadee, catherine, cooper, campbell, carrington.

    Other names i love: harper, beckham, laurel, layne, reese, simms, davis & wyatt.

    I live in alabama & Double names are really pOpular in the souTh! Mary Frances, anna reese, Beth ann, etc.

    I kkow whatever names you cHoose will be perfect!!

  8. Im 27 weeks along too and have had so much pressure on my pubic bone – i went to a chiropractor and had them adjusT me and it helped so much, so something you may want to try! Its such awful pain so anything to try and relIeve iT, i will try!

  9. I love the names you have used so far! Here are some of the names i love:


  10. Love your bumpdate! A few of my favorite names are Catherine, clover, piper, parker, christian, olivia, blake and decker. Cant wait to find out what youre having!! Xx

  11. Our daughter is also expecting twins {miracle babies also} and is due the same time as you. She is having girls. Have yet to find out if identical. My suggestions for babies names: Cassie, Candice {Candi}, or Cami {CammY, Cammi} for girls. Colby, Corey, Curtis for Boys. Wishing you all the best!

  12. I lOve the naMe Connor JentRy! Inwas going to name my last child that name of it had been a boy …… but we got a Jacelyn Grace instead. Pronounced (jay’slyn)

  13. Hey girly!
    COngragtulations on your twins! I absolutely love your kids’ unique names! I personally love the name LUCIANa.We pronounce it in spanish as “lucy-Anna” but the italian pronunciation is “lu-chi-anna”.It is my grandmother’s name and i absolutely adore the name and her! Her nickname is “Chana” wich can also be a beautiful name! keep us updated 🙂

  14. Have you considered getting a mattress topper? Seems silly especially in my case we had a foam topper on top of a foam bed but I am telling you it made a huge difference in back pain. I was much more comfortable in my 3rd trimester thanks to the topper.

    Also, you look so beautiful. I have been watching you since you were trying and I am so happy God has blessed you with these babies.

    P.S.- I can totally see you with a baby named Charlotte (charli). Elegant and beautiful like her mama! My son’s name is Gabriel “God is my strength”. It is becoming more popular but I always look at the meaning behind the name rather than its popularity. Good luck!

  15. Sorry there’s so much tossing and turning at night! I used a “Snoogle” pregnancy pillow for both my pregnancies and it was amazing–TUMmy and Back support 😊

  16. Youre such a beautiful mama! You totally have the glow. As for names…i love the names Amelia, finLey, Ryder, Sutton, and Adalyn!