Active Wear Must Haves


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The weekend is finally here! I am throwing Rachel’s baby shower on Saturday and can’t wait to see how it all turns out. Be sure to follow along on Instagram! This is a change from my usual Saturday routine of getting in my long run for the week. Sometimes I question why I spend my only real (no kids) free time running until my legs tell me to stop, but as I have mentioned before, it is a love/hate relationship that I love (if that makes any sense). I am slowly building up my endurance but am still waiting for my pace to return to its pre-baby form, and while that part may never be regained, it definitely won’t be for a lack of trying! It has been harder to train ever since my little bundle of joy (Cannon) came along.

I have listed some running must-haves above. I love these Asics for running and these Nikes for cross training. One thing that I absolutely have to wear when running outdoors is a visor. It may seem silly, but it really helps keep me cool and also protects my face from the sun! I also of course love a cute running outfit. Zella and Nike both have great technical gear for long runs. I hope you have a great weekend!




  1. Love numbers 1 and 3! I need to build up my exercise jacket collection. I wish I had the motivation and will power to run like you do, cardio is not really my thing.


  2. I understand your love hate relationship with running. I hate getting ready to go, but I never feel better after.

    I can’t wait to see the details of Rachel’s shower, I’m sure it will be incredible.

    Have so much fun!

    xo, J

  3. This post is what i really needed! Im in the look out for new running shoes but cannot pick one! Too many cute ones, so hard to decide! ☺️ Anyway, do you use a watch? I havent been running ang going to the gym long but in a few months will mark my one year into fitness and i am thinking of getting myself a watch that can be useful crosstraining and running. Any suggestions?

  4. I’m totally with you! It’s hard to get out there, especially when you’re comparing to a “better before” but it’s so worth it in the end! And it’s way easier to be motivated with great workout gear 🙂

    xx, Ashleigh | Fashion in Flight