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My outfit details: LuluLemon pullover, Lululemon pants (love this style too), Lululemon running gloves

As all of you probably know, I love running! (You can see my journey to the New York City Marathon here!) Running in winter is my biggest challenge because it’s SO cold, especially the mornings that I usually find excuses to get out and actually run. I’ve shared my favorite running gear with you before and lululemon has always been at the top of the list, but their new arrivals are to die for!

There are so many pieces for cold runs that can be layered to make sure you stay at the perfect temperature during your entire run. While running in the winter, I always start out freezing and end up sweating by the time I get back home, so layering is the perfect solution! My favorite part about Lululemon is that every single piece looks amazing during and after working out!

What are your favorite new arrivals and running essentials from lululemon?!

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  1. I love Lululemon’s shirts! They last forever. I also love their Tight Stuff Tight for running.

  2. I’m such a Lululemon addict and love wearing their stuff for my workouts! I think they lead the industry with style and durability and so worth it! I love their activewear and versatility of pieces that I’ve even worn them out and about or out on the town.

  3. Love this post! I’m a competitive runner training with a team in SoCal, but I grew up in Idaho. We used to run in the FREEZING weather and I know just how hard it is. You’re super dedicated, get it gurrrrl!
    xo, Holly

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