12 Days of Giveaways: Day 7 with Nuna

Nuna PIPA lite infant car seat (also here), Nuna MIXX2 stroller (also here)

Today’s giveaway was perfect for soon-t0-be mamas or moms who are expecting another little one soon! Nuna products are my FAVORITE!!! All of their products are simple, practical and stylish and I can’t wait to use these carseats and strollers for the twins when they arrive! Today I’m excited to be partnering with Nuna to give away a travel system comprising of a MIXX2 stroller and a PIPA lite infant car seat to ONE Ivory Lane reader!! 

Giveaway Requirements: 

° Comment on this blog post and tell us why you think you should win!! (Must also leave IG handle) 

° Follow @emilyijackson on Instagram

° Tag 3 or more friends in the comments on my IG post promoting the giveaway

° Follow @nuna_usa on Instagram 

° For an extra entry post on your IG Story and tag @emilyijackson and @nuna_usa

Giveaway Rules:

One entry per person. Open only to legal residents of the United States who are at least 18 years old. Giveaway will close TONIGHT at 11:59 PM MST and the winner will be selected at random and announced in tomorrow’s blog post. Winner will receive their stroller and infant car seat within 5-7 business days of the giveaway closing. If you do not wish to share your information, do not enter this giveaway. 

BIG thanks to all of you entered yesterday’s giveaway featuring luggage from CALPAK!!! The winner who selected at random is…

Kailey Linton

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I will email and DM you to get you your CALPAK luggage!! Be sure to check the blog tomorrow for Day 8 where I’ll announce the winner of the Nuna MIXX2 stroller and a PIPA lite infant car seat! (Here’s your hint for tomorrow’s giveaway!!)



  1. I want to win this for my friend Who is a soon to be mommy❤️ And im doing ivf In january so hopfully soon ill have to buy myself one of these:)

  2. I was Just in norstrom looking at the nuna pipa lite debating what to do, im due in feBruarY. I wouLd love to win this aweSome set, fingers crossed😍

  3. What an awesome giveaway! Im so excited for you to have your twins here safe aNd sound! We are expecting our 5th baby next month(our first boy!) and we need a new car seat and so bad for this little guy! This would be so awesome and helpful to win!

  4. I would be delighted to win the Nuna Pipa Lite & stroller. Everyone Raves about the quality of nuna’s Baby geaR! Its my Dream to have their baby gear for my little boy on the way.

  5. Love this nuna Carseat and STROLLer!. I just realized my INFANT carseat is expired and my third is expected in feb. It would be a great Christmas PRESENT! Thank you. I love your blog!

  6. Congrats on your bundle of joy!
    Please let us know what you want us to comment on this blog pOst to win the stroller and carseat. Looks like the guidelines was cut Off. Thank you!

  7. Would love to win this bEautiful car seat Set! In the finishing stretches of FinishIng treatments for breast cancer and we can start trying for a baby in may. It would be wonderful to have a new set for a new adventure of having anoTher baby.

  8. Thank you for putting on these givesways! It adds such extra cheer to this holiday seasOn! So excited to be a first time mommy soon❤️

  9. Such an amazing giveaway!! I would do anything to win this for my new little 1 month old baby that is not a fan of her Brothers hand me down infant carseat! Thanks emily for thinking of us mamas!!

  10. Oh my gosh in so excited for this one! Im expecting my first baby next spring and would love to win this!!! Thanks emily! Blessing 🙏🏻
    Ig: @eve.eu

  11. Would love to win this for my best friend who is having a baby in February and her house is still turned upside down from hurricane harvey!

  12. I have a baby coming in a few weeks and this would be a dream giveaway to win!!! 🙂 I’ve only heard positive things about Nuna products and would love to try them out!

    (Ig handle: @lex_ains)

  13. this would be the perfect gift under the christmas tree! 32 weeks pregnant and still need A travel system!! so obsessed with this!!

  14. inlove with ivor lane blogs also im pregnant expecting a boy im just waiting to clear the 5-6 month streak just to make sure tge baby is ok . Keep posting beautiful things and things about Mamas

  15. We are expecting our first baby in april of this coming year! Nuna has caught my eye from the beginning of researching baby gear, and we would be blessed to have this incredible gift! fingers crossed!

  16. My husband and I are expecting our first baby and have decided on the nuna pipa carseat because it is the safest (and cutest!!). This is such a great giveaway! Thank you for sharing this with us!

    <3 Norma

  17. Ive always been oBsessed with this stroller! Its so gorgeous! And i love the simple black and grey! I am a mom of a 2 year old and preggo with my second babe! I would love tO win this!

  18. emily, thank you for your generosity this christmas season! I would love to win this! i’m due in june and this would be so perfect! fingers crossed!!!

  19. This would ne awesome! We are expextinf oir swcond baby in January and ive always heard the best things about this company! This would he put to good use!

  20. Omg. I would love to win it. Im due in march 1St. I Have a 2 n a half year old duaghter too. Never had enough in my budget to buy nuna stroller or car seat to be honeSt lol!!

  21. I had a different brand of car seat and stroller with my first baby and this time around i have Really wanted to try this brand! I have heard and read great things anout it so im hoping i win!!! Thank you, Emily and nuna for this giveaway

  22. I just had a little boy a week ago. This would be perfect for him!!! Thanks Emily for this awesome giveaway and good luck in your last week’s of pregnancy!


    InstaGram Emmamucciolo_

  24. Would absolutely love to win this Nuna Carseat and stroller! I’m expecting my first baby, a girl, in january and am still in search of an amazing carseat and stroller. thank you for the opportunity Emily and Nuna!

  25. I would love to win this, i follow your blog, And love it, also im expecting and this would b ananazing christmas present!

  26. Oh wow this would be amazing!!! Baby 3 on its way and this carseat is incredible. It One of The only ones that wIll fit in our car with the other two carseats we have!;). Wishful and fingers crossed over here!!!

  27. I would love to win this giveaway fOr my baby boy coming this February! I had a different brand of stroller amd car seta with my first born and this time around I really wanted to try nuna! Thank you for this giveaway!

  28. Instagram: @haley_axthlem

    We currently have one son and used the Peg Perego Infant Seat and Stroller. I really did love it but I have heard such great things about the Nuna that I would love to try it out for baby number 2! It has a similar look to the Peg Perego that I loved so I know this would be a great addition!

  29. I am expecting my fIrst little one and have been tirelessly researching Car seats and strollers. Winning this would put my baby brain mind at ease!

  30. Love Nuna! We are expecting twins in April and this would be nice to have when only needing a solo stroller!


  31. I’d love to win this because we just became a foster family for infants and newborns over the summer. I’d love to have something as sleek and beautiful as the nuna carseat and stroller to care for them. Fingers crossed!

  32. I am a huge fan of Ivory lane and nuna! Hoping to treat out first little one (a little baby girl) to this beautiful set! xo

  33. Due january 22 and need to take the plunge and purchase a stroller!!

    What i love about the nuna is how smooth of a ride it is, the Ease of take down and the storage space. Plus Lets be honest…its so classy looking!!

    What a great giveaway emily!

  34. Just had my sweet baby girl in October and would love a new carseat and stroller! Nuna is the best! We have tHeir pack n play and its the best!

  35. I absolutley love the nuna products. They were my first choice when my son was born but They were sold out In my area and we Couldn’t get them in time to bring him home from the HOSPITAL. I love the funcTionality and safety they proVide! We sure would love to win!!!

  36. I’m expecting my first baby, a boy, in february and the nuna is my dream stroller! perfect for getting around the city (we live in boston).

  37. I have had my eye on this stroller and woUld love to win this giveaway ☺️ It looks very high end and classy!
    Ig: anna.d.stevens

  38. I M have an almost 8 month old baby and just BARELY found out we are expecting another! I would love to win this Nuna stroller and car seat because i have heard they are great qualiTy a will be able to last theough my HUGE babies i make hehe thank you so much!

  39. Just found out im pregnant!! My husband doesnt even know yet. What a great way to start out on this new adventure With one of the most important and expensive items crossed off!

  40. I would LOVEEEE to win this Nuna set! We have our first coming late January and this would be absolugely perfect for her! I love all of the safety features on the Nuna!

  41. I am a Newly wed 21 yr old eXpecting my first baby next month! This carseat giveAway would be a dream come true!!!!


  42. So excited to see this giveaway! i’m going to be a first time mom to a sweet babY boy coning in may & would love this car seat and stroller combo! Thanks for considering me!

  43. LOVe the nuna pipa….such great quality, safe, and visually stunning! as a first time mama nuna has impressed me right out of the gate!

  44. Love this giveaway!!! Anything to help make mom life easier. I am so excited to atart new Holiday traditions with my family

  45. I just recEntly became a new mama and wouLd love this nuna sYstem! I Been loving watching your kids Grow and am so excited for your two nee little Ones coming!

  46. This would be amazing!! Nuna has the classiEst looking sTuff! This would help so much and Be the best chRistmas present Ever!!!!!!

  47. We are expecting our firSt baby due in march. The whole carseat/stroller decision haD been a tough one until we ran into nuna. So easy to maneuver and handle. Would love to Get it!

  48. I love the funtionalIty & design of NUNA! Pick me because my birthday is tomorrow & im pregnant with my first due in april and id absolutely die to win this giveaway. I love Nuna!!!

  49. I love the base of the Car seat, such a Weird thing to like, I know. But the way you install it is awesome. Having my 3rd in ten days!!

  50. I am due in Feb with my third baby and we are in desperate need of a stroller and carseat! Ive heard Nuna products are amazing and I would love to win this! Thank you for the opportunIty!!


    Ig: @feelingfitandfree

  52. Amazing! Ive Heard that nUna is such a great stroller and especially carSeat.! I was just looking for one. By the way- SO EXCITED for you For the twins to arrive!! Thanks for sharing updates with us. ❤️

  53. I’ve only heard great things about nuna and i’ve been wanting Their products! Can’t wait For you and your family To welcome those twins ♥️

  54. Ive only heard great things about Nuna and would love to have the opportunity to try Their brand. Im expecting my second child and am in desperate need of a car seat. Thanks so much for the giveaway opportunity!

  55. I have heard Such AWESOME things about nuna products! I have been wanting to try them with my baby boy coming in march!!

  56. I’ve had my eyes on this travel system since I started RESEARCHING baby gear for our little girl due in April. fingers and toes crossed that we win! 🙂

  57. I would love to win this giveaway we are exPecting our 3rd child in may its a girl and we dont have much money to buy new things so tHis would be the biggest blessing to ouR family! I thank you for giving the chance. ANd im praying we wiN!

  58. AbsolUtely love this stroller and carseat. I am due in 3 days with my first and would love to win this!! Also, best of luck on your pregnancy 🙂

  59. I am expecting my first baby in a few months and would love to win the travel system. I love nuna!! So excited for you and your twins! My husband and I also struggled with our own infertility for a few years, so thank you for sharing your story. I think that it is important to talk about infertility to let all the women out there struggling know that they are not in it alone.

  60. Love thiz blog and nuna products. Can’t wait to for my little one to arrive to start using everything nuna 🙂

  61. We love our nuna AAce For my 4 year old and im due with twins this spring so I would be so happy to win thIs pipa lite! Buying double of everything is getting kinda crazy and this would help so much! 🤞🏻

  62. I’m a First time mom expecting in July and i love reading all of Your suggestions for the best Products! Love following along as you get readyfir the twins! Insta handle: @ashleylengsfielD

  63. Would love to win this!! I wanted to buy it when my daughter was first born but couldnt afford it. Im hoping to get pregnant again soon so i could use it for my baby i have now and for My next!

  64. I love this combo, first time mom to be and i have no idea where to start! So Glad i have some amazing bloggers to help steer me! ig is Pltuck2

  65. Hello! Thank you for aNother amazing giveaway! The Nuna stroller is pretty amazing, i Am having a baby girl due this january and i would just love this for her. Ive Read all about it and its safety features, this is A great buy. Unfortunately it is not in our budget.

    Thanks again!!!

  66. I have been a follower of both you and your sister for a few years now, love your style and the brands you support. My husband and i share a very SIMILAR story to yours on our road to baby and are beyond excited to finally be at the point to even look at strollers and car seats.

    I love the look of nuna products as well as their light weight feel and versatility in designs and function! such a sleek design.

  67. This is a great giveaway. Were expecting a baby boy in May and weve been looking at getting a nuna infant seat and stroller!

  68. I’M having baby #4 and never had the chance to have a brand NEW carseat and STROLLER before WIth any of my other babies, this would be my last chance to get one cause we are done.

  69. After dobating all my baby items, i am in need of a car seat for our nEx addition coming in march. I have been looking into the Nuna car seat since its ligt weight and will be able to fit inbetweeN 2 Other car seats . Getting 3 seats in a row can be tricky and their measurements would allow me to do that !

  70. OooooOoo my goodness i need this carseat! Heard great things. Due in three weeks and would be so thrilled to win!!! Pick me pick me!!!

  71. I So hope to win! I’m due with baby numBer 2 in 2 Weeks and want this carseat/stroller combo so bad! I have a reAlly bad back (Scoliosis and unEven hips) so having a light but safe carseat would be such a help!! Plus its so cute which is saying sonething for a carseat lol!

  72. I am expecting a baby in January!! This would be the most wonderful christmas gift!!! Congratulations on your twins!

  73. I’m gonna be a first time mom; eXpecting a baby girl in may! i’ve heard great things about nuna products. I love all your Reccomendations!

  74. i absolutely love nuna!!! i am a part-time student & nanny with lots of babies! interchanging carseats is the most annoying thing but nuna makes it easy. i would love to have one of my own!!!!!

  75. This would be a dream to win!! I almost can’t believe it. I’m expecting my first in February and after a lot of looking and research, this is the one i want! unfortunately with my husband in grad school, this is probably the one i won’t be getting 😉 it would be an amazing surprise to win! what an awesome giveaway.

  76. I love Nunna! They are so PRACTICAL and so adorable! My hubby + I are trying for a baby + this would be a dream come true to win!

  77. I am expecting a little girl in May and the nuna products are my favorite. I have been eyeing their travel system since I found out i was pregnant! I love all of their products!!

    instagram: @ehpittman

  78. Thank you so much this amazing GIVEAWAY! I love NUna products! I really enjoy your blog and have appreciated how you bave shared your journey with the twins with your readers. Thank you.
    IG – @nronc

  79. As a first tIme mom i would love to have this set when my lIttle one arrives. I love nuna because they are modern and functional!

  80. I am due in May and have been drooling over the nuna mixx2 strollers and the car seat!!! I would love to win this combo ♥️ Thank you for the chance.

  81. THis would be amazing to win! We have a little boy on the way, due in may. And are first time parents! We would love to have a stroller and CARSEAT to heLp us prepare for baby’s arrival. We cant wait! And congrats to you on the twins, double the love!

  82. I would love this! We are expecting our first in 2018 and want the nuna pipa with the mixx2 stroller! This would be amazing! 😁

  83. This is such an aMazing give! I have heard so many great things about nuna! I would love this for my little one coming in May! I love your blog emily, you always do such an amazing job with all your post!

  84. Id Be extatic if i wont this nuna set!!! Im expecting my very first bundle of joy in May and after doing some research fell in love with nUna! Id be my dream come true! Fingers cRoSsed 🙌🏻

  85. I am loving all of the baby gear you’ve been posting. this NUNA stroller is adorable, I HAVE SERIOUSLY BEEN EYEING IT UP! i am expecting my first baby april 30, 2018, and it would be a dream come true to be able to use this for them!!!

  86. Love nuNa products and we have a beautiful 6 week old baby boy who would love this car seat and stroller for christmas!!

  87. I have a 1 month old and we live in florida where it is humid 24/7. We have tried 2 car seats and they both trap in the heat/humidity and she gets sweaty and upset. I was reading reviews on the nuna the other day and alot of people said they were very breathable! if we won, it wou be put to very good use!

    INstagram: @alyssa.durtschi

    Email: alyssajdurtschi@gmail.com

  88. I am finally preGnant with a Healthy baby girl due in aPril after having multiple miscarriages. I would love to win this giveaway!

    Ig: _jewleah

  89. Expecting our first in February and would love to bring our baby girl home in this-Nuna products are so dreamy! IG: @hillylangloi

  90. Would absolutely LOVE to get These! We’re expecting our first child (and building our forever hoMe) at The same timE and havent stArted splurging on our bundle to be yet! ❤️❤️

  91. Im due in FEBRUARY and Im not looking forward to getting my 8 year Old car Seat out to clean it. It would be so great to have a new one!

  92. Omg! I love this set!!! It looks so chic and so comfortable! I am currently 6 months pregnant on my third little bundle! This set would help so much around the holidays. This would help us out tremendously because we will be purchasing everything for this baby and money is toght being a stay at home mom and already having two kids! I love that you guys aRe doing this! Crossing my fingers!! =)

  93. I Would love this! Ive been researching getting a new stroller/carseat for my 5 month old and heard such amazing things about these!

  94. Love yOur blog and Nuna!! They have the best quality and i would love to win this because im always wanting the safest and best things for my baby girl.

  95. I couldnt see wHat we were supposed to write. All i see if comment on the blog post and tell us what.
    Instagram is ashleymfairbanKs

  96. Huge fan of NUna Products! Have the carseat and stRoller myself and i’ve Been lending the carseat to a mom in need. Woukd absolutely love to be able to give her her own, as she’s always saying how much she loves it!

  97. Pregnate with my first babY. I have been looking at nuna But didnt think it was in familys budget. This would be an amazing cchristmas bLessing! Happy holidays to you and your family!

  98. I would love to win this for my daUghter expecting her first baby. Want her to experience how great Nuna products are!

  99. Ive had my eye on Both of these nuna products since i found out i was pregnant 7 months ago! This would be perfect for my first baby girl who is expected to arrive in just a couple months! <3

  100. First time mommy here! Looking for the perfect car seat/stroller combo and have been eyeing this one! I would like one that is easy to maneuver and that looks sleek and simple. This one makes the cut!

  101. The products look amazing and I have heard fantastic things about this brand! my husband and I are trying for our first child after 2 years of marriage. We’d be thrilled to win such amazing items that could help our first years as parents be seamless, easy with a reliable brand!

  102. What a dream StrOller and carrier combo! My 3 week old woulD be riding around in style 🙂 merry christmas! Xoxo

  103. I would love to win this! We are expecting a baby in may and need a new travel system! Nuna is what i was looking to buy!

  104. I’ve been a fan of Nuna since I saw their ‘LEAF baby seat! I’m due in April and have been researching good car seats and strollers and This exact seat is at the top of the list! Praying I win, Good luck to everyone!

  105. I’m 24 weeks along with my first baby and have heard so many great things about Nuna! I would LOVE to be a nuna mom and travel in style with my little man 🙂

    1. Love reading youR blog and love this giveaway!
      I am expecting ouR first this jUne and this would be perfecT and save us a ton! 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

  106. Im a mommy of 2, pregnant with my third. We Totally need a car seat and a sTroller. Im due Feb. I NeVer win anything, im keeping my fiNgers cRossed this time.
    Ps. I love your instagram account EmIly. I have been following you for a while now.

  107. I would loVe to win this one! I gave my seCond carseat away thinking i was done with kids when my daughter Chose us as her parents, giving is 2 under 2! Anyways, i go back to work Soon and would love to win this for my husBands car since He will be dropping off the kids and i pick them up.

  108. Researched car seats for months and the Nuna lite is the one i want! After birth and 2 suRgeries a 5 lb seat sounds awesome! Also love your page 😚 thanks for your 12 days of giveaways

  109. Would love this for my little! Especially sinCe i have a toddler running around everywhere, i can keep up with Her! 💕 Blessings on your delivery with the twIns!

  110. Awww i woUld love to win tHis and tOtally suprise my sister who is miraculously pregnant! She eent through six months of chemo 3 years ago with stage 4 cancer. So the fsct that she got prEgnant is sucH a miracle of jesus!

  111. Love this and regustered for it for our uocoming First baby in Feb!! After flooding in hurricane harvey would be so awesome to win!!

  112. Thankbyou for doing these giv 💖 Im expecting Baby #5 In aPril First and we just move back from Romania so all our baby gear is thEre. This would be per for our litt fam 💋🙏🏻

  113. I love Nuna and have been looking at their gear in stores! The Quality is amazing. We are expecting our first child that is due next mOnth on January 12th!

  114. ahh i’ve had my eye on nuna but my husband doesnt think it’s in the budget. i’m due with my first miracle baby in April and would love to win this! 😭


  115. I’m expecting my first this march and have all the nuna products on my baby registry!! Can’t wait to use nuna with my baby girl. I would absolutely love to win this giveaway, it would definitely help! xo 🙂


  117. Would love to win this stroller and carseat! Ive heard so many good things about it, plus it is such a great set to travel. Thank you for doing this giveaway 😊

  118. I would love to win this!! I am due in March with my first, a baby girl! I have been researching so much on car seats and love this system!!

  119. Would love to win this stroller and carseat! Ive heard so many good things about it, plus it is such a great set to travel. Thank you for doing this giveaway 😊

  120. PregnanT and Due Jan. 9th! …. i have yet to get a carseat and stroller 😬 Nunas are so sleek. Would lOve to sport a nuna With my new babe!

  121. I love NUNA! We have their playard and both my kids love it and we use all the time. Their products are so nice, functional and stylish too … a bonus for us mommas! This stroller would be put to GOOD use in our house. Thanks!

  122. Our little family would Love this giveaway! We have a little one joining Us tHis coming summer but the dr warned us they will be coming early due to complications so it would be so Nice to know this is already taken care of! WE would appriciate it sooo much. Thank you for doing this giVeaway!!

  123. I’m expecting baby #1 and we just Found out it’s a girl!!! She still needs a stroller and infant carrier and we would be so grateful for this!
    IG: sarah.aNne.johnson

  124. Omg this travel sYstem Is beautiful!!! We are due with our first baby, a boy, very Very soon and this would be an holiday gift for us! We just moved to california and on our trip, our trailor with all out belongings caught on fire so we are still trying to build our new lives. This would help out tremendously. Bless You emily! ❤️

  125. WOuld be so happy to win thiS, we are expecting our second and have no babg Gear yet! Ive heard aMazing things about nuna, So this would be so great to win!

  126. i’m excited to be expecting our first baby and she is so loved! after a few years of infertility this little one is our miracle and we are so thrilled! thanks for having such a fun give away!

  127. I love Nuna!!!! I have been eyeing their products. We want to try for another baby and this will for sure be my ourchase when we have success! So classy!

  128. Yes!!!! This color is the best. i would love a lIGhtweight car seat with our 2nd babe. All of nunAs products are so stylish and ThIs car seat has remarKable safety features! Great giveway, Emily!

  129. Weeee! Great give away! My husband and I are in our third IVF cycle and are hoping to announce some wonderful news soon! THis would be a great way to do that 🙂 <3


  130. I absolutely Love Nuna!!! They are the most beautiful carseats and strollers! This would be perfect for my little man coming in January!

  131. Ahhh!! Seriously my dream stroller and car seat!!! Baby #3 here and we can really use one!! Right before we moved, we gave away all our baby items not thinking we would need them again so soon!! I always told myself if I had another one i would totally get a nuna!!!

  132. First of all I’d like to Say thank you for the giveawaY and congratulations on your twins! I would love to win thE car seat and stroller, Nuna has great products and I would use it for my 3 month old baby!

  133. Hey!!! I would love to win This carseat/stroller duo. I’m pregn with my first and so excited!!! Best of luck to all of those who entered. 😊

  134. Wow loVing this giveaway. I will be needing to buy a new stroller and car seat soon For our little one coming in may!

    Ig: lenakaminskiy

  135. I would absolutely die to win this giveaway! my husband and i are expecting our first in may (a little boy!). nuna is the most beautiful desgin i have ever seen. my husband is still in school at byu, and i am a first year teacher. that combination means that we could never afford a carseat and stroller as beautiful as nuna. that is why i love that you are doing this giveaway! <3

  136. Emily i love your blog and everything thing out your pages!!! I would love to win this amazing prize! Me and my husband are expecting and would love to treat this baby like a prince/Princess!!!

  137. Such a great (& stylish) brand – i would love to win this prize for my Infant son max! Can’t wait for you to have your twins soon. Good luck!!

  138. Ftm and love the nuna stYle would love to win for my little one due in feb. Havent gotten around to buying much as currently Off work due to having hg! This would be a blessing!! 😍

  139. Nuna is such a great brand! Love their products. We are due in April and this would be amazing. ❤ Thanks for the chance to win-excited to have found your page as well.

  140. I would love to win This! I love my pipa so much! I have been dying for the lite version – I had back surgery 2 years ago and my 5 month old iS already 19lbs! I could use a lighter version of our favorite, easy-to-use, sleek carseat! Insta: bairdzill

  141. I WOYULF love too win the SET 😍 i think it’s absolutely adorable and very elegant, those Grey tones are my favorite because we can actually pair up with any color so it’s Great for both Girls or Boys,
    Merry Christmas and good luck to all 😘

  142. I love this combo! I cant believe wHat a diffeRence a few pounds makes when carrying the lite car seat. And thAt was only trYing it in the store.

  143. This is so nice of you to do these give. I am EXPECTING my first Baby march 17th and this is my dream carseat!! It is the only thing on my wIshlist this year.

  144. With my first baby coming in just a few months it would be the best chriStmas giFt to recEive this nuNa stroller and car seat!

  145. I have A few nuna products and They have all been so good to me. People stop me all the time to ask me about My mixx stroller ans car seat. I never worry about my baby’s safety or comfort.

  146. LOVE NUNA PRODUCTS! Registered for the mixx stroller and pipa car seat and would love to win them! We are due february 14th valentines day with A baby girl! Our first baby and first grandkid on both sides. Thank you!!! Go nuna!

  147. Just had my second baby and would love to have these products! It’s always nice to get New stuff for your new bAby, but sometimes that ISN’T possible with number 2!

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    congrats on your twinners!

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    I sure could use a nice stroller for my son. The nuna carseat in the giveaway weights less than 6 lbs, which is sure light.

    1. Oops, didnt inClude My full name… Eunice Hwang 🙂 This is our fifth pregnancy after four previous losses and pregnancy has gone furthest and baby doing well 🙂 hope to be able to bring our baby boy home in early March using this.

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