Favorite Running Gear and Training update


  1. Lululemon swiftly tech top, 2. Sports Beans extra energy explosion, 3. TAG Heuer Connect Watch, 4. Lululemon run inspire crops, 5. Amphipod hydraform handheld water bottle, 6. Saucy Kinvara 7 Running Shoes, 7. C4 energy pre-workout, 8. Lululemon sculpt tank, 9. Lululemon speed shorts, 10. Features running socks, 11. KT tape

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Hello! I feel like I haven’t talked to you or updated you on my life in FOREVER! Obviously a huge part of my life right now is training for the NYC marathon with Tag Heuer! Running has literally taken over my life. When people say training for a marathon is like having a full time job, they aren’t kidding! It really is so much work and time. As I have trained the last few months and over the years, I have found the best gear that really has helped me train and make doing the long runs WAY better and more comfortable! I will touch on just a few of these things below!

The first thing on my list is socks. As you all know I was having major issues with my feet. I couldn’t stop getting blood blisters and my toe nails were constantly falling off. I was originally using the Lululemon socks but they were not working. I finally found the best socks EVER. My favorite is the Features running socks. Since I started using them I haven’t had one blister or issue with my toe nails. I HIGHLY recommend them!

Second, is this hand held water bottle. I used to either not carry a water bottle at all or I would carry a huge camelback water bottle and it was so awkward to run with. I found the Amphipod hand held water bottle on Amazon and it has made all the difference in the world! It’s SO easy to run with and carries plenty of water. If you are a runner you NEED this bottle!

Third, Saucony Kinvara 7 running shoes. I have tried all different running shoes and these are my very favorite. I even splurged and bought the Adidas running shoes that had such great reviews and they just didn’t cut it! Trust me on this, get the Kinvaras!

Overall, my training is going really well! Running with my Dad makes it fun and it makes the long runs not so bad! I actually look forward to my early morning runs! Today I am running nine miles and then on Saturday we are running  20… wish us LUCK! We will need it. When we did 18 last Saturday I literally cried the last mile. It was so hard. We did tons of hills so my legs were shot! If you have any specific questions that you want me to talk about on here, please write them in the comment section and I will try to cover them! My dad and I have talked about doing an e-book together on our training schedule and tips. Please let me know if that is something you would be interested in!! I will leave you with this video I did for TAG Heuer. Have a great day!


  1. Bonjour Emily, i’m French and i would be very interested by an e-book because i would like running but i have 55 years old.
    What do you eat during a week when you do your sport.
    thank you Emily.

    Véronique TANVEZ

  2. What would you suggest for someone like me to start running? What have you done to get you in the habit? Always looking for suggestions, and tips! 🙂

    1. Find a time that you can go everyday or how ever often you want to run a week. It helps to be consistent with when. And then whenever you choose, force yourself to go. It will start to become a habit! And make sure you have gear that works for you! If you are running in pain, you won’t want to do it! I will be posting even more running tips along the way!

  3. Thanks for doing another running post! I am training for my first half marathon, so I can relate to the training commitment. I am doing over 10 mile training runs now, which I never though I could do, and it has surprisingly not been so bad! But, 20 miles is a different level. Good luck Saturday!

  4. Thanks for posting this, I love the Lulu tanks as well for running. I trained for a half last year and used your older running posts as a guide, so I would definitely be interested in an e-book. Good luck with your long run this weekend!

  5. I am also a runner. Could you please share your dietary tips and tricks (i.e. what do you eat for dinner or breakfast before a big run) as you prepare for your race?

  6. So excited to try the socks you recommended! Can you recommend any good stretches for after runs? I am also training and have been experiencing leg cramps and medial calf pain. I’d love any suggestions you have!

  7. First of all good luck with the Training and the marathon!
    What I wanted to add is that you don’t buy Running shoes because they have good reviews or someone recommends them. You should geht them at an professional store. 3-Scan, video-taping of your Fete while running on a trademill and then getting a recommendation from a specialist.,you don’t just buy them.

    1. 100% agree. It is crucial to get fitted for running shoes by a professional at a designated running store. There are many things to consider when buying running shoes and what works for someone may not work for everyone. The wrong pair of running shoes can lead to injury which is why consulting with a professional is necessary. Best of luck Emily on your marathon! The training is tough but crossing that finish line will be an incredible feeling. You will get addicted! 🙂