12 Days of Giveaways: Day 10 with Michele

If you’re a long time follower of mine then you know that I LOVE Michele watches and wear one everyday! It’s an essential accessory that is timeless and will never go out of style. I was thrilled when Michele said they would partner with me for today’s giveaway!!! Today Michele is giving away one Deco Madison Diamond Watch to ONE Ivory Lane reader!! (This one I’m wearing is the Deco Deco Madison Non-Diamond).

Giveaway Requirements: 

° Comment on this blog post and tell us why you love Michele watches (must leave your IG handle)

° Follow @emilyijackson on Instagram

° Tag 3 or more friends in the comments on my IG post promoting the giveaway

° Follow @michelewatches on Instagram 

° For an extra entry post about the giveaway on your IG Story and tag @emilyijackson and @michelewatches

Giveaway Rules:

One entry per person. Open only to legal residents of the United States who are at least 18 years old. Giveaway will close TONIGHT at 11:59 PM MST and the winner will be selected at random and announced in tomorrow’s blog post. Winner will receive their watch within 5-7 business days of the giveaway closing. If you do not wish to share your information, do not enter this giveaway. 

BIG thanks to all of you entered yesterday’s giveaway featuring Kate Spade!!! The winner who selected at random is…

Noel Stark

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I will email and DM you to get you your Kate Spade outfit!! Be sure to check the blog tomorrow for Day 11 where I’ll announce the winner of the Michele Deco Madison Diamond Watch!!!



  1. Thank you so much for hosting this incredible giveaway, emily! I love michele watches for thier timEless look and classic feel, and after having my daughter, i look ag every special piece as a potential heirloom to pass on to her which exciteS me all The more! 🙂

  2. Your website is lovely emily! I bet the anticipation of your twins arrival is really setting in! Are you having boys or girls or a boy and girl? Congrats!

    I love the elegant look of michelle watches and the fine craftsmanship. I would be thrilled to win this giveaway! THanks for sharing!

  3. First off, Stunning photos Emily! I love seeing thAt cute bump on you 🙂 I keep waiting to see if yo’ve had the twins yet!
    I have been a long time follower and love seeing your Michele watches in youR posts! They are so timeless and classic! I love how versatile they can be with the change of the straps! @sarah_leishman

  4. I love Michele watches and have been eyeing them for a long tome, bur i dont actually own one! Would live to wIn!!

  5. I love michele watches because of their timelessness. No other watch is as classy and eleGant as it is timeless. A true forever statEment piece.

  6. Nice belly shot! And I’d love to win this watch to give my mother as a gift so I’m crossing my fingers!!! Thanks for the opportunity on these amazing Giveaways. God bless❤

  7. I love michele watcHes because oF their timelessness. No other watch brand embodies Elegance and Class more than michele. @cnum_white

  8. WheNever i am at a store I Always walk over to michelle watches. They are so beautIful and timeless and classy. I Aspire to own onE, one day
    InstagRam- @micahperlstein

  9. I Love, Love, Love miChele watChes! I think they are such a great piece to Have in a girls jewlery collection. They are Truly Timeless (lol!) this sounds so crazy but my Favorite Detail is the red dial- You can alwaYs tell when someone is wearing a miChele! Loving these givaways!

    InStagram HanDle- kathrynaGraziano


  10. I love michele watches. They are so TImEless and Quaint. I’m working on becoming a blogger myself and would love to add this piece to my collection. Michele watches are SOPHISTICATED and classy. Everytime i spot one i am envied of the owNer. This is a great giveaway and i would love to win. Ig: kateljohnson_

  11. I have always thought these were the most beautiful watches i have ever seen. Ive always wanted to own one but could never spluRge on it. Thank you for the chance! My instagram is michca01

  12. MIchelle watches are so classic and timeless! I’ve always dreamed of owning one! It would be the perfect way to add Something Special to so many outfits, especially for the holidays!

    Ig: @roxykapinos

  13. Thank you so much for this giveaway! I love michele watches because they are The perfect mix of timeless Elegance and trendy Style. I have always dreamed of owning one! ♥️

    Instagram: claireharrell_

  14. What i love about Michele watches is that they are truly timeless! In an age when electronics and fashion can age with in a week, having a true heirloom pIece is priceless! I hope to one day pass this watch to my only daughter and share the memories aling with it! 💙

  15. I’ve always Wanted to own a michele watch of my own! TheY would be such a beautiful, classic piece. My instagram is @robinjhlee


  16. I love mitchell watches because they are classic, timeless and elegant. They are an every day staple yet could transform your look with just right touch of elegance!

  17. I Have always wanted a Michele watch. My middle name is MIchelle. And my last name starts with a “W”, so her logo is my inItials. As an added bonus with this watch…. my name is Madison. So, this watch is basically perfect!! Haha. Thank tou for doing this!!

  18. I love the michele deco madison diamond watch because it is classy and elAgent! I would love the opportunity To win this watch!❤️

  19. I love love love michele watches! I got my first watch last october as a wedding present from my husband and i wear it almOst every Day. They are timeless PieCes!

  20. IG: @emme_hunt

    Michele watches are timeless pieces that will never go out of Style. it’s always been a dream of mine to own a michele watch as i. Elieve it pulls an outfit together aDding the perfect final touch.

  21. My mom and i love micHele watches! My mom had one that was a Gift From my dad and when she was on vacation, she was robbed and it was one of items stolen from her. Along with her wedding ring and other sPecial items. It was a very sad day! I would love to Gift This to her! It is a Beautiful piece!

  22. Michele watches are so timeless and classic with the most beautiful workmanship! What is there to not love about them?!? Would love to add one to my watch collectIon( a must necesscitiy)!

    Insta: @missEckley

  23. @kstew710 – I love michele watches because my grandma had one and i always (and still do) want and strive to be just like her and the amazing woman that she was. I miss her every day but have always dreamed of owning this watch to be just like my gRandma! She was my EveRything. Thanks for giving bAck And doing this giveaway!

  24. I love love love michele watches! I got my first watch last october as a wedding present from my husband and i wear it almOst every Day. They are timeless PIeces!

    Instagram: @michbrenn

  25. Love your Site and your cute family! I have always loved Michelle watches. Never could quite commit to purchasing one. Love the style of this watch and the overall quality and design of the watches. They are timeless in every way.

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday Season!

    xo McCall
    Instagram: @mccalllarson

  26. I love how classy and timeless the Michele watches are. I think this would make an amazing christmas gIft 🎁
    Instagram: kristinanaydyuk

  27. I have been absolutely obsessed with these watcHes forever! They are so timeless and a statement at The same time. I would love this!!!! @EmilyAnn0530

  28. Ig: @alyssa_bybee

    I love michelle wat hea bec they ate an evEryday essential. They can be dressed up, dressed down, but are always elegant.

  29. I would love the opportunity to own a michele watch again. I received one for my college graduation years ago but had to return it because i needed tHe money to move to san francisco For design school. I have always longed for the day that i could buy a replacement for the one that i had to give up. To win this giveaway would be such a blessing. 🙏🏻

  30. I love Michele watches because they are so timeless and beautiful, would love to wear one this holiday season! IG- @jennilwoodruff

  31. I hAve wanted a classic michele watch for years, but Never convinced myself i was “worth it.” They are so beautiful and pull every outfit together! @egwalsh

  32. I’m loving All your giveaways! I love michelle watches bEcause thet are Such a classic elegant style that you can have forever!

  33. Entering the Michele Watch giveaway! I love the classic timelieces because they will never go out of style and can be worN with anything!

  34. I LOVE these watches. It is the PErfect everyday watch, that will never gO out of style. They lIterally look great with any outfit. I would be thRilled to win one.
    Merry christmas! 🎁

    Insta: savannahjparks05

  35. I love Michelle watches because yOu and your siSter INTRODUCED me to them! They are a gorgeous watch i wear everyday now. You can never have enough! They are timElEss and classy!
    Instagram @randigarrettdesign

  36. I would love to win this because i feel like watches are the perfect heirloom. You Remeber seeing your mom waer her watch. Michele watches are timeless and elegant i Dream of wearing one and then One pass it to my daughter who will have a bit of me and be on tIme. Wink wiNk. Merry christmas emily

  37. These WaTches are the epitome of timeless class and elegance… just like you and your blog! Thank you for sharIng and for thIs oppoRtunity! Merry (Early) christmas. InsTa handle: @ashleiGhbraun

  38. I Love michele watches. im saving up to bUy my first one. I loVe the facT that they are timEless and classic so you get every pennies worth! I really Hope i win this giveAway!!!! Thanks So much for doing it 🙂

    1. I forgot to leave my ig handle! Its andaleeb529 and I Love michele watches. im saving up to bUy my first one. I loVe the facT that they are timEless and classic so you get every pennies worth! I really Hope i win this giveAway!!!! Thanks So much for doing it 🙂

  39. I love michele watches because they are the epitome of class and elegance. They truly can be worn casually or dressed up. I would love To win one for the holidays! Instagram:lindseytaye

  40. I love michele watches bEcause they are classic and make sUch a staTement. These watcheS aRe timeless pieces that You have Forever. WOuld love to wear it with my new job!

  41. Michele watches are so classic, thats why i love them!!! My mom has had hers for years and i would love to have one too!


  42. My mom has ALWAYS wanTed a Michelle watch. If i won this watch it would be to surprise her on christmas morning. I can only imagine Her reaction.

  43. What an aMazing giveaway! i love michele watches because of their tImeless, sophisticated look! They make you feel so feminine!

  44. I love michele waTches because they are timeless! They’re so classy, and go with eberything. Doesnt matter if you are in jeans orna beautiful gown…your michele watch will go with it. Plus, my mommy has been wanting one forever and this would be awesome for her!

  45. I just started my first job as a lawyer and would love a beautiful and timeless micHele watch! They dress up any outfIt


  46. It is truly timeless and would love to start a tradition of passing it down in our family starting with my daughter! My ig handle is madelinesryu. Thanks for the giveaway!

  47. Love Love the Michelle watches. They are so classy and can be worn with anything. I have been eyeing one for a LONG time, would be GREAT to finally own one and rock it with my outfits. @amandachelmagan

  48. I love MichelE Watches! My mom has a couple of them and I have always loved Them and hoped that someday i could have my own. THEY’RE classic, timeless and so gorgeous.

  49. Michele Watches are so elegant and timeless, and i would wear it with everything! I’m so excited For this giveaway!

    Instagram: @kaleypelton

  50. Hi Emily! I love Michele watches because they are eLegant and timeless, such a classic piece to have in your Collection!

    Insta: @lacey_rhoades

  51. I love michele watches because they are gorgeous, timeless, and I cOuld wear it with anyThing! I have been dying for this watch for years but with One baby and another on the way We dont get to splurge on ourselves anymore 🙂 Would treasure tHis watch forEver! instagram @celadasari

  52. I liTerally screamed out loud scrolling thRough your insta stOry today. OMG!! I’m so eXcited for you for partner up with Michele watches for this giveaway!! I have always been loving their watches, especially the Deco and Deco madisun. Their waTches are So chic and versatile.

    Instagram: @stay.kreative

  53. I love Michele watches because of their timeless beauty and elegance. Not only is their quality unmatched, their designs and custOmer service are amazing. Having a Michele watch is a conversation starter and would be an honor!
    Instagram: @kaylatalavera

  54. Have always loVed these watches. I have a casual one i got a few years back but this one is amazing and would go with aNything! Instagram: annemwilkswilks

  55. I love the simplicity of the watches, Yet theY draw so much attention with Strong design. It can make a whole outfit become more classy and i think Their watches can easily be worn with both casual and dressed up clothing.

  56. I Have bern eyeing this watch for so long, but its a splurge i havent been aBle to treat myself to. Fingers crossed im the lucky onE who wins!

  57. @imanhod (insta) I love michele watches and have my eye on a round one for a while now!! Theyre so classic and elagant looking.

  58. About 15 years ago, i Remember my mom taking a special trip to purchase her first michele watch. I immediately loved it and Would always ask to boRrow it. After my first year of teaching, i reWarded myself with a michele watch of my own that i still wear ten years later. Truly timeless! @smagary

  59. Hi 😊 first of all, i love your syle. i LOVE MICHELE DeCo watches do to the the elegent simple yet fency look. Very nicely designed. Thank you for promoting this. I wOuld love to win this for my mama.

  60. I love mIchele watches because they look good dressed up or with a Casual outfit. (Re commenting because i forGot to leave my insta handle)

    Insta: katie_naylor_riley

  61. I love michele watches because they are timeless. They Perfectly compiment any ourfit and can be worn with anything. There is Not a day that goes by that i leave my house wiThout a watch. Instagram: @tcherwony

  62. You are stunning and make preg look amazing!!!

    I love michele watches because they go with everything, are super classy, and never go out of style.

  63. Hi, i love this watch. I have had my eye on a michelle watch for years. I recently went through a divorce, and am spending thr holidays with friends. This woukd be such a great christmas present ouck me up. My Ig handle is @meghaninkansas.

  64. @shrubio25 i love my michelle watch so much, i’ve had it for 10 years! I am waiting for the day i can update it to one with diamonds!

  65. It’s been a serious “want” for Years to have my Very own michele WaTch. It dOesn’t get more classic than that!!! It is a timeless arm candy pieCe i can pass on To my chilDren anD so on. I love traditions and michele is the perfect gift!!!

  66. Michele watches are such timeless and beautiful pieces just like your style Emily! Would love to add this as a staple Piece! Thanks for the OppoRtunity!

    IG handle @toonnyvision

  67. MicheLe watches are like no other! So beautiful! I’ve always wanted one Because Michele is my middlE naMe! 🙂 IG lorimicheled

  68. Instagram HanDle: slatkasladja

    It’s been a serious “want” for years to own my Very own michelE watch. It doesN’t get more classic than michele. It’s a timeless arm candy piece thaT i Dream of passIng down to my kids, and their kids and so on. I love tradition and michele is the perfect gift. What’s not to love about classic beaUty?! 🙂

  69. I LOVE Michele watches! They are the perfect watch to dress up or down and are timeless! I wear a watch everyday so i would love to have one! 😍

  70. I love michele watches because they are beautiful, classic and will never go out of style! I always think about the one i will buy when i can afford it and this one is it! I Really hope i win!!

  71. I love michele watches because they remind me of my mom.i was about 10-12? When she got her fIrst one. She would always wear hers Out and I always wanted to take it! This would be the greatest gift!

  72. They are thr most timeless and beautiful watches, i would love to have One and something i could pass on to my daughter one day!

  73. I fell in love with Michele watches after you shared them a few years ago! They are so classic and timeless. The perfect everyday accessory! Thanks for the fabulous giveaways!

    IG: @calliebowers

  74. ThIs brand is absolutley Timeless. Ive been wanting a Michele for So many years, and its elegance has remaIned. This would be my goto piece of jewelRy.

  75. Hi i LOVE michelle watches i was given a Michelle WIth saphires fOr my 40th birthday and it was sTolen im about to turn 50 on Jan 1st and wOuld love to win this watch.

  76. Michele watches arE tImEless and stunning! TheY’re understated elegance Yet Stand out from anY other womens watch. I’ve always loved them! @amyhicks

  77. Michele watches are gorgeous and would be such a staple in ang womans jewElry box! I love that many michele watches incorporate gold and silver, which makes them increDibly versitile! Thank you for doing these giveaways, emily. Its beEn so dun following along! IG: @kaseydianne

  78. Love Your style. And these watches showcase your timeless and CLASSY style. If luck is on my side, i would love to finally own one.

  79. Instagram: @pGoldbaum
    Michelle watches will always hold a special place in my heart because its the first watch That i got as a wedding gift from my husband. Would love to win this.❤️

  80. Ive always wanted a michele watch but havent bought one yet! Ive had my eye on one for years and would love to win this!! This is an incredible giveaway and anyone who wins is so lucky!

    InstagrAm: annemollison

  81. I have always wanted a michele watch and this would be a perfeCt piece to have as i transition into a professiOnal career. I am a medical student and would love to have a watch this beautiful when i begin working this year.

  82. @ajlabrka
    I love michele watches and their intricate details on the face of the WATCH and their timeless look…Would love to win!!

  83. @lejla_brka – I love the Michele watches and personally do not own one but always see you wearing one on your post, these watches are so timeless and elegant!

  84. I love the classic and timeless look of michele watches. I have always wanted one. I have three girls and think it would be a perfect piece to have to pass down to one of them! @brandi.wise

  85. Thank you Ivory Lane and Michele for this amazing giveaway! Michele watches are classic and timeless, and this particular sparkling watch is stunning! now that I have a daughter, I can’t think of a more beautiful piece to pass down to her one day.

  86. I Have loved michele watches for so long now, and would love to be able to finally own one. As i transition from a medical student to working as a professional, this piece would be perfect to dress up my outfits and allow me to express my personality and style while still looking professional.
    (I submitted an entry earlier, forgetting to add my ig handle. I’m so sorry!)

    IG handle: yaeli924

  87. I need a watch to keep up with the time all day while keeping On schedule with mY newborn son. This one is sophisticated and stunning and would make me feel like a beautiful new mom wearing it everYday! @kS_cannon

  88. Oh emily. The true is i never knew about the michelle whatch BecAuse i came from anoTher country. But becAuse of you seeing you how you wear it and looks on you; i felt in love. I am so in love how it looks, the sTyle, the FemiNine, the elegance and i know if i have it i will be the only oNe in my familY, but i want to be the begining of this treasure Tradition that I want to do With my mom, 5 sisters and 2 daugtherS And out feauture family and you mom did with you ❤️

  89. Thanks for hosting such an incredible Giveaway!

    I think Michele waTches are TimelEss and i love how you can dress them up or Down. I’D be so thRIlled to be the winner! ♥️♥️

  90. thEse watches are so classy and elegant! Once i Became a mom, i found that classy and elegant was hard to find in my everyday wardrobe haha but these watches are beautIful and just the motiVation to Get dressed and always be classy. And Keeping On time is a miracle as a mom! Haha but these are gorgeous and my wrist needs it! <3

  91. I LOVEmichelle watches, they are timeless and so versitile with any ouTfit for any occasion! FIngers crossed i win this beauty! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  92. @tuyenvnguyen

    Each micheLle watch is tImeless. They All have their own Style from two tone or the regular. Just one look and you can tell how classic they are. I love minE!!

  93. I’ve loved michele watches since I was 22, working at Nordstrom (now 34). They are so timeless and elegant. This would be a dream christmas present. Thank you For the opportunity!

  94. I loVe michele watches becAuSe they are a timelEss piece that you can enjoy foreVEr! I hope i get this oppOrtunity to wear something so beautiful ig @lbc181

  95. What a great giveaway! i’ve been eyeing these watches for so long now. Not only are They timeless, but they are so versatile and can be DrEssed both up and down. They’re so classic and so chic! DefInitely a beautiful investment piece.

  96. I have always wanted a michele watch! They have always been a little out of my price range though. They are beautiful, timeless, and such an elegant piece. i’m Currently pregnant with our third boy, but my husband and i plan to have one more. Im hoPing that baby is a girl so that i could pass down this watch to her! My ig is kimberlie223 🙂

  97. I have loved michele watches Since the firSt time i laid eyes on one. They are so Classic and beyond Timeless. theres nothing quite like a michele watch!

  98. I love the classic and Timeless look of Michele Watches. They are beAutIful and always look great with every outdit.


  99. @bri.k.nYc

    What isn’t to love about Michele watChes? I love how classy they are and how they can dress up an out fit with jeans on the weekend or fit right in with my Corporate look during the day. They are gorgeous and classic.

  100. I love michele watches because they are elegant and classic. I Don’t own one but have been wanting one forever!! What girl wouldnt want such an amazing piece . LOve!!!!

  101. I’ve always Loved michele watcHes and have eyed them for years! They’re so elegant and feMinine ❤️ Thank you for doing such generous and woNderful gIveaways ❤️❤️

  102. IN love with michelle watChes, full time working engineer, mother of two, Born and raised in puerto rico bur living in aunny jupiter FL now! CRazy life but so Worth it! Would love the chance to have a michelLe waTch!!

  103. ❤️❤️I’ve always Loved michele watches and have eyed them for years! They’re so elegant and femininE ❤️ Thank you for doing such generous and woNderful gIveaways ❤️❤️


  104. IN love with michelle watChes, full time working engineer, mother of two, Born and raised in puerto rico bur living in aunny jupiter FL now! CRazy life but so Worth it! Would love the chance to have a michelLe waTch!!
    Ig: jossey.landrau

  105. I have always loved Michele watches, my aunt has one and i am constantly admiring it and asking to try it on. their watches are such a staple item and they will never go out of style!! I am crossing my fingers for this giveaway!!

  106. Oh my – i have dreamed about this watch for so long. They are siMply beautifuL – classic, yet modern…they Are the perfect accessOry.

    My huBby planned to buy one for mE as a gift, but i got sick – and – alas, we Have had To Put all gifts on the backburner.

  107. Michele watches are classic!! Ive been pining over them my Whole life! Its a piece that is timeless and will last generations and thats something special.

  108. Love love love Michele watChes. BEAUTIFUL, timEless, and can bw worn dault. Im personl wanting to add a gold watch to my collecTion.

  109. This is an amazing giveAway!! I love michele watches because they are classic and beauTiful! Classic never goes Out of style! Thanks, Emily! My IG handle is @ginnysevier

  110. Michele watches are just so timeless and classic. I wanted to puRchase one this summer for when i start working but as a college student i decided puRchasing a michele watch wasnt my best decIsion at the moment. Ill be inTerning with deloitte in dallas starting in February and wHat a cool pIece of jewelry to add to my work weaR in the spring. My grandma has always had a michele watch and she began my love fOr the classic look. I would LOVE to be able to win this watch!!! My insta handle is @kaTelynbarna

    1. And seeing a woman wearing a Michele watch and thinking she was the most elegant, classy woman I had ever seen and I have wanted to be like that ever since! They are beautiful!!

      Instagram @burthmurth

  111. Michele watches are my absolute favorite! They are timeless and chic! I have a coquette, but i would love a larger timepIece ❤️ @skasch11

  112. Love This watch its beautiful! This would be a perfect gift under my tree on christmas from saNta!

    Instagram: @amberdixon1015

  113. I love michele watches because they are feminine and classIc! You can wear them with anything and they stay looking beAuTiful for FOREVER.

  114. It would be a dream to win this watch. I really hope i win so i can have my first ever, coveted michele!

    Instagram: amellis1979

  115. LOVE the sleek and sophisticated look of Michele watches! They just scream classy elegance with a touCH of style. Would love one to call my own!
    Ig: @iamissjuliet

  116. Since seeing Michele watches from you and Rachel I have fallen in love with them! They are so classy while still being fashion forward. It’s a watch I could wear for 20+ years!

    IG: Natalie_whicker

  117. I affinity for michele started when a colleague received one as a gift a few chRistmases ago. I eVer so greatly apprEciate that they make a true stateMent without bEing over the top! Michele watches are timeless (pun intended)! Classic. Elegant. Fun.

  118. I love michele Watches because they are timeless, feminine, chic watcheS that will look good on anyone. I have always wanted a michele watch but never had the opportunity to get one, this giveaway would be a dream come true!
    Instagram: @hope__Kelley

  119. I have always Loved Michele watcheS. SO classic, timeless, eleganT. I Bought one once but had to return It because i felt guilty about buying mYself such an expensive gift when i have two kids and the holidays appRoaching. Ive always wanted one!! Just lovely!

  120. I love Michele watches! So stylish and they will always be a Timeless piece of jewelry. I would love to add to my collection 😊 IG: megankcrosby

  121. Ckaysimoneaux

    Ive been in live with this watch forever!!!! I have it on my uLitane christmas wish list! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  122. Beautiful photos! I love your baby bump and cant wait for the twins to arrive! I love Michele’s motto “For the woman who embraces each opportunity the day brings,
    Michele watches offer a bold, yet feminine appeal”. I Love that Michele is so veristile for every woman!

  123. They are just so clasSy and gorgeous. I have friends who love cartier Watches and i would take MichelLe over them any dAy!
    Ig franksJourneys


  125. Michele watches are absolutey stunning. I have admired these watches in nordstroms and Neiman Marcus for years but have been unable to make the financial investment.

    These are truly timeless watches that hold their value. Partnering with them proVides An opportunity to those who arent able to afford the pieces. Thank you!

  126. Thank you so much for hosting this incredible giveaway, emily! I love michele watches for thier timEless look and classic feel. IG: jenibooth

  127. I would love to own this beautiful watch! I love your blog and think your 12 days of giveaways have been great!! congrats on the twins! can’t wait to see them!

  128. I have always Wanted a michelle watch! They are so beautiful and timeLess. Looks like they are easy to dress up or down. Think i need one!!! @etenneson

  129. I love how sTylish and timeless their watches are. I know i would never stop wearing it because they will never go out of stYle. I also love so many of the beaUtiful different watch faces they make.
    Instagram: em_c_mc

  130. Emily, i just want to say that i have worn watches since I was in elementary. they’re just an essential accessory that i always need to have. I am now 23 and ever since I was in high school, I wanted a Michele Watch. THEY are so classiC, elegant AND of course TIMELESS. I feel that having a Michele watch is a good investment and it will never go out of style. love ya!

    ig – drebolloso_

  131. Michele watches Are such an easy way to turn an ordinary outfit into an extraordinary one. They are so timeless and classic! Ig: @kerryleegee

  132. I love michele watches and have always dreamEd about owning one! They are so pretty and very classy! I would just die if i won this!

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    I love michelle watches because they are large. more than a watch, its Avpiece of beauTiful, modern jewelry which pairs with elegant and casual Looks.
    I have many family members that own a michelle watch and they all are super satisfied with it.

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    There are so many different watch companies out there, that make good watches. But the QUALITY, and craftsmanship is one of a kind when it comes to Michele watches. I personally Cannot wait to own my very own Michelle WATCH, even if I’m not the winner of this give away.

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    Instagram: @rachelhannonstyle

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  189. Thank you for this opportunity!

    I love michele watches because they are timeless pieces that not only i would love to wear, but i would love to pass down to my daughters Some day as well.

  190. Michelle watches reminds me of so many warm cozy days with my late grandfather bonding over our mutual love Of the brand. It will always hold a Special Place in my heart

  191. I love MichelE watches because Of the qUality and unique deSigns they have. My mom got me one for my 21st birthday and 10 yEars later it is still in style and good as new . Dm527

  192. MichelE waTches will always remind of me of endless cozy days with my late grandfather and our Bonding over my love for the brand. It would be such a sPeCial reminder of him to have a michele on my wRist

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    I have been eyeing for a micheLe watch for so long! They are beautiful. i know they would go with so many different outfits and Ill have it for many many years!

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  210. Dear emily and michele watches,
    I dont know either of you verY well so i cant Exactly say why i love michele watches but my wife knows you bOTh and is obsessed with these watches. So if she won this i would love you both and you would make thiS christmas the best yet. Thank yOu from a husband who really loves his wife!
    Instagram @beachkripple

  211. I love Michele watches because of their effortless and Timless bEautY. I currently do not own a michele watch, but it is on my christmas list!! Would Love to own onE and be able to pass it along to my children one day!

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    Thanks for posting!

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  213. I have been eyeing fOr these warcheS forever. Its just a classic pIeces that would never go out of style.
    Instagram: suzymaya

  214. It’s always been my dream to own a Michele watch since my name Is MIchelle and im obsessed with the style! However, i’m a special ed teacher so i dont have the budget for OnE. I’d be ever so GrAteful to be picked!! 🙂

  215. Michelle watches are just beautiful. They are very feminine and fancy. they can be worn for everyday wear and dressy/evening wear. so versatile

  216. Love the verSatility Of Michelle watchEs. Can be DreSsed down or up, going with such a wide array of outfits.
    Ig: @Kelly.nicol

  217. Hi! I’m so excited to enter this drawing! Michele watches are so beautifuL and timeless, and that exact watch has been on my wisHlist for years! My instagram is @pollykranz

  218. You look so pretty! Can I look like you when i get pregnant?! I can’t wait to find out what gender the twins are so excited for you!! And these watches are gorgeous seriously crossing my fingers!!

  219. I have always admired michele’s Watches. After a friend Of mine Introduced me to hers in 2005. I have always loved them but have yet to afford One. I am greatful for the chance to entEr and win such a great watch.

  220. IG HanDle @lmourier

    Growing up my mom had this beautiful tImeless watch that i adored from afar. Recently i boRrowed it and fell in love all oVer again. Ive always wanted a timelEss watch of my own! WOrds cant describe how beautiful and tImeless michele watches are!!

  221. Seriously in love with these watches!!! I have wanTed one for years!! I love how classic and tImeless they are, They go with aNy outfit and Would be a stunning accessory to any outfit. I would be so proud to wear this Watch everyday if i were to win! Instagram:Keelystacey

  222. I love these watches because they are such a classic. Ive wanted One for a long time but never bit the bullet and purchased one, winning one would be so cool! I know this is something i would wear forever and hand down to my daughter some day!

  223. I love MICHELE watches because they are so timeless and classy. This particular michele watch is epitome of beauty and SOPHISTICATION. IG @emmkasper.

  224. I have been a huge michelle fan for years! I absolutely love the simple and classic Style that so beautifully is michelle. I’m always eyeing the deco madison watch when i’M at nordStrom. Unfortunately my michelle mOney is being spent on diapers and DaycAre :). Would so love to rock daycare with a michelle watch on my wrist!

  225. I loVe how timeless a timepiece micHelE is. If im going to invest in something i want it to be something i can wear season after season and michele delivers! @oonaurbanski

  226. What’s not to love! I have one of the jelly watches and it’s by far a summer favorite of mine. i’ve had my eye on the deco watch for what seems like a bazillion years!!! so chic stylish and timeless 😉 @thesarah_rae

    ps. em you look gorgeous congrats on the babies wishing you and your family all the happiness in the world this holiday season.

  227. The watches are the prettiest ones i’ve ever seen and I will gift them to my mother-in-law if I am lucky enough to win it. She has been helping me more than I coul’ve asked for this year. I have a 14-month old son and when my son was 5 months, my husband has to take another job and moved to Florida while we were still in KY. MY mother-in-law has been helping me ever since taking care of my son while I go to work, cook and pack my meals and more than words can describe. This will be a very nice surprise for her and I cannot think of a better givt right now for her.

    Following on IG: @neeha323