Gearing Up For The Twins

So as I’ve mentioned we’ve been slowly but surely prepping for the twins’ arrival and I am more excited (and nervous!!!!) than ever before! If you missed my bump date in yesterday’s post you can read it here. All you twin mamas out there, send all of your tips and tricks my way please! 

I’ve always loved Nuna products (especially their car seats and strollers), so when they launched the lightest car seat, the PIPA lite, I couldn’t resist since I will be having to carry two around! It weights only 5.3 lbs! Not only are they super lightweight and nice to carry around, but I’m obsessed with the safety features including Aeroflex foam that minimizes force transferred to baby by absorbing energy, high performance materials including aerospace aluminum and feather weight fabrics, and True lock base installation that makes installation quick and simple! It comes in two different colors but I went with the gray fashion, fog because it’s gender neutral and will be easy to clean. 

I honestly can’t even tell you how excited I am to put the babies in these car seats for the first time!!! One of my favorite and most terrifying moment is when we leave the hospital and bring the babies home for the first time. These car seats will be absolutely perfect and I feel 100% confident that both babies will always be safe in these PIPA lite car seats and did I mention there are no added fire retardant chemicals? Perfectly designed to keep babies safe, secure and comfy.

Have you guys tried Nuna products?! If so, which products are your favorites?

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  1. I’m having twins soon too! Looked up this car seat because i’d never heard of tHat brand. So nice, but $350? With taX and shipping that means i’d have to spend almost $800 for Carseats that will only last a year. YIkes! Great if you have that kind of cash, but hopefully all yOur readers know that all car seats have to meet the same safety standards, so if they can’t buy somethikg like this theIr babies will be just as safe, though maYbe not as trendy, in a properly installed Baby trend brand infant seat. 🙂

  2. Obsessed with nuna products. i have the pipa and mixx2 for my first baby that we had just 3 months ago. we also have the leaf and sena. love love love nuna products.

  3. Hi Emily,
    I’M a long-time reader, but This is my first comment! I have twin boys who are 7 years old, and tHe best advice i ever received was to keep both babies on the same schedule. If one wakes up to eat, wake up the other one and feed him, too. It was hard at first, but helped A lot in the long run!
    Congratulations—twins are such a blessing!!

  4. I haven’t visited your site for awhile and just discovered that you and your husband are expecting twins – congratulations! i’m a mom of twin boys. my advice would be to stick to a schedule and don’t be afraid to ask for help because you will need it!