Baby Cannon’s Nursery + a Giveaway

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Details: Oilo studio bedding, Gatehouse glider and accessories, Wayfair light ,  Stokke highchair, Horchow rug, Newport Cottages crib and dresser, Honest shampoo and lotion, Stay and Co outfit, Tnees teepees, Ubbi diaper pail.

Today I am sharing with you, baby Cannon’s nursery. I was fortunate enough to work with the amazing companies, Oilo Studio and Gatehouse. They helped me design the perfect nursery for Cannon and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!

The Christmas season is always a time of reflection for me and this year my heart is filled with love and gratitude for the support you have shown our little family. We have been so blessed and I wanted to pay it forward; to say thank you and possibly help ease someones burden this Christmas season. So I am giving away a full nursery. This includes a crib, crib bedding, lighting, rug, teepee, diaper bag, baby clothes and so much more. All from some of my favorite brands. Mom’s Best Network is hosting the event for me, so head on over there to find out how to enter.

Good luck and thank you again for all your love. XOXO

Items included in the giveaway…

1. $600 gift card towards the glider of your choice from Oilo
2. 8×10 Rug of your choice from Land of Nod
3. $300 gift card to pick a complete crib bedding set from Oilo
4. Classic Modern Crib from Newportcottages
5.$200 gift card to shop towards pillows and or decor accessories from Gatehouse
6. Diaper bag from Lilly Jade
7. stay and co layette + hat [&] blanket
8. Chic Light From Wayfair
9. Custom teepee from tnees teepees
10. Wrap from Solly baby
11. Diaper pail from Ubbi
12. 2 art prints from Melanie Burk (includes 1 custom design of choice)
13. $75 gift card to shop at Wren and Jewelry
14. $75 gift card to Bip and Bop

Photos by Veronica Reeve


  1. Gorgeous nursery! I love the color scheme. I’m 7 months pregnant with a baby girl and was planning her nursery in gray, white, lavender and pops of metallic gold.

  2. I love the neutral pallet with a sophisticated hint of masculinity. It’s so light and airy! It feels sweet and carefree

  3. I love tnee tepees, they are so cute. I love how this nursery is neutral as well since I am waiting to find out what I am having this nursery is perfect inspiration.
    xx, Michelle

  4. I am in love with the neutral palette for the nursery. It is a beautiful mix of patterns and colors without being too overwhelming. The nursery looks very relaxing and calm. You did a gorgeous job!

  5. The nursery is beautiful and I’d love to be able to raise my future son in this type of environment. He deserves the absolutely best life possible and we want to give that to him.

  6. SO beautiful! I love the gray and white theme! This would be perfect for our baby #2’s nursery!

  7. This is so gorgeous. I have an 11 month old and am pregnant with #2 due this summer — would love to win this 🙂

  8. I’d love to win this for my sister. She is expecting her first baby (a little girl!) and I know she’d be thrilled to have all these beautiful items for her nurseryn

  9. Love the neutral colors and of course the Teepee! This is a classically styled room that I’m sure is so easy to change as your little boy grows. Love the design!

  10. Hi Emily, I am so very happy that you, your family and baby are doing to well. The nursery is just lovely! All the details coordinate perfect, a heavenly space for your beautiful baby boy. I won’t be entering your giveaway because I don’t have any children. But, I will spread the word because it’s such an amazing assortment of ideas you are gifting. Sending you blessings! XOXO, Maria

  11. Emily, this nursery is just stunning! I love the subtle grays and navy. Seems so calming. One question – is this located in your old house? I believe I read that you are in the process of building a new house.

    Cannon is a sweetie!

  12. You are incredible Emily to be able to give one lucky person this opportunity and and a peace of mind!


  13. Love the gray and white. I’m going with that for our nursery, but with a few more pops of color.

  14. I cannot get over how cute this room is. Cannon is one lucky guy – he is going to have so much fun in the teepee! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Wow, your nursery is such a dream! I love the soft gray details. Thank you for the opportunity Emily!

  16. What a gorgeous nursery! Love how simple and elegant it is at the same time! I would love to win this for my brand new baby boy!

  17. Absolutely stunning! I love the grey color scheme. And he teepee is my absolute favorite 🙂

  18. I love everything about this nursery! It would be perfect for baby number 2 who is on the way. I’m only 7 weeks but I just know it’s a boy!

  19. Such a great giveaway! I am due in March, and in the process of building a new house that won’t be ready until after baby arrives. It would be great to have a new nursery for the new home!

  20. My husband lost his job in April and we found out we’re pregnant in June. Thankfully he’s found a new job, but it’s not too great. We cannot wait to welcome this little one! I want to be able to stay home with my baby so this giveaway would be such a blessing for us! We are not finding out the gender so neutral would be great!

  21. Love everything about this nursery. Especially the crib! And the neutral colors are great!

  22. After TTC a baby for 2 years my husband and i were faced with the decision of IVF. Being this was the only way to try and have a baby of our own we spent our savings to do this process and we are so blessed that we received our first ever positive pregnancy test. I am 5 weeks and 5 days today so still super early but I have faith this is it for us. IVF is not covered with insurance so we had to pay out of pocket leaving us with no money to really furnish a nursery. This would be an absolute blessing for us to win.

  23. Congratulations on the newest addition to your family! May you continue to be blessed! The nursery you have created is simply beautiful and will certainly bring Baby Cannon lots of happy memories. Best wishes!!

  24. Would love for my sister to win this! She is the most giving person I know, and I would love for her to be able to receive!

  25. I would love to win this nursery for my sister! She is trying for baby #1 with her husband of 4 years. I cannot wait to be an auntie and winning this for her would be the greatest gift I could ever give her!!

  26. This giveaway is amazing especially for my sweet lil man who graced us with his presence extra early! Thank you for thinking of others!

  27. Please nominate my niece Emily! She is obsessed with your nursery and just found out she’s pregnant with her first baby!

  28. Emily, your nursery is unbelievable!! I am expecting my first child, a baby boy, Dex, in April and this color scheme is amazing for a sophisticated little boy.

  29. Can you please share where the round mirror is from, seems to be the only item not linked and i LOVE IT!

  30. I am so in love with the classic modern style of this nursery! And those colors are just perfect. I’m 9 months pregnant with my 2nd girl and would love to have such a beautiful space for her.

  31. Such a beautiful nursery! My husband and I would love to win such beautiful items for our baby girl arriving in February.

  32. This is amazing! I would love to win, my baby is 4 weeks tomorrow and I have nothing for his nursery!

  33. Such a dreamy space. I can’t get over that bookcase, so clever! I am currently trying to decide between carpet and hardwood in my daughter’s space. I love the ease of cleanup with wood but love the coziness of carpet. What do you think is best? No allergies or shedding pets here, by the way’

  34. What a gorgeous nursery! I was planning on grey furniture for my nursery too – perfect for boy or girl!

  35. Everything about this nursery is absolutely dreamy!!! I love how this special space can grow with the child 🙂 Every single piece of furniture is just amazing!!

  36. I love the neutral and light colors used in your nursery! I love love love the little teepee and rocking chair!

  37. Absolutely Stunning! I love the modern flair and how everything came together. Looks so comfy for a sweet little babe!

  38. Simply gorgeous! What a dream of a nursery! I thought I was having a little girl but found out we are having a sweet baby boy so I appreciate the inspiration! Wonderful job!

  39. This nursery is stunning! Grey and white with navy accents is so classy and bright for a boy’s room…everything looks soft and beautiful.

  40. Beautiful! I love the colors and would LOVE to win this nursery makeover for my son’s nursery in our new house. Pick me, pick me!!!

  41. As a professional interior designer all I can say is wow, nursery is beautiful! I would so much love this! I’m 6 months pregnant with my first child

  42. I just had my 6th child(4th girl) on Nov. 28th. Her gender was a surprise and I was so miserable for the last trimester that I didn’t prepare her nursery. We also have to get everything new since it’s been 5 1/2 years since we had a baby and we don’t have baby stuff anymore. It would be so amazing to win this!

  43. It would be such a blessing to win this amazing giveaway!! We are planning for our first baby, a little girl, to arrive in Spring of 2015!

  44. What an absolutely perfect color palette! Cannon is a lucky boy. I wish my bedroom looked this calming and peaceful 🙂

  45. How wonderful to pay it forward! The true spirit of what this season is all about. I would love to win this!!!! Blessings~ Kristen

  46. I’m due April 2015 with my first baby, a baby girl. I couldn’t be more excited! I would love to create a nursery for her as simple and beautiful as yours! Love it

  47. I absolutely love the soft, neutral colors and the teepee! SO beautiful and cute all rolled into one!

  48. What a lovely and soothing nursery. I would love to win something similar for my baby girl. I am all about neutral colors and breaking “girly” stereotypes.

  49. What an amazing giveaway! I have an almost 6 month old baby boy and I would love the opportunity to re-decorate his nursery. This sounds so fun and special! Thank you! 🙂

  50. I love this room. My favorite is the crib & bedding. I’ve been crib shopping and this is beautiful!!

  51. Thank you for sharing! I love that the room shows your taste and personality while still keeping it a “nursery”.

  52. I love that this nursery is neutral and can be used for multiple children. I love the fact that you can add a pop of any color and it would go well. Would love to win this nursery!

  53. Beautiful nursery. I love the color palette-very sophisticated, I wish this color palette was in vogue 8 years ago when I was doing my son’s nursery.

  54. Oh my swet goodness… this nursery & that little luv of yours is just sweet perfection! I LOVE the color scheme & the classic but modern design. I would cry many O happy tears to win something like this… sigh.

    P/S I’m a photog & I LOOOOVE the name Cannon! xx

  55. What a beautiful nursery! Congrats on your new bundle of joy and on the future niece or nephew on the way!

  56. So gorgeous Emily! We’re expecting our first in just a few weeks and I am in desperate need of nursery inspiration 🙂

  57. This is my dream nursery room for my baby boy!! Great job you did for baby Cannon! Everything is perfect, the color is so beautiful and nurturing.

  58. Everything is beautiful!! Hoping I win this for my three month old boy who still doesn’t have a nursery!

  59. I was planning to do a similar color way for my little boy, due in March. You have given me a lot of inspiration!

  60. We have a 4 month old son, and we haven’t created a nursery for him yet. He’s been sleeping in our room and it’s already getting a bit cramped. This would be the perfect set up for us! What a fantastic prize!

  61. Wow, what a beautiful nursery! Thank you so much for sharing the details and for such an amazing giveaway. I’m expecting my first child (a boy!) in April, so it would be a dream to win this! Going to enter right this minute 🙂

  62. What a fantastic nursery! I’m loving that it is gender-neutral–& sophisticated, but still feels fit for a baby!

  63. there isn’t one thing I don’t love about this nursery! that mirror! that teepee! (do they make adult ones?? jk) that crib! my favorite part is that it’s so modern, but so classic at the same time. it’s comfortable without being cluttered… the textures & clean lines make my heart happy!

  64. This would be such a fabulous nursery for my little girl. This is stunning and I am in love with that teepee.

  65. Love this! It’s so neutral, but decidedly boy! We’re expecting baby #1 (gender unknown) in March, so nursery planning has been a challenge. We’d love to win this and some help!

  66. I’ve seen my wife look at these photos at least 100 times. I want to win this nursery for her because I know how happy she would be.

  67. I love everything about this! Baby cannon is one lucky boy! Hope my baby boy is just as lucky!

  68. I love all of the details in your nursery — especially the teepee, the interesting (but still child-accessible) book case and the rocker. Congratulations on your perfect baby boy!

  69. Oh my goodness is this beautiful!! I cannot get over the perfect color scheme and amazing furniture pieces!!

  70. Love how everything coordinates. Trying to conceive with my wife. Hoping to win this! Awesome job Emily.

  71. Would love to win this! My sister and SIL are both due at the same time with their first. Would love to win this for them!

  72. Oh my! Totally dying to win this! My 9 month old STILL doesn’t even own a crib! Praise the Lord for his pack n play! 🙂 This would be incredible!

  73. What a gorgeous nursery, and amazing giveaway! I love neutrals for a nursery; my daughter Harper would love the teepee!

  74. Emily! This nursery is a dream and so is your little man! Absolutely adorable and this room is just perfect! So in love!

  75. I am obsessed with this nursery! It is perfect. I love the teepee and I think my son needs one! 🙂

  76. What a gorgeous nursery! I love the color scheme. I just recently had triplets! One boy and two girls. We didn’t find out what we are having so we did not design a nursery beforehand. Now I’m struggling with how to plan a nursery for three babies!!

  77. So beautiful! I would cry if I won this for my sweet baby girl! Every babe deserves a beautiful space of their own! Thank you!

  78. What a stunning & sophisticated baby boy nursery!! That crib-dreamy! I’m a huge fan of Honest Company products-we love all of their products in our house. Their wipes are my absolute favorite! It’s posh and yet still looks cozy and totally functional. You and I share the same taste-a transitional vibe. This will grow with little Canon as he transitions to toddler and beyond. I’m amazed at the generosity with this giveaway Emily and would absolutely be thrilled to win! 🙂

  79. What a beautiful nursery! Congrats on your new baby boy. We would love this for our new little nugget.

  80. I love the neutral colors in this, its so beautiful and crisp. I love how it feels comforting and not overwhelming or over stimulating! It would be perfect for my two littles who will have to share a room.

  81. Baby Cannon’s nursery is gorgeous! I’d take a cue from you and copy the blue and white theme as my whole home has the same color palette. Well done!

  82. My favorite part of baby Cannon’s nursery would have to be the crib – it is gorgeous! He probably looks like such a peanut in there!!!

  83. This nursery is a dream! I’m having a boy too and I am in awe of how gorgeous this is. I LOVE the tent- such a fun idea! I also love the grey… such a soft, neutral, and cozy color!
    Lee Anne

  84. I think the beautiful gray color scheme is so precious and elegant. Absolutely IN LOVE with the teepee.

  85. I absolutely love this nursery grey is my colour!! Please pick me to win the nursery makeover for my baby girl we moved weeks before she was born and haven’t had a chance to do anything with it. She deserves it, I worked so hard on my sons nursery but haven’t been able to do the same for my little girl.
    Thank you

  86. I would love to design a beautiful gender neutral space for our surprise gender baby due in March!

  87. Cannon’s nursery is dreamy! Everything about you is so classy and chic! Please do a house tour!

  88. Such an awesome giveaway! And look at that darling space for such a cute little man. Congrats Emily!!

  89. I LOVE THE COLOR SCHEME! I am all about relaxing in baby’s room, it isn’t the bright loud place like the Big Kids rooms are. Gray, white, a little cream and black thrown in are beautiful and soothing…exactly what I want

  90. Crib bumpers are illegal in MD because if a babies face gets pressed up against it they will suffocate. Thought you should know.

  91. This nursery is just flat-out perfect! We are expecting a baby boy in April and I can just picture him loving that teepee!! Love the color scheme too :o)

  92. Emily, baby Cannon’s nursery is simply stunning. You have impeccable taste and I am sure you will be making many priceless memories in this room.

  93. What a beautiful nursery! I am inspired to enter the giveaway to help create a beautiful space for our baby girl arriving March 2015. This is our first baby and we are in need of direction in designing the perfect baby space. I love the choices you picked out for this nursery, especially the neutral colors.

  94. This is a stunning room! Love your son’s name! Best of luck to you and your new bundle of joy!!!

  95. Is this not the most perfect nursery around? My husband and I are having our first child in March and I have been planning on doing a gray nursery! This is basically my dream nursery right here…not even kidding! You are a talented designer!

  96. This is an absolutely stunning nursery! It’s so hard to pick a favorite part, I am in love with the colour combinations, and also the crib, especially the stain. Beautiful!

  97. Thank you for this amazing giveaway! I would love the opportunity to win and have a design team help plan and decorate a gender neutral nursery for my surprise Valentine’s baby due February 14th. I posted this on MBN page, but I unexpectedly lost my mother to suicide last week and it has been difficult for me to pick up the pieces of planning the nursery where she and I left off. I know that she would be so proud if I finished it. Thanks again.

  98. Such a gorgeous room! I have 50 days left to plan, organize, shop, and name (!!!) baby #2. This is excellent inspiration, and exactly the kind of look I’d love to give baby sister’s room.

  99. this nursery is beyond gorgeous and my Babygirl Poet would love to sleep in such a beautiful nursery!!!

  100. I love the sophisticated gray and white color scheme and I appreciate that it is not “overdone” … just perfect!

  101. I just love the grey. We aren’t finding out the sex, so grey would be perfect. I’d pair it with a soft pink for a girl, or a navy for a boy. Ah, to win this would be a dream!

  102. Sooo beautiful! My third boy is getting all the hand me downs. I would love to be able to have a new beautiful space that I haven’t stared at for the past six years 🙂 I wish

  103. love this nursery! My son is due the first week of March and I was hoping to do his room in gray with accent colors of white blue or orange. Hopefully we can. Get a room set up for him!!

  104. This would be perfect for our new baby of unknown gender coming early next year! We have no idea where to start on the nursery and have nothing yet!

  105. I’m on shock! What an amazing giveaway!!! I would be extra lucky to win this!! All the products are more than fabulous!!

  106. Love love his nursery! The colors are perfect as well as every little detail. You did such a beautiful job! Hope you are enjoying every moment with your two cute babes:) Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!

  107. I love everything! But my favourite part of Emily Jackson’s Nursery would be the glider…simple, and sleek. Perfectly perfect for feeding little man in the wee hours of the morning.

  108. I love the look and feel of the grey crib and coordinating bedding. So chic and timeless, and it would be great for either gender! (We’re having a boy in April!)

  109. so beautiful! Love the calm colors and overall feel of the room. Would be great for our little one due in the spring!

  110. This might be the most perfect nursery design I’ve every seen! I love it all but the color scheme might be my favorite part.

  111. I love the elegance of the nursery. The room feels so serene to me, like just being there would be calming. Thanks for sharing your nursery and for the wonderful giveaway! For

  112. I absolutely love everything! the tones & colors are so delicate, calm but so chic too! the crib is great & love the bedding as well….my dream nursery! 🙂

  113. I love grey and white for a baby’s room, especially a baby boy, which is what I’m having too!

  114. Oh my gosh – i love everything about this nursery! i love the color scheme and how it works with so many other colors! perfect gender neutral nursery!

  115. I am love, love, loving teepees right now! This one is perfect and fits so well into the room.

  116. this is AMAZING!!! I wish I could gift this to my sister for her new baby in March. I love the crisp, clean look!!! Beautiful!

  117. This nursery is absolutely gorgeous and it could easily be for a little girl as well with a few accent colors thrown in with muted tones.

  118. I love the serene feeling the colors you’ve chosen give the nursery. The teepee is ADORABLE. I’m sure your little guy will love that when he gets a bit older.

  119. This is the most spectacular nursery I have seen! It is exactly what I have been picturing to do and it is absolutely gorgeous I would love to win more than anything! You have beautiful taste!

  120. I am in love with the crib you choose. I love the classic shape and trendy gray color. Your whole nursery is gorgeous!

  121. That’s very sweet of you and your family. You guys are really know how to share your love. God bless your family.

  122. I love the relaxed sophistication! The elegant lines and transitional pieces make this a room that would feel like home for years. Beautiful room for babe.

  123. The nursery is beautiful! I love the simple color palette. It’s so clean and fresh. My favorite part is the teepee. It’s like a bit of his future calling as I’m sure he’ll enjoy tons of playtime there.

  124. This nursery is beautiful! Love all of the colors, the teepee, details (like the bookshelves) and furniture! This is such an amazing setup for your new baby! Congrats 🙂

  125. WOW!!! Such a clean, fresh and calm space to bring home your new beautiful baby. Can you share the wall color? It’s so hard to find a white that’s not quite white 🙂 well done!

  126. This nursery is beautiful! I love your style, the nurturant colors and pops of blue. I am having my fist boy the end of February and would absolutely love to have a nursery like this! 🙂

  127. Hi there! Thank you for such an amazing giveaway! This would be so awesome to help celebrate me and my cute hubbies first babe! We are counting the days to meet our little man and would DIE if we won! thanks so much again and good luck to all who enter!

  128. I absolutely adore the silver/gray theme but never thought about it for a nursery! I love the natural high chair too!

  129. I am dying over the tent. I LOVE it! I also love the neutral color palette. it’s beautiful!

  130. I love the colors and the little details (the teepee, the changing table). The bookshelf is incredible. I would love to have a nursery like this for my wee one.

  131. Absolutely gorgeous space! Baby Cannon is just precious.I love how chic this space is for a boy, they can be the hardest rooms to decorate!

  132. I absolutely love this nursey!!! It reflects my style and tastes perfectly!! Everything is perfect, the soft cozy rug, the cute little teepee, perfect as a reading nook. That crib is absolutely stunning! All are unfortunately out of price range for us, especially since this is baby number 2, poor girl has nothing in her nursery! so fingers crossed!!

  133. Love this! The grey crib and dresser are gorgeous, and the color scheme is so soothing! Congrats on your beautiful little man!

  134. Beautiful nursery!! Love it love it!! Love The color a scheme!love your style! I would love to win this nursery for my 3rd child. I am 6 months pregnant!

  135. My favorite part of the nursery is the calming color scheme and the beautiful dresser and crib. Everything is so peaceful and is exactly how I would love to style our nursery.

  136. What a gift!!!! We need to completely gut the home we just bought so winning this would be a dream! To have the most important room taken care of for me would be so wonderful!

  137. I absolutey love everything about this nursery! The colors are my favorite and the decor can grow with the child!

  138. I love pops of color, but this mostly neutral nursery is just lovely! What a relaxing, comforting space to bond with baby.

  139. So gorgeous! Our son (18mos) or our daughter (due in Jan) would be blessed to have such a lovely chic nursery.

  140. I love the soft grey and neutral color pallet. I also really love the style and shape of the crib.

  141. This would save us! Our baby is due any day now and my husband and I have to move for his work right after baby arrives so the only nursery furniture we have is a bassinet.

  142. Cannon’s nursery is the design of my baby dreams! The neutral grey color pallete mixed with the transitional design is perfection. My husband and I are recent newlyweds and found us expecting our first baby right away! It is such a blessing after an unfortunate miscarriage. We will be finding out the gender on Christmas Eve and as you can imagine, that is going to be the best Christmas Gift a couple could ask for! This nursery giveaway is such an amazing gift and opportunity for any of the submitters, and my husband and I would feel so lucky to be chosen. Thank you for making someone’s dream come true!

  143. Congratulations on your baby boy! His nursery is just gorgeous…such a calm and relaxing space. Wishing your little family much health and happiness in 2015

  144. This is such a beautiful room that would be perfect for our little girl that is due any day now!

  145. My favorite part of this nursery is how sophisticated it is. I’m due with my first – a boy in March and am looking to achieve the same feeling!

  146. Very beautiful and classic nursery.
    My favorite part is the color theme.
    I too have a grey and white (off-white) nursery theme in mind.

  147. Thank you for the chance to win! What a wonderful and generous giveaway. I’m due with my first baby- a boy- in March 2015.

  148. I love this nursery so much! What a lucky babe. I just had my first 3 months ago and would love to give her such a beautiful space.

  149. I literally cannot pick out just one thing I like about this nursery, because I LOVE everything about it! I love the neutral colors and the elegance! It’s a stunning nursery!

  150. I think it is incredible that you have put together such a comprehensive giveaway for someone in need. I really love the sophisticated color scheme so much. I also love the cute little hat in your pictures! So precious.

  151. I love the textures! The gray and white color pallet and the lovely blue accents. I am due in February with a surprise and have started the nursery in gray, cream and teal.

  152. I love everything! The style is so perfect and the colors are amazing! This is a dream nursery room I love it

  153. Love everything about this nursery! It’s the cutest. I really love the colour tone, it is very relaxing (this is want the mom and baby need the most!).

  154. I’m in love with this style, everything is perfection . I love the colors are so pretty and classic.

  155. My favorite parts of the nursery giveaway are the lily jade diaper bag and the tnees tpees they’re just amazing!

  156. This is such a beautiful, sweet, serene nursery. I am feel the peaceful energy which I’m sure aids on those not so peaceful (or restful) nights!

  157. Aahh!! This giveaway is so great! You guys are great! I have a 2 week old baby boy & we still have so much we need for his nursery! This would be awesome!! Thanks for the opportunity! Good luck mommies!!

  158. Love everything about this nursery! I am having a girl and this is the same color scheme I would do if I only had the resources to be able to.

  159. This is such an amazing nursery! I am 8 1/2 months pregnant with our baby boy and this would be beyond perfect!!

  160. This nursery is the definition of modern classic. I love that it’s something that will grow with the baby. It looks like a dream in pictures! A dream nursery for a dreamy baby!!

  161. This nursery is a dream!!!! I absolutely adore everything, especially the calming, relaxing color scheme. It’s just a room that you want to spend time in. Elegant and practical. My husband and have been TTC for a few years now and we are expecting a baby coming in June!!!! We are ecstatic and thus would be such a blessing.

  162. the colors and the grown-up art is my favorite.. about this nursery. Great inspiration for a shared toddler girl/baby boy room

  163. So beautiful and simple. I’m having a boy in April and this is exactly like what I’d like to do.

  164. This is a dream! I would love nothing more than to incorporate this style into my soon-to-be nursery!

  165. I would love to win this for my sweet little boy! We don’t have a lot of extra spending money. I follow your and pink peonies blogs and am so in love with all of the home furnishings! Your guys have the absolute best style. I love these shops and look at them often wishing I could afford to do my sons nursery in these shops. Please choose me! My son deserves a gorgeous new nursery!

  166. I’m a first time mommy to my miracle baby, a beautiful amazing baby boy. That nursery that you put together is fantastic, a true dream nursery that anyone would be beyond lucky to have. Thanks for the opportunity to win , my husband and I would be so lucky and would love to have such a beautiful nursery for our son:-)

  167. My husband and I are in the process of adopting a baby boy or girl from Ethiopia! I am not sure if we are eligible for this giveaway, but we would LOVE to win this for our nursery!

  168. So beautiful. You have done a great job. Would love to have a similar room for my first baby, a little boy!

  169. This is such an amazing nursery! Love the grey and navy. I would love to win forum new baby boy.

  170. This nursery is a dream! My favorite part is the fabulous crib. Everything about it is just perfect and goodness knows my son could use a crib like that, as we don’t even own a crib.

  171. I absolutely adore the color scheme!!!! I would love our son to have this beautiful nursery! 🙂

  172. Beautiful! I love the simple, muted tones, layered neutral patterns and the use of pieces that will be functional from a design standpoint for years to come.

  173. I love the simple modern style of your nursery. It’s so bright yet so clean. That x shaped shelf is to die for! Along with everything else. I’m definitely a fan of gray and the color scheme is seriously amazing!

  174. Gorgeous nursery! I love how clean, simple, and fresh it is! And you can never go wrong with grey tones!

  175. I love how Canon’s nursery combines your style while keeping it fun for your baby boy. It’s calming and seems serene. It would be a dream come true to win this give away for my sweet boy due March 9th.

  176. This is so beautiful and the perfect baby room! Would you mind sharing the paint colors on the walls?

    Thanks so much!

  177. I really loved Cannon´s nursery!!! It transmits peace and calm. Grey is a very special color for a baby´s room!
    XX Ari (from Spain)

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