Twin Life

Sponsored by The Honest Company.  

Since the twins were born I’ve been asked A LOT about my favorite baby products, and today I’m excited to partner with one of my very favorite brands, The Honest Company!! Honest carries a variety of types of products for baby, home and even me! 

I was first introduced to Honest about two years ago and I instantly fell in love with their products because not only were they great products that actually work, but they are made with plant-derived ingredientsl, are hypoallergenic and safe to have in my home. With kids always on the go and now two newborns who will be crawling before I know it (ok, hopefully not!!!), I need to stock my home with products that are safe for the whole family that I won’t need to worry about.

Honest sent the twins the sweetest package full of cute prints of diapers and wipes right before Christmas and we are still going strong!!! They are SUPER soft and ultra absorbent plus they’re so cute. My sister Rachel and I always stay stocked up on Honest diapers and wipes for our babies and when she used to live across the street we were always running from one house to another, stealing diapers or wipes whenever the other was low. 

Have you guys tried Honest?! If so what are your favorite products? I’d love to hear in the comments below! 







  1. We use all their cleaning products but my faovrite is the bathroom cleaner! And since i am pregnant with baby #2, i am loving their belly balm. My Daughter has terrible dry skin and the healing balm is the only thing that works. She wouldnt go to sleep tonight until i had Put some on her cheeks.

  2. Adorable babies! Unfortunately, i’ve found honest diapers to be an honest mess, which is a shame because the prints are super cute. 🙁

  3. I love the Honest line of products! The lavender bubble bath is my favorite. Great photos of the twins…they are so sweet!

  4. Great post! Those beautiful twins are growing up fast – it’s good to know there’s amazing products like the honest company’s out there.

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