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f4f8 f1 f2f5f7f6 498a7170f10f3f11f13498a7151f12  f14Memories are so important to me! My kids are growing up way too fast and I love looking at old photos to remember them at all of their fun stages! We have a pretty big, empty wall in our bedroom and I always knew I wanted a huge gallery of family photos to go there. So today I’m teaming up with Framebridge to show you the final product and talk about how simple the process was!

Framebridge is an online custom framing service that takes your favorite photos, art, and other physical items, and ships them custom framed straight to your doorstep ready to hang! Design consultations are free with every frame, and I worked closely with their design team to create the perfect arrangement for my grid wall (their gallery wall service is only $99 and you can find more information here).

The first step in choosing pictures for a gallery wall is obviously deciding which pictures to use! I wanted to choose special memories that have meaning, and as I look at the completed gallery wall it’s crazy how vividly I can remember each of these moments! Once you decide which pictures to use, the next step is to choose a theme or color scheme. I love the way black and white photos look and I wanted the gallery wall to be cohesive, so I chose to use black and white photos only. I also wanted the all the frames to match, so I chose the Newport frame.

Framebridge also has a service where you can mail-in physical items like a matchbook, keys, and even textiles to be custom framed to preserve them and make them last forever! We all have those special items that mean so much to us. For me and my family, we sent in Capri’s first pair of ballet shoes (framed in the Irvine Slim frame), the blueprints to our home that Taylor and I designed together (framed in the Bolton frame) and finally an art piece that Capri and Cannon both did together in our art room (framed in the Marin frame)! For a few of the art prints and extra special pieces (like Capri’s ballet shoes), Framebridge recommended a treatment called float mounting. So instead of layering a mat board over the piece they “float” your art above the mat to add sophistication and drama. The look is beautiful and is just $25 extra!

I love how each frame compliments its piece! The options are endless at Framebridge! They have over 40 different styles which made it hard to make a final decision! But I’m in love with how the wall and the custom frames turned out! With the single, custom framed pieces, I chose to layer them on our end tables! Layering art is one of my favorite ways to display artwork, it’s fills up space by adding dimension and it’s a fun way to mix colors and frame sizes. It definitely makes our house feel more like a cozy home!

With the holidays coming up just around the corner, Framebridge makes it super easy to frame anything you love, making for the perfect gift! Use code IVORYLANE15 to get 15% off your first purchase. Offer valid through December 31st!

If you have any questions about my gallery wall or would like to recreate it yourself you can view my page on here!! 

Sponsored by Framebridge


  1. Love your blog! I was wondering where those nightstands were from ? I am looking for something similar and so far no luck. Thank you!

    1. Your room is stunning!!!! I have the same question about the night stands. I have been looking for awhile and not found any I loved until your post!! Would love to have something like yours

  2. It looks amazing! Can you share how big the frames you used are and how big the pictures inside are? The scale is perfect!

  3. This looks beautiful, Emily! I love how you framed the ballet shoes, art and blueprints as well as the photos.

  4. Beautiful. Your style is awesome. I love how the frames look in your space. I noticed your chest/night stands and I am wanting to know where you got them. They would look great in my daughters room. If you know where you got them and/or who they are by I would appreciate the info.

  5. I love your entire home. Can you please share with me where you purchased your bedroom lamps and the bedroom chandelier as well? Thank you!

  6. OMG. What ceiling height is your bedroom? The picture wall looks fabulous, but I have a sneaky suspicion it wouldn’t look the same on my measly 8′ ceilings.

  7. I was wondering about your nightstands? They are amazing. Would like to find some like it.

  8. I just love how you layered the photos on nightstand and the simplicity of the wall of memories is lovely!

  9. I love your blog!! The grams are beautiful, I am going to use framebridge for my living room. In addition to the bedside dressers, I am also interested in where the mirror above your bed is from.

  10. Stunning gallery wall! How did you determine the frame size for your wall area? I will be doing a similar gallery wall in my home and having a difficult time figuring out the frame size. Suggestions welcome.

    1. Melissa, Framebridge can help you with that! I had been looking at other gallery walls, I knew the measurements of my wall and knew how many pictures I wanted and chose the frame size from that. Thanks!

      1. Thank you Emily! I appreciate your reply. I know the wall length is 87 inches. I will reach out to Framebridge and hopefully start my gallery wall very soon. Love reading your blog and a fan!

  11. Hello, I love your gorgeous bedroom! The bedside lamps are stunning – do you mind sharing where those are from?

  12. What a really special and beautiful way to create an amazing wall display and keep memories close.

  13. I am very symmetric person so I love the way you organize your bedroom wall!!!! Beautiful!!!

  14. I know these were custom frames, but could you provide what size the frames are? Also, what size photo you used inside? Thank you!

  15. Your bedroom is so beautiful! I completely agree with how pictures can make your memories of your little ones so vivid. Doing a gallery wall in our bedroom is now on the to do list. It turned out perfect! Can you share the paint color you used in here? I love how elegant and serene it makes the room!

  16. I have taken my mother and fathers wedding pictures which are of course black and white. They capture that era that holds such amazing memories of that time in London. I have put them in beautiful silver frames and placed some in our tv room. They always get comments from friends. I’m loving your idead and soft decor…. beautiful and elegant….

  17. Hi can you share the size of the frame and the size of the photo? Im not interested in the $99 gallery wall service. I have room for one photo on a small wall and your help would be great!

  18. This is absolutely beautiful! Though I thought I would comment and let you know that your dog is a little excited in the pic of you on the step ladder… he has a red rocket :O! LOVE the gallery though!!!

  19. I want decorate my stairs with my family photo from old phots in black and white .
    It is my dream make it nicely.

  20. I just found this website and I’m trying to do a total cottage redorating with gray being the major color in a small 1220 sf house built 68 years ago. Please help me with some suggestions or lead me in that direction.

  21. Am still continuously remodeling my 28yo house. I plan to have our old pictures part of my decor.

  22. I love the idea of frames. I am looking for ideas to utilise a door that is not in use. I can try frames like u. But if any other ideas please share.

  23. I Love the way you have taken the picture’s & made them one size….Gorgeous??
    My husband took it upon himself to do the livingroom Wall…It has a 11×16 or 11×14 frame…and has put odd shaped picture’s…So I really try to fix it and look at it every day to put my picture’s in a way of fixing my wall…I have 8×10’s, 3 multi 4×6 picture frames, then a few frames that are 5×7…Please help me rearrange my pictures wall

  24. Good evening. You did a fantastic job with your gallery. Excellent. Great idea. Could you please forward information about your side dressers, manufacturer, cost, and any other additional information you may have on them. Dimensions as well? Many thanks for your help, I look forward to hearing from you.

  25. Hello I like the carpet do you mind providing the details of the carpet in the bedroom pls

  26. Love your headboard!!!! Can you tell me where I could purchase it? Is it an entire bed or just headboard? Beautiful!!!

  27. I notice you haven’t answered the question as to the size of the frames or the size of the photos. Are you not allowed to answer because of your contract with the frame company or something? Just can’t understand why you won’t say the frame/picture size when SO MANY of your fans have asked…

    1. Hi Kerry! I apologize for my delayed response. I somehow missed this comment and just saw it. The frames are 12 width x 18 height. Please let me know if you have any other questions and I’ll be more than happy to answer!!

      Thank you for your patience!

      xo Em

  28. Hi, I’m in love with the bedside lamps. I see that you posted that they are from Alice Home, but i cant find them. Do you have a name and/or model number? thanks so much. love, love, love your style.

  29. Hello! Absolutely love this bedroom… I have looked high and low. can you please tell what wall color you used in your bedroom?! thank you!

  30. Where is your bloUse from? I am on the hunt for more Tops to wear with white denim!

  31. I want to use these frames in my entryway. We just bought a new house and after deep cleaning the wood floor, we knew that we needed to start decorating. I think the frames will do just the trick for us.

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