St. George Marathon Race Recap


This was the day before the race! We went to one of our favorite breakfast spots to carb load! These shoes are honestly my very favorite of the season. You can find them here! SO comfy!! I just bought them in black too!


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Race outfit details: Lululemon tank, Lululemon Speed Shorts, Saucony Kinvara Running Shoes

Wow! This was a whirlwind weekend and I can’t believe it’s come and gone. My dad and I have worked and trained so hard for this, and I think our training really paid off. I felt SO good through most of the race up until about mile 21. I REALLY hit a wall at that point. I have heard that the first 10 miles is adrenaline, the second ten is training, and the last six are purely mental. I definitely think that is true because it took everything in me to finish those last six miles!

Tay and the kids surprised me at mile 16 and mile 23. It helped me SO much to see them! I especially needed to see them at mile 23. The moment I saw Capri cheering for me I actually started to cry. It turns out that 23 miles of running can make you a little emotional! When thinking about all the training and all the setbacks (calf strain, falling on a trail and getting stitches, and overall sleep deprivation!), I was so proud of myself for finishing and I accomplishing my goal! It was such an amazing feeling! If I can do it, YOU can do it too! All you have to do is get up and GO RUN! Even if you start with half a mile. It’s an amazing feeling to set a goal and then accomplish that goal!

Now, we have one month to get ready for the NYC marathon! I am super nervous and hope my body has enough time to recover. I am still SO sore. Next up for me is do a few cryotherapy treatments and try to get a deep tissue massage. My goal for NYC is to get under 4 hours. Everything I have heard and read is to not try and go for a good time in New York because of the crowds, the uphill and long flat stretches, BUT I am going to try so wish me luck! I hope you have a great day! Please let me know if you have run the NYC marathon and have any tips!!


  1. Congratulations! What an awesome accomplishment. Good luck in NYC! It’s cold here so like you’re dad says “there’s no such thing as too cold, just not wearing enough layers” or something like that?!

  2. Congratulations, what an amazing accomplishment!! Love your running shoes, what brand do you wear?
    Good luck in NYC marathon! I live close to the city in New Canaan, CT.

  3. Congrats on your first marathon! My sister ran the NYC marathon last year and thought it was the most incredible experience. One thing to keep in mind (that we didn’t even think about before the race) was cell service. There were SO many people that nobody’s phone was working, so not only is it necessary to pick a meet-up spot ahead of time with your family/friends, make sure you download music to your phone (if you need it to run) in case you can’t rely on a streaming app. My sister found that out that hard way, though thankfully she found that the sheer number of people cheering in the crowds was just as motivating as her music. Good luck with your recovery and the final month of prep!

  4. Congratulations! I run half marathons..not sure if I’m brave enough to run 26!! Good Luck at the NY Marathon! My brother-in-law runs it every year, last year he came in 26th place!!! Prepare for it to be very chilly though and you have to get there super early. He recommends wearing old sweatshirts and pants because you just leave them at the start line.

  5. Congratulations!!! I’m running the Chicago Marathon in 5 days and am equal parts excited and terrified (mostly of those last six miles). Your post is exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you and Good Luck in New York!

  6. Congratulations and amazing job on your first marathon!!! For NYC, definitely wear a shirt with your name on the front or back or both! The crowd support is so amazing and it’s so encouraging to hear complete strangers cheer your name. During those stretches where it’s all mental, hearing someone cheer specifically for you can make all the difference!

  7. You really are such an inspiration when it comes to running! I really want to do a half marathon before the end of the year, but I really need the weather to cool down here in Georgia for a bit so it doesn’t feel so miserable!


  8. You are such an inspiration! Would you post your training workout plan? I’m running my first marathon for my 40th– would love to hear how you trained to get such a good time on your first marathon!

  9. Congrats on completing the marathon! You’re such a rock star! I hope I can do one within the next 3 years, but I always seem to have trouble with my right calf once I start training 🙁
    Monica – Mocha and Moccasins

  10. Congratulations! Best wishes to you in NYC; my marathon friends that have run it says it is the best race ever! The energy of the crowds cheering you on is amazing! I’m so curious how you hold your phone the entire 26.2 miles without dropping it! I run 1/2 marathons and use an arm band carrier for my phone. Can’t imagine carrying it for that long! Wow!

    1. Thanks Victoria! I’m so excited! I’ve heard that; I am going to need that energy because I know I will be freezing! I’ve just trained that way from the very beginning so I am used to it now! Maybe I’ll look into an armband!

  11. Hi! Great job on the marathon, what amazing time! I ran NYC a few years ago and it’s an incredible experience. The crowds are so inspiring and the live music is so great too. It’s like one big party the whole way. A few things I would pass on…make sure you go to the convention on Friday kind of early to pick up your number etc. Try to find arm socks. They should have them for sale on Friday, asics makes them. They were a life saver for me when the wind was really picking up at the start. Also, definitely wear layers you can part with. You’ll probably shed layers pretty soon after you enter Brooklyn (but keep on your arm socks!) also, If you want to make good time, in my experience, let the runners at the starting line go their pace and you go yours. Don’t try to keep up with them. I can’t tell you how many of those fast starters I passed who were walking by the time we were going over the queensboro bridge (a big hill with NO crowds). Also, when you get to the Bronx, take whatever food, goo etc the people are passing out to you, you’ll need your strength. It might seem a little quiet there but once you round the corner back into Manhattan, the crowds will drive you home once again! Talk about emotional!!!! Great meeting spots are on east side adjacent to Central Park. That way, friends/family can meet you coming up 2nd avenue and again toward the end of your race in Central Park. Good luck and have fun!