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prada-bag-pink-ivorylane ivorylane-spring-dress white-peplum-dress-ivorylane prada-blush-pink stuartweitzman-nudist-sandals peplum-dress-bananarepublic bananarepublic-dress

My outfit details: Banana Republic dress, Stuart Weitzman sandals, Prada bag, MAC lipstick

Hello everyone! If you’ve been following along on social media, you know that we are currently in Laguna Beach for Spring Break! Crazy to think that at 4 years old we are already having to plan around Capri’s school/dance schedule. I’m sure my 4 year old self only had to worry about which friend I was going to play that day:) It’s been so much fun to spend time with just our little family! Today I wanted to share this dress that I got a couple weeks ago and have LOVED! It will definitely be a spring and summer staple! AND the best part is that its super affordable. YAY!

See below for other cute spring/summer dresses that are cute and budget friendly!


  1. $158 on sale is super affordable? In what world? Oh, yes that’s right the one you live in with $2K handbags, $500 dresses and $800 pairs of shoes. And here I thought the gorgeous floral print maxi dress I found at TJ Maxx for $20 was super affordable. I love Banana Republic and this is a beautiful dress but I’d wait until it was on major sale, but that’s just me. I enjoy your personal style but I’ve pretty much stopped clicking on your links because every time I’m met with $300 blouses that are completely out of mine (and I would suspect) most people’s budget.

      1. Also, I’m pretty sure I see your garments at the top. I thought you weren’t supposed to show those?

  2. Are those your garments completely showing underneath?.. completely inappropriate.

  3. Emily,

    I wrote earlier, and I apologise. I got caught up in a moment, that was mean, and not kind at all. I’m very sorry.

    1. Thanks and I understand. On a side note you must realize that I am not and don’t claim to be perfect, just trying to do the best I can like everyone else…

  4. Emily! You and your sister are my two favorite bloggers! This looks great on you! It’s now on major sale! Continue to inspire me! Xoxo

  5. It’s called a tank top people and we fashion bloggers wear them to be modest. Stop hating on her for what she wearing and how much it costs. To her, $158 is affordable. She’s not saying that it’s affordable for everyone. Some things will be out of your price range. Deal with it.

  6. This dress looks beautiful, Emily! Such a perfect dress for spring. Thanks for sharing.

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