Marathon Training update + Long Distance Video

Lulu Lemon top, Lulu Lemon speed shorts, Saucony Kinvara running shoes, TAG Heuer watch

Happy Friday! SO happy it’s the weekend after a VERY long week! Thank you all so much for your sweet words and prayers for baby Jackson. He is doing so much better! Rachel really appreciates all the love and sweet comments!

So… while I may have slacked on the blog this week, I thankfully haven’t slacked on running. My dad shows up to my house at 6am and we are off! I was really worried about training again after my fall but my knee actually has healed very quickly and it doesn’t hurt to run on. So I only missed two training days. One long run and one tempo run. I was really worried about missing that long run but I think I was able to make it up this week. Tomorrow we are doing 18 miles which sounds like a nice break from 20 haha! I really do enjoy my long runs. We take them nice and slow. They are called long/slow days for a reason. This means running about 45-90 seconds slower than the goal marathon pace. This really helps reduce wear and tear on our bodies. We really don’t want to get hurt! We pick up the pace a few times and try to get a fast mile in but really we don’t push ourselves a ton on speed. Another important part is fueling your body for the long run. I eat toast with peanut butter before the run along with my c4. During the run we eat granola bars, sports beans, gatorade and water. This part is so important! My very favorite part of doing the longer runs is all the different scenery. We don’t just run on one boring road. We take time to map out the run. I definitely recommend doing this because it makes it go by faster and a lot more fun! Anyway, wish me luck on my 18 miles on Saturday! Have a great day!


  1. Love your blog! Fashion with a sprinkling of fitness. I’m training for my 3rd full marathon. Milwaukee on October 2nd. I finished my last 20 miler and am starting the beloved taper! Wishing you all the best!!!!!

  2. I love following your running journey, you inspire us all to try running. With the cold and rainy weather coming up could you tell us what you wear for a run on those days please? Thanks