Update on Cannon’s Bedroom

 A couple weeks ago I went up to Salt Lake to meet with the RH Interior Design team at our local Restoration Hardware gallery at City Creek! They immediately won Cannon’s heart with treats and toys for him to play with! I know he’s young, but it was so fun to bring him along and be a part of the process of his new room!

I posted about my design inspiration here, but I’ve been going back and forth between some finishes and design touches since then. I could not believe what a difference it made to have all of the colors, fabrics, finishes, and so many other details for me to see in person in the RH Design Atelier! RH now has these amazing workspaces in all of their galleries across the country for clients to work with their team of professional designers. The designers I met with were so kind and beyond experienced! They knew their stuff and they made me feel like my project was their #1 priority. They presented me with a wide variety of samples and fabric swatches on a tray, and they showed me several examples on the iPad of other rooms they had designed to pull inspiration from. I’m a very detail-oriented person so we talked through every little detail of the room until I was 100% satisfied, and I love that they never rushed me or pushed their ideas on me. I felt so comfortable being myself and explaining what I wanted, and they were super willing to work with me and talk through anything I needed more information on. They kept reminding me that this was my vision and my room and I ultimately would make the decisions! I would throw out an idea and they would come back with endless options and we would discuss it before making a final decision (for example, I knew I wanted a reading area because Cannon loves to read! So we finally decided on bean bags and talked over the most logical place for it to be and why). I also mentioned that I wanted everything to be durable, so we chose darker colors that will hopefully last a long time!

I can’t tell you how great it was to see everything in person and talk face-to-face to help me visualize the finished product! I’m still amazed at how the entire room came to life!! I feel like this room will end up being more than just any ordinary room and I’m really excited for that! So, being a little indecisive, I’ve changed the direction of the room a little bit, but I think it will be even more amazing now!

Be sure to follow along for more sneak peeks and click here for more details on design services that RH offers!

Photography by Lindsay Salazar.


  1. Looks like his room will be amazing! Such fun to plan with RH.
    We have an RH Design Center near me as well.
    Can’t wait to see the reveal!!