White After Labor Day

  1. McQ Alexander McGeen dress, 2. Gucci sunglasses, 3. MAC eye shadow, 4. Calpak luggage carry-on, 5. Mezlan belt, 6. Gucci bag, 7. Steve Madden booties, 8. J.Crew V-neck t-shirt, 9. Nike sneakers, 10. YSL nail polish, 11. Sachin and Babi sequin earrings, 12. AG jeans, 13. Me Too loafers, 14. T3 blow dryer, 15. MAC lash maximizer, 16. Michele watch, 17. J.Crew ruffle skirt (on sale!!!), 18. Baseball cap, 19. Tory Burch satchel, 20. See by Chloe poplin top, 21. MAC Clear Lipglass 

Happy Tuesday!!! What do you guys think about the “no white after labor day” rule? I love wearing white year-round and feel like it’s an unspoken rule that’s okay to break. I love wearing white jeans in the fall, or even these white booties! And a white handbag is a wardrobe must in my book! 

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!! And which pieces above are your favorite! 



  1. I have wondered about this exact thing… is white after labor day an old school rule, that’s simply no longer relevant? There are so many awesome fall/winter season white outfits, it just seems silly to not wear them because it’s after labor day. I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks white should be worn all year. 🙂

  2. I recently read this started in the late 20th century. Snobby rich girls; i.e., mean girls, from old money made the rule and kept it secret to keep girls w/ vulgar new money in their proper place. we should all wear white whenever or wherever we want–except for weddings!! nobody likes a bully.

  3. I love the white suitcase! I have the T3 blow dryer and it’s my favorite ever. JCrew’s t-shirts are lovely, too. Great post.