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Outfit one details: J.Crew blazer, J.Crew top, J.Crew booties

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Outfit two details: J.Crew blazer, J.Crew sweater, J.Crew jeans, J.Crew bag

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Outfit one details: J.Crew blazer, J.Crew top, J.Crew booties | Outfit two details: J.Crew blazer, J.Crew sweater, J.Crew jeans, J.Crew bag | Outfit three details: J.Crew blazer, J.Crew blouse, J.Crew booties

With Fall officially in full-swing I’ve started purchasing a few classic pieces that I’ll always love and wear! As I’ve mentioned before, I’m LOVING all of J.Crew’s new Fall Arrivals and today I’m partnering with them to bring you three looks that are perfect for Fall!

As I was creating these looks I wanted to incorporate bold colors and patterns while still being timeless. And if you’re a long-time reader, you know how much I love blazers! They are the perfect classic piece for transitioning into Fall while adding the option of layering (who doesn’t love layering?!). They won’t go out of style and I have a feeling they’ll be on repeat all season long!

For me it’s important to find classic, versatile pieces that can be worn for a variety of occasions whether I’m running errands with my kids, meeting my sisters for lunch, or heading out for a date night with Taylor – and a blazer does just that! It can easily be dressed up or down and it really is the finishing touch to the perfect Fall outfit.

Which look is your favorite?!

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  1. Bonjour Emily,
    Like you, i love to wear jackets for fall. It’s so casual and always chic.
    xoxo de France

  2. The blazers are nice, you styled them in a unique way. I have to tell you though that the red blazers (looking at the back) not sure if you realized or not but the little thread stitched to make an “x” is supposed to be taken off. They are created that way when manufactured and shipped to keep edges neatly together, then meant to be removed before wearing. 😉 I thought you’d know that being a fashion blogger. Same holds true for pencil skirts that have the same at the back, it’s not meant to be worn that way, you can just clip it with scissors and pull the thread out (unless of course they gave them to you to borrow and they’ve asked you to ship them back, then I’d understand).

  3. Second look is my favorite- I LOVE the red and red. I need to check out j crew for Blazers, I’ve always steered away because they were uncomfortable. These look effortlessly worn by you though!

  4. You always look so cute in J.Crew! I love all your looks! You always look so elegant! How tall are you??

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