LeapFrog Academy

Learning is something both of my kids love and as a mother it makes me happy to see them trying new things and learning new skills! We are excited to be partnering with LeapFrog to roll out their new interactive learning program, LeapFrog Academy. It’s for 3-6 year olds and it goes beyond the core subjects by guiding them through a variety of fun Learning Adventures! It tracks your child’s progress while providing extra practice in subjects they need help mastering. It keeps challenging Capri and she really enjoys it! It’s super easy to use and is parent and child-friendly. The best part is that there are no hidden adds or in-app purchases! 

Capri has been using LeapFrog Academy for about a month now and has benefited from it immensely! She comes home from school and is anxious to tell me what she learned about or read about, and asks me to help her find a Learning Adventure that goes along with that concept so she can practice and get better. She earns rewards within the program so she can customize her avatar and pets! And I love the parent dashboard where I can see her progress and customize and manage her account. 

Capri’s favorite activity right now is probably tracing the letters of her name and I really feel like her penmanship is improving. It’s fun to see her hard work paying off! Stay tuned over the next few months for updates on her progress! 

Sponsored by LeapFrog.