Off to NYC…



Lulu Lemon topLulu Lemon speed shortsSaucony Kinvara running shoesTAG Heuer watch


St. George Marathon Race outfit details: Lululemon tankLululemon Speed ShortsSaucony Kinvara Running Shoes


I can’t believe race day is almost here!!! I’m excited but SO nervous! When I agreed to do this back in June, November felt like it was forever away and now it’s here! After all my training, the ups and the downs (literally) I feel ready and excited to get it done. I leave today and then the race is on Sunday. It will be on ESPN for anyone that wants to experience the NYC Marathon! For this marathon I am going to just take it all in. I have heard and read that it is an experience that I will never forget and it is definitely a once in lifetime thing! I am going to stick with my Dad during the marathon and just take in everything around me and my dad and I can enjoy it together! We trained together so I want to cross the finish line together! I thought I wanted to try and get a sub 4 but I am not even going to worry about that! Thank you SO much to Tag Heuer for giving us this opportunity! Wish us luck!!


  1. Wow! How wonderful you will cross the finish line with your Dad after training together. I’m sure that means the WORLD to him!
    I NEVER comment on any blog posts but this couldn’t go without saying something.
    Enjoy every minute!!

  2. You are going to be amazing! I just ran the Marine Corps Marathon with the goal to just take it all in. It’s my favorite one to date, because of that. Look forward to following along!

  3. I love that your doing this with your Dad, an experience and memory you will always have. Best wishes to you and your dad, enjoy!

  4. I’m so excited for you and love your attitude – to just take it all in and enjoy the experience with your dad. Good luck tomorrow and have fun!!!

  5. I always enjoy the posts and snap chats its your dad. He is full of energy and seems to enjoy spending time with you, your sisters and his grandchildren. This is one of the reasons I like your blogs more than I did before. God bless you all!

  6. i love your blog so much! i have loved watching you and your dad train for the NYC marathon! you have inspired me to get out there and run and i ran my first 10k last weekend. your snaps have gotten me out on my run on more than one occasion and i love so much that you posted snaps during the marathon. i felt like i was there with you and it gave me the goal to run that some day! thanks for being so awesome and i hope you continue to run! you are insanely inspiring!

  7. How do you make the protein shake? Also, do you have the link to the red shoes above?
    Love your posts and your positive energy!

    1. I usually start with almond milk and vanilla protein powder as my base and then throw in whatever else I have in the fridge: bananas, berries, spinach, pears, pretty much any fruit! I hope this helps! They are saucony kinvara, and are linked a few posts back (I believe in my St. George post and another TAG post)! Thanks again for following along!

      1. Thank you, Emily!! I really appreciate you writing me back! Best of luck! I always admire runners it takes a lot of hard work to push and train yourself. Thanks for the motivation!!