Sunday Strolling

My outfit details: Nuna DEMI Grow Stroller, Pink coat (similar style here, here and here), J.Crew sweater (similar style here and here), Citizens of Humanity jeans (similar style here), Sorel boots, Topshop beanie (also here), Dior sunglasses (also here and here), Kim K.W. Lipstick with Pillowtalk liner both by Charlotte Tilbury 

I am SO excited because Nuna finally launched their first ever stroller that can convert from a single to a double, the DEMI Grow Stroller exclusively with Pottery Barn Kids!! There are so many strollers out there, especially double strollers or strollers that can convert, but Nuna has always been one of my favorite baby brands to say I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time is an understatement!! They reached out to me last year when I was pregnant with London and Graden and I was thrilled when I heard the news of the DEMI Grow Stroller!

I love that it pairs perfectly with the PIPA Lite carseats that we already have for the twins (you can learn more about those in this post) and pairs with the PIPA and PIPA lite lx car seats too! The DEMI Grow Stroller comes in 3 different colors (Caviar, Frost, and Aspen) and has 23 different modes allowing you and your babies to have a comfortable, enjoyable ride. It also has an all-weather seat, large storage basket, and Custom dual suspension™ that simply flips up for rough terrain and flips down for smooth surfaces. The stroller comes with the stroller frame, main seat, and two sets of adapters for $799.95 and to purchase a second toddler seat or the bassinet, items are $179.95 each. We haven’t been out in the strollers much because of the cold weather and because the babies are only one month old (!!!!) but I know I’ll be using this stroller A LOT in the future for walks to the park and trips with the family! 

Now for the fun part!!! If you’re a Nuna fan and mama, enter for a chance to win your very own DEMI Grow Stroller! More details below! 

Giveaway Requirements: 

° Comment on this blog post and tell us why you’re excited about the DEMI Grow Stroller (Must also leave IG handle) 

° Follow me (@emilyijackson), @nuna_usa and @potterybarnkids on Instagram  

° Tag 3 or more friends in the comments on my IG post promoting the giveaway (one friend per comment, multiple comments do not count as multiple entries)

Giveaway begins January 23, 2018 and ends this Friday, January 26, 2018 at 11:59PM MST, winner will be announced Saturday, January 27, 2018 on my Instagram. This giveaway is not sponsored or endorsed by Instagram. Must be 18 years or older to enter. Open to entrants within the U.S. only.

Sponsored by Nuna.




  1. I lobe that the stroller is light weight and cn grow with your fAmily, makes it perfect for traveling! @emWattenbarger

  2. I ABSOLUTELY love that they made a single to double stroller! It makes t so easy when i don’T need to have two diff strollers depending on whIch kids are with me at the time. Ig:wisurid

  3. I’m excited for the launch of this new stroller because I’m expecting a little boy in june! This will be my first baby and the stroller will be perfect! Especially since it allows you the option to use it if we end up having another child in the near future!

  4. I am so excited nuna is releasing a double! We loved nuna when looking for our son, but really wanted a double, so went a different route. This is absolutely stunning!!!!

  5. The Demi Grow strolled would be so amazing to have! I have a 14 month old and expecting my second in august. Ill need a douBle stroller for the tWo and excited for thE toddler seAt!

  6. I will find out this week if i had a successful first round of IVF and would be oVerthrilled to start out my pregnancy with The demi grow Stroller! We like to adventure out a lot and explore so this stroller would Be perfect , especially where it adjusts for different terrains.


  7. Thanks so much for the giveAway! This is a gorGeous stroller and woUld love it for our neW baby we are hoping for this year!

  8. Love the option of the double stroller. We recEntly had another baby girl and my Older daughter would love To ride along with her. Would give my husband a break from carrying her:)

    Ig: luluxoxo3

  9. I am such a fan of my nuna pipa carseat. My baby girl has loved this carseat from day one and i plan on using it with my next child so This givEaway would be amazing!!

  10. I love that this double stroller is so compact and comes in amazing color options! I’m due with my second in July 🙂


  11. How exciting! Im currently pregnant wiTh my firSt (After 5 years of trying we finally got a +!) and fell in love with the nuna stroller! But – we know that we’Re going to have to try for aNother sOoner than later because i’m already in my mid 30’s! My mom friends have all tried to talk me out of the nuna because it doesnt convert to a double! But now it will! My ig is @brookelyn711

  12. Im so Excited for this storller because it looks beautiful and so functional! I love that it can grow With Us as we have more babies!!! So sleek and beautiful

  13. I am such a fan of the NUna products. My Baby girl has the nUna pipa carseat and We love it. I plan On using it with my Future babies. This stroller would be a dream cOme True! Ive been hoping nuna would release a duO stroller!! Yay!!

  14. I am excited for the demi because i need a doUble with a ton of storage and ease of transport! I love the seat flip and the fabric. Perfect stroller. So excited it’s here!

  15. Ig handle: sabrynaCoover

    I LOVE How Sleek and modern the nuna stroller is! The quality is unmatched by other strOller brands, and you can be confident your little oNe is safe. I Also cant get over how amazing it is that it can convert into a double stRoller! DoEsnt get better than That. I am 34 Weeks Pregnant with my first and would absolutely die over one of these if i got picked!!

  16. I am EXCITED about this strOller because Nuna products are incredible, and I’d love a stroller for my toddler and next baby!
    Insta handle: baibaidavis

  17. So excited to see this! We just had our first child in December and so far love our nuna pipa carseat and mixx stroller. We were hoping for Nuna to come out with a double stroller to get eventually as we grow our family…Would love to win this! 💗 -@piCs_by_krisTi

  18. Love the nuna double! I would die if i won! With my daughter Going on 15 months and another coming SooN, it would be the Perfect stroller! Fingers crossed! ❤️🤞🏼

  19. I’m not Expecting, but my friend is! Would mean the world to be able to give this stroller to her and her husband for their new additions!! 🙂

  20. This is the coolest thing ever!!! I would let my sister use It for now Until i have two kids but seriously, ive never seen anything like it!

    Ig: natalie_whicker

  21. I am excited about the new nuna stroller because i wIll have two little boYs in July and would LOVE such a versatile and gorgeous stroller!
    Instagram- natkjo

  22. @soleniceburress

    I LOVE Nuna products. We have the Pipa and the Nuna Sena. I have been patiently waiting for the release of a double stroller because we are going to have our little ones so close in age. They did not dissapoint!

  23. I’m so excited that this stroller Came out just in time as i begin to grow my family. I’m Due with my first baby end of september and we know that we’d like at least two close in age so the option to add a second seat is a necessity.

    Instagram: mrseagleboy

  24. I have twins! And we have been looking for a better stroller! I have one that is basically a limousine and would like a better One to make things easier, of course twin mAmas are doing anything anf trying to find anything easier eSpecially with twins!💕💙

  25. I am expecting my second baby and i am already a huge nuna fan. I have Their infant car seat so this would complete my seT!

    Ig- samiasara

  26. Weeee! We are expecting our first baby in July. We need a versatile stroller for city living since we walk EVerywhere. @Triciabanach

  27. I LOVE thus stroller!!! We’re expecting number 7. Love that it can be a double. The look of the stroller is amazing!! @amyhoward417

  28. Im so excited about tHe new stroller! I have to kids and both Love to take strOlls! I love a StRoller that could fix my svc! And the new nuna demi grow stroller sounds like a good fit for Our growing family! ❤️

  29. I am expecting my second set of twins in March. My first set just turned two! I’m always on the lookout For twin friendly products, and this stroller is just the loveliest! @brookesarah

  30. Ever since i found out i was pregnant with my first, I knew nuna was the way to go! Excited it’ll grow with the fam if we ever decide for number 2!

  31. I Love that you Sint need two strollers, a single and a double. I also love that you can fit Theough olaces so easy because its not as ling as a limo!! Imagine shopping jn the mall with Bith kids and jot bumping into everything! @lYdiamartsch

  32. Ah! Best giveaway ever! Ive had my eye on this stroller since finding out I am expecting twins later this summer! Its so sleek and lightweiGht and is perfectly cOmpatible with our carSeats. It would be a dream come true to win!

    1. Ah! Best giveaway ever! Ive had my eye on this stroller since finding out I am expecting twins later this summer! Its so sleek and lightweiGht and is perfectly cOmpatible with our carSeats. It would be a dream come true to win! IG: @surTowndaves

  33. I love the look of this stroller and that it can convert to a double. I just had my first baby but wOuld love the oPtion of a double when i have another ❤️ @ashleydpetersen

  34. My baby girl and i Love nuna. We already have The nuna pipA, and as our family grows this wOuld help us stay cozy and comfy all together. So grateful for this Opportunity 💕

  35. @clarempetrie
    I would love This stroller for my three month old twins. I have the snap and go and its so big. This looks so compact!! The doctors office has been advEnture with my stroller that is like a bus!

  36. I am excited about the demi Grow stroller because it works with the nuna pipa lite and can now hold twO little ones!! @morganSearle

  37. I would love this for pur growing family! We are a military family and the air force changes up our plans at the last minute, making it difficult for us to get the proper gear for our little one since we were supposed to move to africa. Now, we dont have a stroller he can grow wIth or use with his fUture brothers/Sisters. This would be so great for us!

  38. I aM a new momma to be and i have been praying and waiting to be pregnant for a year. That means ive had a lot of time to reseArch the different products available and nuna has always come highly recomMended! I love The stYle and appearance just as much! We are hoping this is just the start of our growing family and hope to have more children to use the demi grow stRoller!

  39. LOVE thE sleek loOk of thE stroller and that its a doUble stoller. I first fell in love with nuNas carseat, its so lightweight!!! 🖤

    1. LOVE thE sleek loOk of thE stroller and that its a doUble stoller. I first fell in love with nuNas carseat, its so lightweight!!! 🖤

      Ig: alongcamelogan

  40. @evelynlou
    my kids love to take strolls! I always wanted a stroller that could be compact enought to carry in our suv and it souds like the new nuna demi grow would work perfect for our growing family!

  41. Instagram – @morgan.Searle
    I am so excited about the nuna demi grow stroller because it is so versatile, and sleek, and that it can hold up to two little ones!

  42. I would love to win this for my first baby we sre expecting in June. Strollers are pricy and to have something this safe and beautiful would be a joy!

  43. @savymommy801
    my little boy loves it when we take strolls! we go to the canyons when it is not snowing or course! we take a lot of road trips and space is crucial! the nuna demi grow would be perfect for those little trips!!

  44. Sorry, my phone started to act weird and it kick me Off your blog while i was writing my coment.

    Instagram: eliana galbraIth

    I am expecting a baby girl in may, and i Definitely need a stroller. I love How classic and elegant the nuna strollers are, and i love that theY work with both the carseat and the basSinet! I love the bassinet because it is so comfortable when they are little! Winning this giveaway wOuld also be amazing because i can go on stroller rIdes wIth both ny New baby and my toddler too, without making him walk by my Side 😂 and withouth having to carry a giant and heavy stroller around.

  45. Im expecting twin girls in july, my first pregnancy, and it Would be amazing to win this stroller!! I love it!! Thank you for sharing your story of your precious little ones, has been fun to watch!!💓

  46. @plou2016
    we have been trying to decided on a good stroller that can convert into a double! this can be perfect for my wife and i! thanks for the opportunity.

  47. I am so excited about A double stroller option from nuna. I’m expecting my first (hoping to have children close together) and nuna is my favorite brand!! I just bought the pipa and this would go great with it, too! I would love to win this!!

  48. This is a beautiful stroller! I love thaT it is versatile and that wHen we expand our family from one baby to two we will have the opTion to chaNge it from A single to a double stRoller. I also love that is Is all weather. This would be a bLessing! Thanks for doing this giveaway!


  49. Whats not to lovE about a cute stroller?! Expecting our first and have been looking into all of the NUna products. This would be the pErfect start! <3

    1. Whats not to loVe about a cute stroller?! Expecting our first and have been looking into all of the Nuna products. This would be the pErfect start! <3

  50. Love that it could be made from a single to a Double!! Especially when traveling with a toDdler and a newborn!! Ig: mirka07

  51. WOuld love this stroller for my sweet first baby due May 1st. My husband and I hope to have a large family, so this would be the perfect transition stroller. We were planning to get the Nuna Mixx, but I was elated when I saw they came out this this! Winning this stroller would help us more than you know.

  52. Ig: mila.ukstin

    I’ve also always loved the nuna brand and have always wanted their stroller. Now that im expecting fOr the third time im really hoping to get one. ♥️ Winning this double stroller would mean everything especially since we want to try for baby #4 not too long after this baby arrives in may.

    Ig: mila.ukstin

  53. I love My new pipa and have been saving up for a stroller to go with it! Just had to use all the money i saved on a new car battery 😔 so this would be amazing to win!!!! My Ig is kuffermAn

  54. I’m excited for the demi glow stroller because every nuna product we have owned so far has surpased our expectations for quality and style. With expecting our second baby soon with our first still very young this stroller would be an absolute blessing. IG- Littlebonnetgirls

  55. Love love love Nuna! Exceptional quality, stylish and functional. WoUld love to try this one out. Love oUr mixx but i think it’s time for an upgrade

  56. I love nuna, we have a nuna rava car seat for birth up to when our baby grows up. We have beeN searching for the perfect stroller for a family that is expecting more than one and once i Read nunas announcement i just knew we had to have one! Our edd is on Febuary 12th and i hope we get to experience the demi grow stroller ❤️

  57. We lOve the Safety features of the
    Pipa (and our Rava) and with the recent arrival of
    Our second child we have been dying for nuna to
    With a double stroller. Just as expected the design is gorgeous!

  58. Having my second baby in june and my little one is 10 months. This would be perfect to Use as a double stroller with them!

  59. I am so excited about this stroller because i already have the pippa car seat, and This stroller is so sleek and modern, it would be perfect for me, my husband and my two boys. We loved our nuna sIngle stroller, and we love all things nuna! We Are having our second baby boy next week, and it would be the absolute perfect gift for us!!! Weve been waiting a long time for nuna to come out with this stroller!

  60. I love that it grows with your family ❤️❤️❤️❤️ from one babe, to two! And it is compact and beautiful! Ig: @mpaochai


  62. I Was SO excited for this launch when i first heard about it! WelcomIng my little guy in a few weeks, i am already thinking about the future and knowing that the stroller i adore could along with my family settles my momma heart! The large storage basket doesn’t hurt either for shOpping dates! Haha

  63. Love this stroller! I’ve been looking for a slick double stroller and this one is everything! Love Nuna and I know the double wouldn’t disappoint! IG @ddrotenko_

  64. I have a 2.5 year old and a 3 month old! I would love to have this stroller. I love that i can use it as a double when im going around with both GiRls, but i can also use it as a siNgle when im just with the baby And big sis goes to preschool! @stephpandcakes

  65. Just found out I’m expecting and this stroller WOULD be great for my new one and my TODDLEr!I KNOW I can’t afford one myself so it would be exciting to win ONE; BUT I’m also tagging my sister so she has a fair chance at maybe winning Too. SHE is also due this year in July 💕💕 Thanks so much for this opportunity!!

  66. So far ive been obsessed with Everything nuna ans would love to have the new stroller to match our carseat! @laurenannhills

  67. Lover of everything nuna here. Planning ahead for my next Babe and would love to have a double stroller to make it convEnient for baby, toDdler & mama.

    Ig @thiswandrfullife

  68. I have 14 mOnth old and a babY due in july. ThE nuna demi GrOw stroller will definitely make getting out of the house and back into shape with two kiddos in tow easy!

  69. We have not bought a double stroller as We love our nuna So much! We have been using two separate strollers but nOw Our 23 month oLd and newborn will be Perfect for nuna’s New stroller!

  70. Im sooo excited for the demi grow because it woulD be perfEct for my 1 and 2 year old now! And we are planning for our 4th soon so by then my two year old would be out of the stroller making room for the new baby how perfect is that! And i LOVE nuna as a brand and as a buSy mama i need good products that work and save me time!
    Ig handle: inmommysheels

  71. I Love all the nuna products. I’m super glad they came out with this model! This is the perfeCt stroller for twins! I love All the options. Can wait to use it !!

  72. I would absolutely love this stroller because I have a one year old and i am due with baby number two in july! Ive been trying to figure out how i am going to tote both of my babes around and ive heard such great things about nuna strollers! This Giveaway would be a huge blessing for me and my family. My IG haNdle is @nikkstarling

  73. I aM so EXCITED for a Nuna stroller finalLy capable to coNvert to a double! Due with my first this summer, i am Pumpped that i Can get A stroller that will grow and transiTion with my famIly!

    iG: @Kim_Latimer

  74. Love it!! I also wish they had the nuna Lite when i had my daughter 7 months ago. Although i love our dream drape, i wouldve traded that For a lighter seat! We currently have the nuna mixx jett and i would love to upgrade to a double for baby 2. Love love love that we get to stick with nuna now!


  75. I would love to win this stroller becaus i just love all nuna products and i feel that My husband And i are ready for baby number two and what better way to celebRate than winning this stroller. I had a really bad pregnancy that made me scared and scared to ever become pregnant again. but im eXcited for this new chapter in our lives

  76. Im sooo excited for the Demi-GroW! I Absolutely love nuna products and was wishing they would come out with a double stroller To go with our Nuna Lite carseat. I have a petite frame and so i needed a lighter carseat for easE. i did not want to get any other brand of stroller and so i originally registered for the Mixx stroller but Held onto the Hope thAt the NuNa Demi-Grow would release in time for our family. (I saw Magic Beans put out a review in October) My baby is coming in may and i Would Be psyched to have a stroller to go with our lovely Pipa Lite.

  77. Would love to win this stroller been it love with how it looks for awhile!!!! Its just perfect!!!! And I’m expecting in May!!!!!

  78. I would live this. Our daughter and daUghter in law are both Due this summer. As a grandpare i would love to have this avail to take the babies out on the trail. Thank you @whitNey_sigler ig

  79. The DEMI Grow looks like such a beautiful and functional stroller! Would absolutely love to have for our family!!
    IG: @sarahwklee

  80. I’m super excited to use it asba single and possibly a double later on. The big basket and high seat are both bonuses in such a beautiful stroller!

  81. So Excited for this stroller! It will be perfect for my little Girl and Can Grow with our Family. Practical, pretty, and so useful! Love nuna products and would love to own this.


  82. This is very exciting . The stroller looks amazing . I have a 5 month old baby and im currently pregNant again so this stroller would really come in handy to me .

  83. Hi!

    I’m so excited to have the chance to win this stroller! We currently have an 8 month old son and we are trying for a second. Ive been doing lots of research on double strollers as we live near a park and love to take walks. The NUna brand has always caught my eye but the products are very EXPensive.
    This stroller design is awesome the way the kids can be stacked so it’s not super wide. Thanks for the chance to win such an amazing product!

    Instagram: @kayteefast

  84. I love nuna products and now im expectinng my second baby and this stroller would be great since im going to have 2 babies uner 2 !!! Ig: anA.villagomez3

  85. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our nuna carseat and tavo stroller for our 5 month old & We want to expand our little family by Another little; this would be perfect for my “two under two” 😍😍

  86. I love how versatile this stroller is. I made the mistake of not splurging on a stroller tgat i really loved so now im stuck with it till baby no 2. Ive always loved the Nuna products and love that they rEleased yet another chic product. Even better that its so convertible! Insta handle: @asherhem

  87. This stroller is so BEAUTIFUL! We are expecting our third baby in april and thIs would be perfect for our growing family. love how compact and easy to use it is.

    IG @brianacaniza

  88. @lesser i woUld looooove one of these as we are Planning for our second little babe! ❤️❤️❤️ We have the mixx2 and love it but having a double would be so gReat! @lessEr

  89. This stroller is amazing. I love the Fact that i can use it for one babes and then you have the option to have it as a double, and 23 ways to use it! Most strollers only have 1. Love it

  90. I Love all the nuna products. Great desiGn and safetY! I’m super glad they came out with this model! This is the perfeCt stroller for twins! I love All the options. Can wait to use it when mine arrive !! @sweetmissc ❤️👶🏻👶🏻

  91. I am super excited about this giveaway because we have a baby boy due in may and I’ve been wanting to get the nuna travel system for him. We have another little one at home so the converting double would be so helpful with both our little ones!!

  92. I also have twins like you & im expecting my thirD in april! I Think this sTroller would be perfect!!!!! It looks amazing!
    So Excited! Xo
    Ig: mverdeja

  93. Love this stroller! We have a side by side but have been Trying to decide on whether or not we also need a taNdem. the way s stroller functions, as well as it’s versatility is important…but lets be honest—so is its aesthetic and thiS one is kil. Ling. It.

  94. I am super excited about this giveaway because we have a baby boy due in may and I’ve been wanting to get the nuna travel system for him. We have another little one at home so the converting double would be so helpful with both our little ones!!

    Instagram: @kittylinnn

  95. I am ABSOLUTELY in love with Nuna Brand!!! We have a carseat but we need a stroller and we have been looking for one when this happens!! Demi grow stroller comes Out!! We definitely planning to have more kids in near future but I Love how this new stroller converts into double stroller!!!!!

  96. I’m so excited to see a high quality stroller, that you can use now and as your family grows, rather then buying two separate strollers, you can invest in one great one! Caroline_spencer

  97. after trying for what seemed like forever, my hUsband and i took a test sunday to find it positive! I would love a chance to with the new demi grow stRoller! I have heard they are super light and easy to store. I am even looking at the pipa carseat.

  98. Since im expecting my sEcOnd baby Coming early this summer, im super excited about a nuNa double stroller!! I love Love the Nuna pipa i have right Now and it would go perfectly for baby and my 2 year OlD!!!

    Ig: claudiadian

  99. I have always been a huge nuna fan. When i found out i was going to be a mom to two under three, i was So sad that nuna didn’t have a doUble stroller. My yoUngest is now three months and im obsessed with the demi! It has all the right features. WHat makes me excited is the weight limit on the seats as well. My oldest who is 3 has Autism and hYpotonia. He needs to have a seat of his own to relax when he is either over stimulated in public or just tired. Great job, nuna! This stroller is beautiful! (@stayclassydezi on ig!).

  100. I LOVE Nuna and have beeb waiting for them to come out with convert stroller. The design is so beautiful and modern that even my hUsband likes pushing The Stroller. I Also love the simplicitY. I hope i can win!!! Xx

  101. So excited for this stroller becausE i’m A twin mama that loves nuna products fOr their stylE and quality. This stroller is beautiful and i love itS compact look (totally necessary with our city living). @lindymallon5

  102. Just got a nUna pipa infant car seat At my baby shower! So in love with it! Love this stroller so much! I will have a newborn and a 17mth old toddler this march! Love that the handle bar EXtends for my tall 6’2” fiance and that the bottom car seat doesnt get in the way when Pushing!

  103. Expecting my first but wanting a sTroller that will grow with ohr family. I already Fell in love with their car seat so the stroller makes the perfect addition!

  104. I’m so excited for the DEMI grow stroller because i love the Nuna brand. I was hoping they would come out with a double stroller by the time i have my second child. Love the look!
    Instagram handle: @val.graves

  105. So so soooo excited for the nuna demi!! Absolutely love nuna products and have been looking at double strollers lately with a 1 year old and another little one on the way in july. This would make our disneyland trips so much easier 💜
    Instagram: its.lindsey.p

  106. This would be a total dream! We love all things nuna we have the carseat and the crib and This stRoller would be a dream come true with littlw sister arriving in four Short months!!!

  107. I’m obsessed with the nuna gRow!! Its so lightweight and easy to use and functions as everything you need in one! Can’t wait to have it!!

  108. I am so excited about the demi grow stroller because as a mom of soon to be 2 i love that they combined fUnction and fashion all in one! My husband works long days which means ill be the one out doing all the errands and this stroller will honestly make trips so much easier!

  109. We are expeCting oUr fiRst in May. We feelvin love with the nuna products and heard a grow stroller was coming! Perfect timing! Skhwilliamson 💕

  110. Nuna is my FAvorite brand! I have the pipa carSeat, Sena playpen (2 AcTUally, 1 for baby & 1 for toDdler), zaaz high chAir, mixx stroLler, & the pepp stroller. I was sO bummed when i found out nuna came out with a double stroller after i got My 2nd nuna stroLler. I would love This!!!

  111. @ellefantphotographY @naturElLemum

    This wohld be the biggest blessing with little sister set to arrive In four Short months! We adore all things nuna!

  112. I’m excited ABOUT this STROLLER because my boys are only going to be 2 years Apart in age. Both born in may! a Demi grow stroller would be a dream to win!

    IG handle: SHAWNRaup

  113. We are expecting our first baby in april and we’re about maximizing value. So why not invest in a stroller that we can use now with our first and later when we have our second? And its such a chic looking stroller, whats not to love about it?

  114. We love our nuna sena travel crib and are planning to get the nuna pipa lite for our baby that is due in august! Would absolutely love this stroller for my two year oLd and new baby!! Instagram @annielshirey

  115. IG: @liVinlavidamomma

    Im excited about the flip up/down suspension for rough terrain. We need a stroller that goes everyWhEre! Thank you!

  116. We LOVE OUR nuna sena travel crib and could definitely use this stroller for the new baby on the way and our two year oLd!!
    Ig- @annielshirey


  118. I would love to win this stroller! I have an 8 month old and we’re trying For baby #2! i’ve tried other stoller Brands but the nuna brand far exceeds the QualiTy of The oThers.

  119. I am so excited about this stroller! I have the nuna pipa and ABSOLUTELY love the quality of The nuna brand. I would love to win thIs stroller for my 10 week Old and anY future babes <3
    Xoxo, Julie (juliemarieh)

  120. Im excited for the new demi grow stroller because we are planning to GROW our family this next year and it would be perfect for my little rainbow babies❤️🧡💛💚💙

  121. This stroller looks amazing! Love everything Nuna! This demi would be perfect for taking my 2 kids out and strolling them both! I Am in need of a double stroller that looks so stylish too!


  123. Instagram: taylerMariet

    Let me start off by saying, I think What you guys are Doing is wonderful! I am currently pregnant with twins about basically 5 months along. when i first found out i was pregnant i told my husband i would love a nuna stroller… went to the doc. Found out it was twins but i was going through “vanishing twin sYndrome” as Baby b had no heart beat and was way smaller than baby a.. Went back to the doctor 2 weeks Later to find 2 babies, 2 heart beats, and measuring the same size! Baby b was just hiding all along! i Would love this stroller For My now twin girlS ❤️💖🤰

  124. I would love to win this stroller! I have an 8 month old and we’re trying For baby #2! i’ve tried other stoller Brands but the nuna brand far exceeds the QualiTy of The oThers. @morgandemingclark

  125. I love this stroller i hate my double stroller i have now its too big and heavyi cant fit through aisles. This one looks awesome. MY Ig is susanu26

  126. I would love to win this stroller since i just received the nuna pipa car seat. We are expecting our first child in july and this stroller would be great if we Are foruna to have another child later on!
    IG: mdolan186

  127. Yes! I am so excited for the growing nuna stroller. I am pregnant with my second and have been trying to find a stroller that will accomod both single and double. One that Isn’t ridiculously long or too wide to fit through doors. And this is it!!

    Ig: dreprettyyy

  128. Hi! I am so eXcited anout this stroller and giveaway! We are expexrjnf our first daughter in 2 weeks ans have been looking at this stRoller! I am a mama to 6 amazing boys ans we love being outside as you can imagine! This would be a dream for us and would be used every day! With 6 boys and a girl on the way, we are always on the go!! Best od luck to everYone!!

  129. I am thrilled nuna came out with the DEMI Grow Stroller!! We currently have the nuna mIxx, but am in need of a double stroller for lir upcoming nanny share and eventually baby #2!

  130. emily, I’m so excited for this post and giveaway! I love your blog and have loved following your baby journey with the twins.

    I am obsessed with all things nuna and pretty much have everything nuna has to offer. when i was pregnant with my baby (1st and she’s 6 months old now), everyone told me to get the uppababy because it converted to a double for when we have baby #2. i dug my heels in and told them i wanted my nuna mixx2 and would just buy another when the time came. i loved nuna that much. now that there is a demi, it is even more perfect so i can stay in the nuna family. thank you for this giveaway <3

  131. I love nuna products i CURRENTLY own the nuna pipa for my one month old, and nuna rava for my 18 month old. I was also excited when i heard that nuna is coming out with a double stroller. Perfect for my two babies.

  132. As a new mom, i openLy admit i didnt know a lot about nuna. 3 years later, when i Found out i was pregnant again with my son, i learned more about nuna and fell in love with the brand. My son, who is now 6 mOnths rides in his nuna pipa. I love this demi stroller and the 23 different modes for a comFortable ride for 2 children. BeiNg out in public with two isnt easy, finding the right pRoducts for baby can make it a smooth ride, literally!

  133. Would absolutely love to win the nUna double stroller. We have the single one right noW their carseat and basiNett and i just lOve love nuna products!!! I have a 16mOntHs old and a new baby coming may 2018 and this douBle stroller would be a dream come true for two of my boYs!! Thanks for creating this strOller!

  134. I am so excited about The Demi Grow stroller, because i’ll be able to carry my 3 year old and my baby that’s coming January 29th. It’s also beautiful, elegant, luxurious and classic.

  135. I am a nuna product addict and am sO excited to see they Have a doUble stroller coming. Their products and customer service are just excellent.

  136. I have been waiting for years for nuna to offer a double stroller! I have always loved Their brand, and the PIPA is my favorite carrier. This would be perfect for my family with the addition our little girl in MARCH! (Ig @mrs__winkler)

  137. We just had our second baby a Month ago and have been waitinG to get a Double stroller becAuse of the cost (have a newboRn and toddler and more expensive than we imagined! 😂) this stroller would be such a blessing to win! I love that it is a grow with you Stroller and the all weaTher seat is great for oregon weather! Instagram name: amywakefield_ tHank you for the chance!

  138. IG usErname: nola_ames

    Love nuna products! We Were intrOduced to the Nuna from our fAmily members and we are thankful they did! We were lucky to be gifted the Nuna pipa carseAt for our Daughter. Now hearing about the double stroller is exciting because we Are planning to start on baby number two so this stroller would be perfect! Now i gotta tell the hubby!

  139. iG::@preppingforbaby
    Words cant express my happiness for this opportunity. I am a soon to be first time mom and feel blessed beyond bElief, but am so Anxious About being “perfect” and making inevitable mistAkes. The nuna demi Grow With its Versatility, safety, & Big wheels to get through 4 seasons in MINNESOTA, surely would not be one of these mistakes😍

  140. I would reallly love to win the stroller from nuna (which i admire and love a lot) but cant afford to buy. It has weather seats and a large basket which you always need. Its a beautiful stroller

  141. So excited about the zip out CUSHION for easy cleanig & the ability to have a vented, mesh seatback for warm summer days (or ant day in the south!)

  142. Been obSessed with nuna strollerssInce i discivered the brand … new mama got a cheaper stroller instead, thats now starting to fall apart after only a few months! @rayzeljmn

  143. Nuna is my absolute favorite brand for baby gear, and since we have a baby now and would like to have another it would be amazing to have a stroller that would accommodate both!

  144. Im Excited about the demi gRow stroller because i live the nuna products and having a double stroller will help alot when we have a second child!

  145. I am a mother of a 14 month old girl and another one due in the next couple of months! I love the slick look of the stroller and my favorite color is gray! My husband and i would be So grateful for this beautiful gift for our sweet girls🙌🏻

  146. I’m so excited for this giveaway, What an amazing gift you are giving to a deserving mother! Back in may i gave birth to Beautiful twin girls and our lives were completely Flipped, for the better. I never Knew It could feel like your heart could burst from loving someone(s) so Much! Before our first christmas with the girls (rory and Reagan) we found out we were Unexpectedly expecting ouR third child, which is why this stroller would be perfect for us! We are so excited to start our new crazy journey raising essentially irish triplets, and this would be the cherry on top to win this giveaway! Im not doing a shower since it’s my second pregNancy, so we’re trying to Buy essentials for this baby on our own…please consider Our family to win this Stroller, it would Mean the world ☺️ thank you so much! Have A great day!

    @mickrehl6 instagram

  147. I am STOKED about this new demi gro stroller by nuna because having just given birth to my delicious baby boy cameron 6 months ago 👶🏾, I found out i was expecting again 😱 on christmas eve!🎄🎁 i Would love to tote around my kiddies 👩‍👧‍👦in this double stroller as an upgrade to my nuna mixx2! their simply is no alternative to nuna ❤️

  148. We are having our first little one in July and have been eyeing the nuna Mixx! Love this new option THOUGH because it could grow WITH us as as family!


  149. I love the deSign of nuna and that this strOller can easily convert to a double. Perfect for our growing family.

  150. We are expecting our second child in august and would love to have this stroller tp use with both little ones!
    Ig @annielshirey

  151. I am so excited about the Nuna demo grow because we really want the Pipa lite car seat for our unborn daughter and we will be having another baby soon after so I can’t wait to use this as a double! Nuna is the best quality and I love the look!!! Please please pick me!! @delros1

  152. Wow what A beautiful and functional stRoller! The nuna demi grow would be wonderful for my 10 month old and the next baby to come!

  153. We are expecting our first baby this may, a little baby girl! We live across the street from a wonderful park and would love to take her (and hopefully future siblings to come) on long walks! ig: katherinepope3

  154. Im so excited about this stroller! I am a first time mom and expecting in aPril. We plan on having another baby soon after and would love to be set for out family. This stroller is a mothers dream! So excited you have a comfortable and safe way of getting your babies around!

  155. I have myltiple littles Under the age of 4 and we have a dream of adopting a 4th. I am always looking for a good solution for pushing around 2 as My kids are so close together! This looks like a sturdy roomy solUtion and Inwould love to try it out! My IG is @sevenseasonsstudio

  156. My husband and i are expeCting our forst child in june and we have been doing lots of research on carseats and strollers. We fell jn love with the Nuna pipa and demi grow stroller. It will last for all of our children and allow our family to grow stress free 🙂 thank you!

  157. I love going on long walks and adventures with my two year old – and when the new baby gets here in JUNE it would be An awesome (and chic!) Way to tote both of my LITTLES around 😊

    Insta @detroitpaige

  158. Love the color! This is pretty cool thats it can be two kid stroller. Its going down as a must have Item with two littles. My ig name is katya03316

  159. I did so so so much research before i bought the nuna mixx2 and nuna pipa for my first little boy coming in May! The quality of nuna products is unsurpassed by oThers, but we’re most exCited about the safety Features included, and what Mama doesnt want the best for their Babies?! I am so happy to see that nuna now has their own double stroller with the DEMI grow, And now we Wont have to coMpromise as we grow oUr family! A big Thank you FRom all the thankful mamas out here!!

  160. I am expecting my first in a couple months and this would work so well when we add on to our family! We already have purchased the nuna pipa so it would be perfect! instagram is: emilyjohanna

    Thank you!

  161. I did so so so much research before i bought the nuna mixx2 and nuna pipa for my first little boy coming in May! The quality of nuna products is unsurpassed by others, but we’re most excited about the safety features included, and what Mama doesnt want the best for their Babies?! I am so happy to see that nuna now has their own double stroller with the DEMI grow, And now we won’t have to compromise as we grow our family! A big Thank you from all the thankful mamas out here!! IG: Pradojulie

  162. I am First time mom to be expecting our mono di twins march ending and looking forward to use this beautiful Stroller for our boys !! Thank you So much emily ! Twin pregnacy has been challenging anD every time i see you post Your twinpregnancy journey fills in lot of confidence !!

  163. How amazing to learn aboit this!! Im expecting twIns in July and have been hunting for the perfect stroller that will accomodate both babies aS we stroll around cali!

  164. I’m totally excited about the look and the compact size of the NUNA Demi grow stroller! This would be perfect for outings with my infant and toddler!

    Ig: @_cinnnnnnnndy_

  165. IG (josh_Myers3)
    Its such a great product and we would love to use it for our first child, Levi 👶🏻 And use it for all of Our FUTURE childRen!

  166. How amazing to learn aboUt this!! Im expecting twIns in July and have been hunting for the perfect stroller that will accomodate both babies as we stroll around cali!

  167. I love the nuna and with 3 kids I would love to put 2 kids in one stroller than having to yell victoria hold on to the strikler. Lol honestly it would be a blessing to be more calm wHile out shopping with all 3 kids with this stroller. I love the style and hoW compact the stroller is. 😍🙌

  168. This stroller is gorg and love that its a double! We Are expecting twins this june so i would love this stoLler for our little babes!!! @annaldillman

  169. SUch a stylish and practical stroller all in one. Heard great things about the nuna and would love to have it for my baby due in a Couple of Weeks. The second Seat would be great for mY toDdler too!

  170. Im exCited becaUse we have our second baby coming in a couple of weeks and i have a Toddler under 3 so the Nuna demi grow would be perfect. I’ve been searching for months for a double Stroller or Convertible stroller and i trust Nuna bc i have their carSeat and know its great quality and is stylish and durable too. I love taking my little one for walks on the bEAch or to the park in the sPring and i cant wait to get outdoors AgAin!

  171. Looks like a really awesome, yet practical stroller! I’ve heard such good things about NUNA baby products and with a 3 month old, I’d love to try this stroller. Thanks for the amazing giveaway!


  172. Nuna is my favourite baby brand and finally i can fit TwO kids into one stroller with this new stroller release. Because of a leg discepancy, i walk with a cane on my left arm, and Therefore only have one arm avAilAble for doing everything else. Having a stroller that Can do so many thIngs would be a great help to me. Ig: sidi.A

  173. Im a foster and bio mom with another on the way. This double stroller Is not only way simpler than others, but it adjusts easily to our changing and growing family. @laurensfuller

  174. When we had our first i didnt know too much about anything and oUr stroller we curreNtly have wAs more lets get this because we can Afford it. Looking forward now i would like to get one that will fit our growing family, the nuna glow would be a perfect fit for us. I love the fact that it has 23 modes to adjust too So you can literally adjust to what works for you. It would be a dream come true to Get the nuna glow! I know this would be something that would help us out big timE, thank you for doing such a nice giveaway.

  175. im loving the look of this stroller! And we have a rowdy 2 year old and a baby on the way so this would makE life just a little easier! 🙈 thanks for the chance!

  176. I’m so excited about this stroller! I’ve been eyeing the nuna but since this one now converts to a double…I want it! Babe due 7/7/2018!

  177. Love everything about this new product. This would be ideal for us. Have a toddler and little brother joining us in March. 💙

  178. As a foster and bio mom, this would be perfect for or changing and growing family! Our two kids are 10 months apart and we haVe another on the way now (3 under 2). I love that its so simple and adjusts to different seating posiTions.

  179. I love a trusted BRAND thats stylish & listens to us mom’s! this is fabulous! I’m EXCITED! being able to stroll with 2 kids in 1 will change my everyday life! especially when we welcome another munchkin to our gang @McK3lly

  180. We use the nuna pipa car seat And love it! Just started researching double strollers And told my husband “if only nuna came out with a double!!” Less than two weeks later i Hear about This gem!! Ah! So excited!!!
    IG: whitlangley

  181. what a great giveaway! I’m expecting twin boys in May (our first). I’m so overwhelmed with all of the gear we’ll need & this would be so amazIng! @stacyma.ria

  182. I couldnt be more excited for the Nuna demiGrow to come out! I have always been a big fan of nuna but with multiple kids the strollers were compatible with my family but now that i found out im expecting my 4th child i am beyond excited because i will Be able to Use a Nuna car seat and still be compatible with a nuna double stroller for my one year old and newborn!i love that iTs so compact But yet the kids will have enough space! I also love all of the configurations the stroller Offers! I am definately going to keep my fingers crossed 🤞 because i feel that this stroller will Definately make my life so much easier since im always on the go with my kids!❤️

    Thank you 🙏🏼
    IG: maggzdollxoxo

  183. Because, eventualllllly spring will come and we will want to take walks through the neighborhood while chasing The big brothers!

  184. This is such a great strOller! The fact that you can use both of nuna’s Car seats is great! But in my case the toddler seat and The car seat will be my ideal set-up. Loved your post. Thank you!

  185. I’m 28 weeks pregant with baby number 2! Baby number one is 10 months and old so we Really need a Rally great double stroller!

    Instagram: afishtagram

  186. Im always excited to see a new nuna product! Theyre always so innovative. Im having my first baby in july and cant wait to watch the baby grow.. and the stRollEr. Xo

  187. I love anything by Nuna and i am so excited for a stroller that converts into a double by them! I felt that this was the piece lacking from their line!

  188. We are excited about this giveaway because we are just starting to try for a baby and we really want this stroller because we are tall parents and this company actually has strollers that would work for us!

  189. This StRoller is great for the possibility of having multiple children and it’s a quality Nuna product.

    IG: markyfilth

  190. I would love demi grow stroller! I have always wanted a nuna stroller but since i have two children i need another sEaT! Love that thy came out with this one! @shayhardman

  191. i didn’t even consider any other car seats/strollers after seeing nuna products! My first baby is due in 4 weeks and the plan is to have our second not too far off after. the demi grow stroller would be the perfect stroller to have!

  192. New mama here that loves nuna family of products! We have been eyeing the nuna mixx2 but since we are planning to expand our family soon, we are soo excited for the demi and hope to be so lucky to win!!

  193. As a first time expecting Momma, I’ve been researching strollers and was in between the nuna pipa stroller or the uppababy vista with the two baby feature. the nuna is so lite and this would basically solve all of my problems and make the choice so easy!!

  194. @saraHlynnnlewis

    Im excited that one of my favorite brands CaMe out with a double stroller. I can have one stroller and one stroller only!

  195. iG handlE: JennKwheeler

    SO excited abiut this new stroller from nuna because we will have two babies under the age of two this sUmmer!!

  196. Im excited about this stroller bEcause i just Had Another babY! I Already haVe a nuna mixx for the fIrst one and was sad when i had my second baby becaUse nuna didn’t have a double stroller :(. @jazzekE

  197. I was just telling my sisTer in-law @aShleigh7 about the Brand line of @nuna_USA that @potterybarnkids CARRIES. THE Demi grow stroller wouLd be perfect for her. Her family is always on the go from Texas to coLorado and everything inBetween. This would be a perfect for her And her husband THAT RUN errands with two dogs and always on the go. this stroller was made for this soon to-be first time mommy!

  198. I am so excited that nuna has made a doible stroller because they are such a great company! We have loved the quality of This products and would love to Try thier new stroller out with My two little ones! @andrealovesdal

  199. I just had my first baby and this stroller would be amazing! We want our kids close together so a convertible stroller like this would rock!

  200. I have Two boys and am hoping to add one more kiddo To the mix. I think This stroller wOuLd be such a great have to accompany us on Trips to the park or for travel!

  201. I was beyond eXcited when i saw your post! After recently just having baby #1, and planning ahead for baby #2, the Nuna double stroller would be such a great addition to our family! Not to mention it is 😍

  202. IG Handle: yaeli924
    I love this concept of the stroller having the capability to grow with your family! It’s also such a unique shape and isn’t too bulky like many double-strollers are! I would love to win this for toting around my little babies.

  203. IG: @tracijoann
    I have baby #2 due in March and don’t curRently have a dOuble stroller. I keep debating whether i should buy one or figure out how to manage without. But, I love the Look of this double! And i love nuna products!

  204. I would love to surprise my best friend. She is expecting, and is going to be a first time mom. UNFORTUNATELY The father isn’t in the picture, and this would just lifT a huge weight off her shoulders! Thank you for the consideration!

  205. IG Handle: @andiee_1327

    I would love to surprise my best friend. She is expecting, and is going to be a first time mom. UNFORTUNATELY The father isn’t in the picture, and this would just lifT a huge weight off her shoulders! Thank you for the consideration!

  206. (GenaGabrielle on insta)
    We are expecting our second baby in april. with a 20 month old and newborn we have looked everywhere for the perfect double stroller that can grow with ezra and baby audrey, as we will use it for a long time. nothing has seemed to live up to what we need. i fell in love with nuna strollers and this one seems amazing and exactly what we will need in a few short months.

  207. LOVE!!! I am so EXCITED for this launch as well. Hoping to add 1 (or 2!) more babies to our family this year….its been a while and we no longer own a stroller so this would be a godsend!

  208. Im obsessed with nuna! I have nuna pipa carseat and i had the nuna mixx stroller. I am cUrrently 6 months pregnant with my 3rd child (2 & 3 will be just 19 months a part) so i have to invest in a doUble stroller now! Nuna is my first choiCe! Would be so grateful to win this strOller!!

  209. I have been looking for the *PERFECT* DOUBLE stroller and this is it!!! It is a dream stroller and It would mean so much to me to win! It looks perfect for our growing family!


  210. I am excited about this stroller because it is so hard to find a good double Stroller!! I have a (in 3 months) two year old little girl and her little sister is due in april. We Would never be able to afford THis stroller uNless we won it and We would be so grateful!!

  211. We purchased the Nuna Rava carseat after our infant carseat. The tag “italian leather or carseats” sold us. We have been so happy woth our carseat and the customer service that nuna provides. Looking into the future, this stroller would be a fantastic gift for our family.

  212. I am so Excited for the nuna demi! I love the nuna brands and when i saw that they have a double stroller now available, i cant wait to see it in person! @lexbro

  213. We wou love to win this we CURRENTLY have a 2 year old a 1 year old and ANOTHER little love due july 😍😍 this would be amazing

  214. I really love Nuna Products, I just got their convertible carseat for my daughter. This stroller would be awesome to use when our next child is born!
    Instagram: mkg12785

  215. We just found out we are expecting twins A couple days ago so i immediately started my twin stroller research! I haven’t fallen in love with many of the options yet and i squeAled with excitemeNt when i saw nuna’s Post aBout the demi grow stroller today! We love Nuna products. We already haVe a pipa seat from oUr firstborn And were already planning to get a second To accomodate the twins on the way! Cant wait for this stroller to come out!

  216. I was waiting for Nuna to come out with a double stroller before i took the plunge on baby #2! I couldn’t imagine using any other Stroller. We have every nuna accessory known to man, and would love to win this!

  217. The quality of a Nuna with flexibilty for growing families! I love how this stroller looks lightweight and not bulky – easy to actually use! What a joy it would be to win one! (IG handle: @erinsfavoritethings)

    1. IG_handle:Sheilamramos

      THis would be perfect for my soon to be family oF 4! We have an existing nuna mixx which we looove and i have Been waiting for this day to come. So glad to know nuna came Up with this double Stroller!

  218. OmG! this is so exciting! Love the look of it! Since im planning to have baby #2 shortly after my Babe is born (currently preggo!) this is wonderful stroller to have!

  219. This is so Awesome!! Baby #3 will be here late May/early june and we will be buying the pipa carseat! We also have a 10 month old baby and almost 3 year old so i need the room!!

  220. just found out I am expecting, I have a feeling this will turn out to be two babies! My mother is an identical twin and her mom (my GRANDMOTHER) is a fraternal TWIn. I think the deck is stacked for us to be the parents of twins! We could really use this stroller, we love Nuna products!

  221. Would love to win this! We’re expecting our second right now, so this couldn’t be better timing! Nuna strollers are the best! I love their versatility. IG name is @fizzygig

  222. Excited for Nuna Demi grow so i wont have to buy attachemEnts for the pipa lite lx for A different stroller brand! I plan kn having two Kids so this is awesome that i caN use the stroller when the time comes!

  223. Id kove this str wecare about to have teobunder two and think we eould use this well while bith lit then be able to go back to single when our todd decides he wants to walk EveryWhere!

  224. I love This new nUna stroller since its not bulky and still keeps it sleek look! Thanks nuna for allowing us moms to stroll in style! IG: @mAtchingwithchloe

  225. I am due in july, was debating between the Nuna & uppababy. uppababy was winning with the double feature, but now that nuna has this idk what to decide!!! i would love to win this for my growing little family. @ciciwalters

  226. SO EXCITING. My husband i are planning on having ouR second Baby soon and swoon over the nuna infant carseat everytime we walk into the baby store. It would be magic if we cOuld complete our baby gear with this stroller for our LIttle babes! I love the front to back seats because they’re easier to maneuver around! (Rather than the Side by side seats 🤭)

  227. We just found out we’re expecting twins and this stroller looks like It would solve Most of the problems of moving around (a lOt!) with two little humans 🙂 this would be the best baby shower gift everrrr 💓💙 @heytamaRarey

  228. I just recently found out i am pregnant and this is my dream stroller. I would love to rock this in chicago and tell all of the other moms how great it is! 🙂

  229. i have Been waiting for a Double nuna stroller! This is amazing. This is ny first gIveaway entry ever. Fingers crossed😂

  230. Forgot to add my IG handle in previous comment. @sharonhau
    Would love love love this stroller for my toddler and baby 🙂

  231. i love nuna products! i am excited about the demi grow stroller, it would be perfect for my toddler and my next little one to come!

  232. This stroller looks amazing and is perfect for our family because it does so much with such a small footprint. We would love one!

  233. I love nuna strollers and i like very much a double stroller especially When you are planninG to have a big familY. Its such a plus in a stroller to be able to make it double!

  234. I just had my second baby girl two months ago, and my first is two years old! I’m so in love with this stroller and am desperate to get double stroller that will fit in most elevators and through all entryways. I need to win this!!!

  235. We have been in love with Our nuna mixx since We had Our firstborn back in 2015 and had been using It until i had another babe in nov and had to buy a different brand of stroller that would work for a toddler and newborn. Hubby and i couldnt help but compare our new one to our mixx aNd were Just talking about how it would have been nice for nuna to come up with a stroller just as great as the mixx and now i sEe this post!!! So excited for this!!!

  236. Winning this stroller would be a dream because to say we were shocked to find out we are expeCting twins iS an understatement! We have a 3 year old son and now with twin boys on the way nothing we originally have will work for all three…which means starting from scratch! This stroller looks incredible and perfect for all our upcOming needs!!! 🙏🏼😍 (ig: meybrown)

  237. I have been married for 8 years, and we are finally having our first baby! We are beyond worDs happy! Baby Martin is Due in May. we were so excited to see nuna comming up with this wonderful prduct as it Will be very convinient for us since we will try for a second child soon after our baby boy is born! We would love to win this promotion Because we appeciate the style, safety, and comfort nuna products can offer!

  238. Eeek! I’m so excited that nuna came out with this!!! we love everything nuna, we don’t have a two seater stroller yet, and this would be so perfect. ig handle @karliezaugg

  239. This stroller looks amazing! Nuna has been more of a dream brand for me. It’s a bit pricey. But i would love to have this beautiful stroller!

  240. I love this stRoller because it is so compact! Ive never seen a double sTroller that is this manUverable (and stylish)

    Ig handle – laurabee87

  241. I’m beyond excited for the Nuna Demi stroller since i have a 3 year old and a little one Due in April. Trying to find the perfect stroller has been a process but i love the Diferrent combinations on this stroller as well as the fact that it will pair with the Nuna PiPa!
    My insta handle is @sondermama

  242. I Discovered the nuna strollers aftEr already purchasing my other baby travel system and waa devastated because i lived the nuna so much but couldn’T afford the second stroller. Now that we are planning on our second and they will be so close in age, im Dying to get this stroller and trying to save every penny in order to Purchase it, but winning this would relieve so mUch stress and would be a dream.

  243. instagram – katescross
    Oh goodness! i couldn’t even begin to describe how happy i would be if i won this stroller! after a very challenging and difficult beginning with our almost 4 year old daughter, my husband and i have finally started trying for another baby. i know some may say it sounds crazy, but i would be so excited for twins! but as a long as we are blessed with a healthy baby, i would be so happy, and so happy to have a new stroller for a new beginning!

  244. I love that the demi grow stroller literally grows with your family! I personally plan on having more than one baby so this is really Exciting to be able to have 2 babes sit in the same stroller. Instagram @ruutanG

  245. I wish nuna had a double stroller back when i bought my stroller and car seat. Im so exciTed they finally cAme out with the double! @ashmcherrm

  246. IG: @jacquelinemelissa

    We currently have a Nuna Mixx for my som and are SO excited that Nuna now offers a dohble stroller. It would be great to win one of these to use for when our daughter arrives is may!!

  247. After 4 years on the infertility bus, my husband And i have spent the last two chas our Dreams THROUGH IVF. Our dream has come true and we are having twins. I can think of no better way to begin the next chapter of our life than a peRfect stroller for all pir adve together! Thank you!

  248. My husBand and i are expecting our first baby in may!! This stroller would be perfect For the new baby! I love The ability it has to grow with your family, as we will likely havE a second baby soon after thr first! And i love the quality and safety of nuna prodUcts!

  249. Hello!.
    Im so excited for the new demi Grow stroller because im a huge Nuna lover =) i own the Pipa infant Car seat, Mixx stroller, nuna leaf and Recently We just purchased the rava since my daughTer grew, im a first time mom and this would be perfect for me since im planning on having another baby soon and i would only stick to my favorite brand. I hope i win =)
    Blessing to you and your family

    Instagram= nasaria_

  250. Love that it has 23 different ways to put the seats and that it’s still pretty compact even with the 2 seats which is what I’d need because we’re expecting baby #2 3/2/18! pS-love the outfit too!! -@dansing4652

  251. I looooove nuna items – theyre Just beautiful! And my husband and i are planning for baby number tWo and have been tHinking about what to do for a stroller with a 1-2 year old and a new baby. So this would be the perfect solution 🙂

  252. I can’t Wait to be a first time mom! I am so excited to use Only the best products for my baby and this stroller would be perFect for my growing family! Also the giveaway is during my bIrthday and would hOnestly be the best birthday gift!!

  253. I’mnexcited about this stroller because it can be a single or a double! I’m pregnant and have a 2 year old, so this wOuld be perfect as a double when my soon to be preschooler is with me or a single when i only have the baby! And The price is awesome for all that is included! Fingers crossed❤️ @the4adventurers

  254. I would love to win the nuna demi grow stRoller. I am expecting twins in february and this Stroller would be amazing! Thanks! @cJbrookover

  255. I am so excired to see the demi grow stroller! I am pregnant with my first child and my husband and i wants kids back to back so we were Debating on which stroller to get but seeing this post made it a easy choicE. I would love to have this stroller to save money on having to get a double stroller in the future. I also love this brand And the sleekness of it. In love with this stroller!

  256. I am excited about this stroller because it grows with your family. I am due with my first in a month and a half and plan on having another one shoRTly Behind him and would love a stroller that Could fit both Of my babies ❤️

  257. Love the idea of this stroller. I bought a single stroller and were starting to plan for our second child. I love nuna products and this looks like the perfect double stroller!

  258. We are expecting our first baby in June, and have loved everything we have read and heard about Nuna products. Very excited to see that they now have a stroller that converts to a double! @elizanne81

  259. CURRENTLY obSsessed with the nUna brand! Would even love to be an advocate. This stroller would be oh so perfect for when my little one aRrives especially since we Travel internationally so much. Would love to send/tag @nuna_usa of All the places we would travel to wIth the Demi grOw in each city/country around the world 🙂 i also think it woukd be adorable to document the growth of my baby with the stroller in its dIfferent growth TransiTion abilities. my ig handle is @chalyce

  260. This stroller would be a dream to own! We are expecting our third girL this sPring and i could see us putting a loT of miles on It as we head out on many adventures together.

  261. I aM so excited!! I have the nuna infant carseat and the nuna rava and i love them! Really Want to try out this stroller!! Instagram handle natashadimov

  262. I wish so bad i could win this for my second baby due in two weeks! This would be the Per stroller for him and my son! By the way You are so gorgeous and My dream is to have twins!

  263. I have been waiting for Nuna to create a double stroller, and by the looks of it They did not disappoint! We brought Our first baby girl home in the nUna pipa after being in the nicu for a week. She came home on oxygen & was so tiny. WE never had to worry about her safety or oxygen cords while toting her around! When it was time tO transition her to a big girl seat we knew we wanted to stay with nuna. She is now in the nuna rava & we love it! Our son was just born and we are still loving Our pipa! I have an almost tWo year old and a newborn. We don’t have a double stRoller right now And chasing a toddler Has been no bUeNo! Our nuna products have given us a piece oF mind!

    Instagram: gabs_barker

  264. Im very eXcited about tHis stroller my daughter and her husband have mY beautiful grandchildren . My sweet Elouise is 22 months and my peanut Ellis is 3 months , this would be perfect for her to take both children out as she is finding it hard to do right now . I love it ! She would be blessed

  265. Ohmygosh. Im so excited for this stroller! I just saw it on PBK’s website last week, and was super curious about it but couldnt find much. Im so gLad i found your post!! Very iNformative. Thank you so much eMily!!


  266. I am so excited for the new Nuna demi grow stroller! If its anythibg like the mixx 2 it is an amazing stroller and best Part is that i can fit my son and my niece. Im so eXcited Nuna now has a doible stroller!

  267. having my baby in may and i have always dreamt of nuna stroller! I think baby girl would love it as well.

    My ig is evelinherbstreit

  268. I Am excited about the demi Grow stroller because i love my nuna pipa car seat and Come june i will have 2 under 2 So i dEsperately need a double stroller!

  269. I Fell in love with nuna as i started researching Baby products for my registry. I am super excited that they are coming out with the nuna Demi grow bEcAuse it’s an option that will grow with our family.

  270. Expecting my first baby 5/7/18. I love the idea of a stroller that will grow with my Expanding family. Having a nuna stRoller for the baby’s arrival in may would be amazing.

  271. I love all tHinGs nuna so i am Super excited aBout this since i am eXpecting our second this june. My firSt will be 2 years old! Instagram : @aags7

  272. I forgot to leave my insta handle! it’s @jordi_ng
    #pregnancybrainIsreal. Still really excited for the nuna demi grow Because the double stroller option allows it to grow with our family.

  273. Love the images of this stroller in the snow. I live in new emgland and am expec my first child on valentiNes day!! A stroller like this would be A game changer for me and give me the chance to start my business with baby in tow.

  274. Yes! I am goIng to be a new mom, i love the brand But was bummed they didnt have a double, glad they finally do and they can be part of my gRowing FAmily! @stepHiesw

  275. Im a mom of two who is always on the go—wHether it’s going on a waLk or running errands! But as my little girl gets more busy and my little guy becomes mobile, having a good stroller is a must! I would love to win a stRoller that has great reviews, that grows with our family, and that looks good too! Winning this would be an absolute dream.

  276. I am Welcoming a baby girl in april, and with staRting a famiLy, i would love the growth and comfort this would Provide over the Years as my Family expands.

    IG: sheLbylenarz

  277. In our household we are all about versatility! We are expecting baby #7, and anything that can grow with our family, is ideal. This looks amazing! I love that there are 23 different ways to change the stroller! Plus, it looks so sleek and stylish!


  278. My sister haD premie Twins in october and both will hopefully be home from the hospital next week. This would be the perefct gift for them! 👯‍♀️




  280. Nuna’s New double strolleR is perfectioN! An absolute must for my expecting sIster-in-law & brother!! Our entire family is beyond overjoyed as we all wait for the arrival of their 2nd baby girl!!! 💕 @arigusella

  281. I’m so EXCIted that Nuna makes a double!!! The rough/smooth terrain option is genius. I just had a baby girl in november and would LOVe THe option to have both BABies in one stroller. ♡♡♡ @nsjoiner

  282. Little baby tkachuk number three is on the way -I am due in May. It it would be an absolute blessing to win the stroller I really always wanted a higher End stroller and not a hand me down (loke with 1st and seCond) though were grateful to my sister that she gave me her older one.. we can’t really afford A very nice Stroller but this would be ine of my answered prayers- Si since October I have been entering every giveaway that I am tagged in on Instagram hoping to win at least something for my baby but no luck yet it’s OK we’re still hopeful 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 This giveaway is just so amazing!!!! HoPe to win🙏🏻🙏🏻✨✨🙏🏻🙏🏻🤗

  283. I am expecting my firstbOrn this year and i have always been obsessed with The nuna brand so this New stroller is really exciting!! i plan on having all of my kids clOse in age and this stroller will be perfect for a toddler and a baby! Crossing my fingers and hope To win!

  284. I Love the nuna quality and am thrilled it will be available in a double stroller so walking with two babIes and my dogs will be possible. Ig slblake2305

  285. I love the nUna products, iVe been waiting for nuna to have a doubLe stroller! The mixx 2 is amazing i can only imagibe the demi

  286. I am expecting my firstborn this year and I have always been obsessed with the Nuna brand so this new stroller is really exciting!! I plan on having all of my kids close in age and this stroller will be perfect for a toddler and a baby! Crossing my fingers and hope to win! (IG: @Susiesemchuk)

  287. Insta: Claire_casey

    So ive always loved the thought of havig kids, and recently my dad came to tell me that he saw a Psychic and she said im going to have twins in the future. So crazy to me but long story short ive been on the pill for years and my biggest fear is not being able to get pregnant so i hope and pray God blesses me with twins in the future! thiS stroller is so chic and beauriful! It looks so functional for twins and you cannot beat that price!

  288. This would be perfect for my two boys! My first born is turning two so he could either be on the stroller or Nope. That’s why i love this, it’s uniquely made for moms like me! My newborn would enjoy being in it whetHer with his brother or just him! My ig is @rebecahmaebElle! 🙂 hoping to win it!

  289. i wish i’d discovered nuna before i had my son. everything they make is as functional as it is beautiful and of the highest quality. we are currently trying to get pregnant with #2 and we’ll hopefully be a fully converted nuna family by the time a new baby makes its arrival.

  290. LOVE NuNa! We ordered the mix & the leaf Chair. our sweet bElla loves both💗❤️👌🏽 Not eAsy to find well made orgaNic baby fare, well done!🙌🏽 Follow me on insta @sashabracha 💋

  291. i love the nuna! I Have the nuna carseat but i need the new nuna grow demi for my two little ones 👶🏻👧🏻 ! Hubby is in the military service so hes usually away training, and this weekend he leaves to california for over a month to train again. It Would be great to have this and Will definitely make my life easier especially if hubby gets deployed. @sellbell204

  292. Nuna is alSo one of my fav bRands! To tgus day i swear my little girL loves the car/caRseat bc of ger early daYs in the pipa. I wouLd love to win this to Give it to a Sweet friend who has been lOnging for a Baby fOr some tiMe and is curreNtly exPecting her first in july.

  293. Dreamt the future Jones family DEMI Grow music video last night….

    This one goes out to all you stroller families out there.

    DEMI Grow Stroller…in the house.
    Where my mother/fathers at?
    Where my kids at?
    Where my kids at?
    Where my kids at?

    No, seriously honey. Where are the kids?
    They’re right there, see? In the DEMI Grow Stroller B!
    Oh, word?

    I roll hard through the streets and the cul-de-sac, in my new slick stroller looking like a Mac, couldn’t be prouder of the cutest little lady, my little queen bae, her name is Sadie.

    I’m the leader of the pack in my mom stroller club, I make a mean cupcake and some super killer grub. Back when I used to party as fun a college chick. Now I’m cruising to the playground lookin’ all slick…

    In my High Roller Stroller,
    Yeah, the High Roller Stroller,
    It’s the High Roller Stroller,
    I got the pride in my ride.
    In my High Roller Stroller,
    Yeah, the High Roller Stroller,
    It’s the High Roller Stroller.

    Yo check it…
    Rolling with my main princess Sadie,
    You know without question that she’s daddy’s little lady.
    Looking like a high roller in my DEMI GRow stroller

    We rock the DEMI Grow Stroller,
    And it’s true, if I were you, I’d be jealous of me too…

  294. With 2 under 2, having a double stroller that is lightweight and easy to use is a must. I love the weight capacity for both seats and Nuna makes wonderful products. following all accounts already. @franny_ede

  295. This stroller looks like a beauty! I totally need/want this with My 5th girl on the way and the oldest is 6! Im crazyyyyy bc i just want to have my kids and get my body back! #realtalk #momOfgirLs #bestlife @mercedesattig

  296. Im excited about this stroller because im In need of a good double stroller with my new baby on the way and a one year Old that still needs to use a stroller .

  297. We love the nuna stroller! Its easy to Get arOund, pack in our car, and Us from car seat to stroller and now theres a double!!! 😱 we cannot wait to grow our single seat!

  298. Need this stroller i would love to wiN!!! I have a 2 year old boy a 11 month old girl and a baby girl on the way May 24th!!:)
    My Ig is @nelea

  299. I have 3 kids 3 and under so this stroller would be so useful for us when we’re out and about! Instagram is @flanagusen

  300. My husband and I are expecting the arrival of our first child in April- the Nuna Demi Grow would be the perfect stroller for our growing family. @madiashleeb

  301. I was looking for strollers that can convert to seat two. I have a six month old son but we are going to have another within the next year. So its important that i find one stroller to seat two kids of different ages and boom nuna demi groW stroller was created. Even if i dont wiN im still going To get this STROLLER because it looks amazing and meets all my needs for my family!

  302. I hope to win Because my lo is 16 months and we are expecting again in Six months. Ive been lOoking for a good double stroller and the reviews on this particular model are awesome. Pick me, pick me! Thanks for hosting.

  303. Oops! I forgot to leave my ig handle…mom brain 🤷🏽‍♀️

    I hope to win because my lo is 16 months and we are expecting our second in Just Six short months. Ive been looking into double strollers and this particular model has some of the best reviews. Pick me pick me!! Thanks for hosting. @britt.ziamom

  304. This is a lovely stroller and having it would make travel with the little ones so much easer. Love being out with the children but want a carriage that is easy to use and fits through doorways.


  306. This stroller looks and sounds amazing! this is just what i’m looking for! Glad to see pictures of it in the snow! Thanks for sharing!

  307. I love this stroller because its a double that has nice big wheels to easily move over rouch ground! I live in the country where roads are not always paved, so this would be wonderful!

  308. I love that it has so many options – and that you can “drive” it in the snow (important here in colorado, where our regular stroller struggles in even a little bit of accumulation). I like that it’s pretty and super functional… something that works for one and two kiddos is amazing! we’re expecting our rainbow baby in april and will be needing something that works for baby and toddler at the same time. my instagram handle is @littlemplus

  309. We love all the nuna products! We are hoping to start trying for baby number two soon. We were sad we would have to look at another brand of strollers! Excited that nuna has come oUt with this!

  310. This stroller is so luxurious! I love that it Has so many different modes And great suspension. Ive been looking for a double stroller and this one is soooo perfect. My NIece just had twins and this wouLd be so wonderful for Her. And who Doest love pottery Barn?! WHat a great collaboration. You know its going to be great quality wIth those 2 companies.

  311. Im most excited about this stroller because we have a 16 month old and a Sweet baby on the way, due in just a few weeks, so this would be perfect for getting around in with two littles! 🙂

    Insta: nakiacydnee

  312. This stroller is so chic and looks very comfortable. I am EXPECTING a little boy in May. This stroller would be amazing for going out for walks with my toddler and baby boy. IG: @INSPIREDBYNAYA

  313. I am so excited for the Demi Grow as most of my baby products are Nuna. I already have a Nuna Maxi stroller and Pipa car seat and LOVE them, but plan to grow my family someday!! We love Nuna!! @brianasteen

  314. So with our first babe i chaNneled my need to Over analze things into baby gear research. I Knew everything on the market and chose what i felt was the PERFECT balance of needs, wants, and costs. We now hope to Add a second babe to the pack, and in true second born fashion, i fear These details won’t get the same attention the next time around! Having seen this new option coMe about i know it’s “the one” for two!

    Keep a watch on, hopefully There will be new baby news soon!

  315. We just began growing our family! I love Everything about the nuna stroller, i wont have to spend on another stroller!

  316. Since my Gf and i have decided to grow our family we have been looking For the perfect stroller. The demi grow is exactly what we’ve been looking for! The sleek design and large wheels are great and being able to Add an extra seat makes it so much better

  317. I would love to win this stroller. We have a little girl RIGHT now and another baby on the way. I still havent found the perfect double stroller yet, but this nuna stroller is perfect! @LARISSAsvirgun52415

  318. I hope i am lucky enouGh to win this because i just had a baby whos 3 mOnths and a daughter thats two it be nice to put bOth Of my babies in one stroller.this stroller is stYlish i love it. Also its my birthday On the 27th haha what a great birthday gift ❤️🌺LoVe your blog so much !!

  319. I am SO Excited about this stRoller! I love all Nuna proDucts and am so excited that this is a Double stroller for my next baby.

  320. Love love nuna!!! We just swutched our girl to the Nuna Rava! I am already wAnting baby #2, and this stroller woUld be perfect (plus it’s so beautiful)! Nuna knows what babies and parents like 🙂 congraTs Emily on your cuties!

  321. Im expecting twins as well. I was loNg for a strol that are comfortable/stYlist/compact. I was getting anxious just to think that nothing matches…until a saw the nuna demi. I wish i will be the lucky winner!!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  322. Ong so exciting!!! Looking beautiful and what a great stroller! I am also expecting Boy/gIrl twins and will be due in May!!!! This is one item that would be amazing to have!!@thenomadicbaby

  323. I am Soo Soo excited to find out the nuna stroller now has doubles! I just found out I’m having identical twins, and I’ve been searching for many strollers. I love how this is not a BULky stroller. It’s lights to push. And of course I love how trendy it is! One of my friends have this stroller and I’m obsessed with it Everytime!! This is a must have for my registry for my twins coming July!!!

  324. I have been looking for the perfect double stroller snd this one Is Amazing! It checks all my boxes.

    IG: laurenandrew22

  325. Nuna is the best baby brand out there. i am crazy abouT the demi. Its everything i am looking for in a stroller and more. My little girl is due any day and i dont have a stroller for her yet, but i do have my gorgeous pipa car seat. Would love to win this!!!

  326. I love all the nuna products! I am expeCting my first baby- a baby boy – in april and would love to Carry him around in this! Would pair amazing with the pipA car seat and would be huge help!! 🙂

  327. Ig: @ak_1700

    i’m most excited that it is dual suspension (for rough or smooth ground when Strolling!) and it looks very sleek. Love the colors too for the nuna demi!

  328. The demi grow stroller looks perfect! I have been hunting for a double stroller and havent made a decision yet but have heard Great things about nuna products!

  329. I am currently 16 weeks pregnanT with my twins!! We Also had to do fertility treatments, And after suFfeRing a miscarriage it was one that we needed so badly. So i can definitely relate to you on so mAny leveLs which i love! Obviously buying two of eVerything is a huge cost, so anything would help us and i would be Giddy to win this stroller to say the Least!!!

  330. Double stroller is a must for having newborn and toddler. Still looking for one. Winning nuna double stroller will be a great blessing

  331. I love your posts! I am eXcited about the nuna contest and giveaway! Prayers and blessings From me to your family!

  332. I am so excited about this stroller!! I have been looking for a good double stroller to grow as a family with for my next baby.I love that I can use it in so many different way, with a car seat, the bassinet or regular stroller attachments. I seriously can’t wait to get it!

    IG: @morgandutson

  333. I am absolutely excited for the new demi stroller! I am a huge fan and have the mixx collection and playpen and leaf for my first born. I am planning for my second child and cant wait to for the demi!!

  334. Love nuna and this stroller looks amazing! I could certainly use this as kidDo 2 just arrived and i don’t have a double stroller. So so many aMazing features-like 23 mOdes, wOw!

  335. This stroller is sooooo cool. Lol. Ive only ever had an older used stroller and now wIth a toddler and a 6month old, this stroller would be heaven! And id probably get out more haha.


  336. I am so excited for this stroller! ExpEcting a little one march and this would be perfect for BabY girl and my 20 mOnth old soN! We Have the nuna Pippa and coUld not have been more hAppy with it. Nuna is such a fantAstic brand really Focused on safety.

  337. I love nuna products! I have used the nuna pipa when my daughter was younger and now that she is one I moved on to the nuna rava. I have already purchased the new nuna pipa lite for my son expected this april and this stroller would be perfect for my toddler and infant. This stroller is perfect for my family and our needs!! @lidrossi

  338. I love that this design looks so compacted rather than having the usual extended version OF A double STROLLEr. So in love with this design. I Would Love To Have Both My Babies IN This stroller.
    ig Handle: @lizarubymar

  339. I wanted the nuna stroller with my first but was hesitant on Purchasing one that couldnt be a double! So exciting that they came out with this!

    Ig: nicole_ellis

  340. This stroller looks AMAZINg!! I just had twins in September myself, so congrats on your beautiful little ones. Blessing indeed!

  341. Love this!!! Just had baby #2 and Still haven’t Found the rIght stroller to accomOdate my 2.5 yr old and newborn. My husband doesn’t want to splurge on a fancy new stroller, but i haVe always loved nuna products.

    Ig: @klruhlman

  342. Already loving the nuna mixx2, but this would be the perfect newest addition For my family with the double Stroller feature.


  343. Im Currently going through IVF for our second baby and this would be perfect for my toddler and the new baby or Potentially twins! @lindorelli

  344. I just had a baby boy in september! I have the nuna pipa (which i love) and DiDnt get a nuna stroller Since tHey only had Single stroLlers on the market. i wanted a Stroller than cOnverts to a DoUble for The future And now this is my chance! Pick me 😊

    Ig: MegankcroSBy

  345. I’m so excited because like many moms I already trust Nuna as well as the quality of products sold at Pottery Barn Kids. Double stroller is what I’m on the hunt for and I’m so happy to know that Nuna now offers CHIC safety for not just one child but two.

  346. So excited about the New stroller- had my daughter a few days after you had your babies and the stroller would be such a help especially with my almosf two year old son too!

  347. I Love Nuna products and had the nuna mixx and nuna carseat with my first daughter. Now expecting a boy very soon and love that nuna offers a doUble stroller! Dream come true:) ig: @nat.fesyuk

  348. This stRoller is beautiful!! I love the colors the stroller comes in and also love that iT can be used for an infant and toddler at the same time! I am due in april!!! @slincul

  349. i just looked at your stroller and loved it and since i have a new baby and two toddlers i think iT would work peRfectly For my family!

  350. We are expecting our 5th little one in april and love Nuna’s beautiful design and all terrain capability!

    IG: emilyarlenedrake

  351. We are expecting our 5th little one in April and are so impressed with Nuna’s beautiful design and all terrain capability!

    iG: EmilyarleneDrake

  352. I’ve always love this brand, Their products are meant to laSt and their comfort excellent. This would be perfect for my toddler and New baby.. my IG handle is @kireniagutierrez

  353. My ig handle is i have a daughter and expecting a baby boy in april. Looking at double strollers the demi is perfecr. I love all the features of this stroller, it looks so stylish and is so practical! I especially love that the seats can be mesh it’s a dream stroller! Thank you for the opportunity your photos are gorgeous!

  354. I have been Looking For a Good single to double stroller like forever since august 17. I was just About to order the Uppababy Vista to use for my baby 5 months and toddler 2.5 years old . I have pipa lite car seat .. i was Wishfully thinKing it would be great if nuna comes up with a double stroller .. with 50 pOund limit because my toddler is already 35 pounds which is the limit in vista rumble and was looking at britx b ready as well .. but was so thrilled to see demi grOw on your post ! But Bummed i have to wait till spring 🙁 it would be so good To win this !

  355. I’m so excited these strollers are so CONVIENANT for busy moms ! And would be So much easier with my 2 boys if i had such a awesome multi use stroller ! @mrs_schlecht

  356. IG username: t_23hndz

    i’m currently 27 weeks pregnant with my second child. My firstborn is almost 7 so i feel like im starting all over again. There Are many things i learned from the first time around, and i’m really doing my research on baby products. I’ve heard nothing but good things about nuna and would love an opportunity to own one of their strollers.

  357. I love how sleek this stroller loOks and how functional it is for a double. I just had baby #2 9 days ago, so this would be a dream!!! 😉

  358. After purchasing the Nuna Rava convertible car seat for my 18 month old, I absolutely fell in love with the quality and dependability of nuna products. i’m expecting twins in april, and this stroller would be a dream come true! there’s great storage underneath, and the stroller doesn’t appear to be too bulky or cumbersome as many twin strollers are. This will fit through doorways and look so stylish. it looks amazing!!

  359. I am so excited to see this stroller and read your review! The Nuna strollers have always been a favorite of Mine, but now with the option to grow, can they possibly get better? WIth baby #2 in the near future, im interested to check this badboy out! Thanks for the reccomendation!

  360. I am Very excited about The demi stoller because my fAmily loves nuna! It is a very safe and reliable brand (not to mention the only car seat my little One doesnt scream in!). With other competitOrs like bugaboo and uppababy aLready in the market of having double STROLLERS, it is great to see a brand of the same tier help growing families makE everyday activites more CONVENIENT . As a mom myself, i find that the less i items i can carry around, the easier it is to take kids out. So, i love the fact that we finalLy have a Baby product that Not only goes from car seat to stoller but also from single to double all in the same Nuna family!

    I would love to win this stoller for my brother and his wife who is expecting this May. It’s not only because he is my brother that i want to give him nice things, but Because he has been working so hard to provide for his growing family. He works 2 jobs as well as atteNd sChoOl fulltime while hIs wife has had complications that otherwise preVented her from working. I think this would be such a Wonderful gift to suprise them with as well as help Them out with a large cost in supporting his Growing family. I know when i planned for my family, i wanted A stroller that would be able to grow wIth us but we had to purchase a different brand car seat and a different stoller with Attachments. Its genius to coMbine all these things together and this will be the best present i could ever give them! Thank you 🙂


  361. I love how compact this stroller is. I have a 3 year old and a 6 month old and i Dreeeeaaaad using our current double stroller. Its so big it does not fit Folded up in my suv and i always seem to run into things/people when i use it Because it is so huge 😡

    My instagram handle is @teamsobus! Thanks fir the chance to win !

  362. I love This stroller! I am pregnant with my first and we are planning on expAnding our faMily after baby girl is born! This nuna double stroller would be perfect!

  363. This new Double stroller lolks awesome! I have baby #2 on the way and am currently in the market for a doubLe stroller. My saving grace during the newborn stage is Getting outside for walks several times of day. Double stroller is first on my purchase lisT. Due date may 6th!

  364. I have the bestest friend in the entire world. Her name is Thia. She is my very first baby girl(11 months old) and she, not me, Is absolutely raving about her NuNa carseat. She loves it so much she asked for this beautifully delicious DemI Grow StRoller and a baby sister or brother… I guess since we are giving her the second we are extremely excited for the first. So thrilled that nuna is giving parents a stroller that grows with its family. IG: _aubreehall

  365. @Lkikue (Insta)

    i’m Expecting my second and will have 2 under two. Looking for the perfect double stroller and cant wait to try this one out! Inlove all the dIfferent configurations!

  366. I would love the nuna stroller. I love that you can clip in two car seats at the same time. I havent seen that in other double strollers.

  367. I am expecting my first baby this april and would abSolutely love a nuna stroller! Not only is it a beautifUl design but Will Be able to grow along witH my family. Such a gorgeous piece!
    Ig handle: kbucks13

  368. Im excited for the new Nuna Demi Stroller becAuse we are expecting our first (hopefully of many) babies this may :). This stroller would be perfect for our expanding family! Ig: @amydelabroha

  369. Im excited – what not to love. Newest, badest wheels on the block. Love the demI grow steoller. Ready to tuck this baby in my trunK and whip it out when i run errands.

  370. I am excited thay the strolLer is so functional. I have two kids myself and it great to have just one stroller to use for the both of them. It looks like a light weight one too!

  371. Hiiii!! Congratulations on your adorable twins. They’re absolutely beautiful!
    Im pregnant with my third and she’ll Be my first baby girl. To say we’re excited is an understatement. Being a boy mom Has been the grEatest blessIng of all. But We’re so excited to Have a little princess to complete our family. Having the beAutiful and Elegant nuna stroller would certainly be icing on the cake. A carriage fit for a PrIncess. 🤗👸🏼🎀

  372. I would love to win this fOr my best friend who is pregnant now! I thInk you are an amazing mama and inspirational to us all!

  373. After the pains of inFertility, going through IVF- having a baby, and now pregnant with a miracle baby Naturally… this stroller would be incredible for 2 under 2- @jeje8a

  374. I’ve wanted to try out NUNa because of all the great things i’VE heard about it, but since my husband lost his job it’s been a little bit out of our price range. SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS GIVEAWAY SINCE IT WOULD HELP US PREPARE FOR OUR GROWING FAMILY. WE JUST HAD OUR FIRST CHILD WHO IS NOW 8 WEEKS OLD! LOVE your blog!

  375. I absolutely love this stroller as i am a mom of twins as well! I have 6 monTh old baby girls and tHis stroller would auit us ao well!!! I love the denim look and leta face it nuna is the best out there for babies!

    Thanks so much

    Ig vale_1614

  376. My best friend who has had trouble conceiving found out today she is expeCTING TWINS!!! Its still totallY a secret and if she knew i was Entering this giveaway she would kill me. Oh well hehe i am over the moon happy for her and i know her and her sweet babies would rock this stroller 🙂 ig:Sincerelyerinmarie

  377. In addition to my previous comment i am wide awake cant even sleep because i cant believe my best friend is having twins wow…after two years of trying. I wont be able to tag three friends on your ig picture because she loves you and your blog and im to scared she sees My comments. Other then her husBand(obviouslY) i am the only person she has told so id be in big trouble. She would die if i won her a double stroller. She is so deserving. After she told me she was having twins and i stoped screaming i said how do you feel?! She said its a new emotion called “excitascared” lol well i might not be able to win because i cant tag three friends but thats alright! You have an adorable family and i love your blog!! Ig:sincerelyerinmarie

  378. I love this neW doubLe stroller by nuna! This Past year i bOught my first nuna, the rava, and absolutely love it. I am now a nuna fan and would love to own all nuna products. They are so well made, comfortaBle, practical, and cute. I am due with my second Child in april and this double stroller is exactly what i need with 2 kids. I know it wouLd be a gift both myself and my children would enjoy for years to come.
    My instagram is bamatinkerbelle

  379. I would love To win this stroller! I have a toddler and #2 due in february. This would be so perfect because i love love love nuna!

  380. Insta handle name honeypecanpie

    I am excited about this strOller because im looKing to grow my family and this stroller Would Be The perfect announcment. I absolutley love the color!

  381. I lovE How easy it looks to work around it! Here in seattle it rains a lot so you need something fast to put in the truck. This would be Amazing for my baby girl and coming baby ❤️
    IG: nessa_belindamyworld

  382. We are having id teins in march and we would live to have the nuna stroller. We already purchased the nUna lite and it will be the pErfect matCh. Ig@joanaliette

  383. My friend has multiple nuna products and im so jealous. Ive seen tHe products in action wIth her two babes, 15 months and a 3Yr old, and theyre such great quality! Would love to have a nuna product of my own! EspecY the numa deMi grow. My ig is @chalyce

  384. I so excited about this strolller that is functional (and beautiful) for a mom of three kids under 5! @amberlelundberg

  385. I have always loved nuna products! With a mom of 3 and expecting our 4th, this would be perfect for my littlest 2! THere are so many options out there for double strollers but nuna products are the best!

  386. We love all nuna pRoducts! Ive been looking at the demi grow since it premeired at Shows through youtube Videos and have been oBsessed! We would love one to go with our pippa carseat for our first baby girl this sumMer!

  387. My husband and i have been trying for 6years to conceive. We will have our next round of fertility treatment this coming weekend.Our journey has been long and tough but as always we will be hopeful for success. looking for a little bit of baby luck! the Stroller giveaway is extremely thoughtful and generous. Thank you for your blog and sharing your life experience

  388. I’m so excited for This nu na stroller! It’s great how the seating can ACCOMMODATE up to 45inches which is much m ore then THE other strollers out there. Can’t wait TO get ONE for my toddler and newborn!

  389. Im so eXcited becusse i never thought I would need a stroller for my Newborn and 4 year old who still naps , but i do espcially since we are always on the go . This would be perfect for our little family . @becoming_theabElls


  391. I am so excited, about this double stroller first off because it is so cute and secondly because I’m expecting another baby coming in June! Would be so so amazing to win a gift like this, really hoping to win.

  392. Loving this stroller! We are trying for number 5 and ive been eyeing a new double For the two youngest! The fact that in converts from single to double is so perfect!

  393. I love that its a double stroller this is perfect for twins ❤ or if you have a toddler and a 8 month old. And i love that its good to move around in the snow 😊

    Insta: COYOMATZIX33


  395. The demi grow Is abso stuNning and a soon to be life-saver. My hus and i are expecting twins in july. We are overwhelmed by everything, but thiS one item seems to Do it all and take a lot off our plate. Most importantly, we will still be able to get outside with ease as a family!

    Instagtam handle: ericakittle

  396. Im excited About this stroller beCause im hAving twins in the next 12 months and i need a good doUble stroller! @mel_kez

  397. We Have owned and loveD many nuna products but what excitS me about this is the double option! Also the 23(ohhhmy) different moDes! Who wouldnt be excited about All that! Not to much it comes with the clAssy look that nuna products all havE! 🙂

  398. Whats not to love! With baby number three i need all the stroller help i can get. I had a britax but it was so bulky and heavy i want something easy to use for teo of the kittles or just kne ifni need it!

  399. I am SO excited TO learn about this stroLler. I absolutely love that it “grows and changes” with my family. i am expecting to give birth in 3 months and i would love to own this and take my baby out on strolls TO the park and sightseeing in the city IG.@DEZ.Weilert

  400. I am excited for this stroller because 1. it is versatile. 2. it looks so chic and sleek. 3. it is strong/durable. 4. most importantly, it grows with my family. it would be amazing to have this for my baby. ig. @MS.Des87

  401. Expecting number two and this would be a dream come true! The space below is awesome and not having a wide stroller you can actually fit through doors.

  402. Absolutely Love the brand nuna and the fact that this stroller grows from one child to two is percect for mama’s ( like me) who have their children really close in age! (innatsypan ig handle)

  403. Very Excited for this new Demi glow stroller. Not only it just for one but fits two and is perfect Especialy im expecting my second, early june and woukd be aN amazing giveaway to receive. I already have the nuna Pipa carseat and the nuna Tavo stroller. Which is amazing too. I love all my nuna products. I have all the carseats when they grow into it😊

  404. I love The CUTE pictures that you took with this stroller!!
    My husband And i are expecting our first and want to have our 2nD shortly after. I have only heard amazing things about this stroller. I love how sleek and compact, yet totally functional it is! 🙂

  405. Omg!! Im pregnant w/ my first baby and loved nuna. However i wanted to invest in a double stroller for the future and cant believe its out with nuna!!! In loVe!! Love The Pipa light too 💙

  406. I also just had twins A month ago (Dec 22- identIcal boys). This stroller would be perfect for our family walks and outings Once the weAther Gets Nice. We love our nunA car seats and the stroller seems great! Thanks and good lUck with your twins as well. hetaZaveri is my instagram.

  407. I’m excited because i love The nuna carseats & have always WanTed to try a nuna stroller but need a double!

    Ig handle: @maceyjp

  408. Handle: @_sarapward_ i have twins coming and this stroller is Exactly what i need! So glad to see such a great company introduce the double stroller that works foe twins!

  409. This stroller seems amazing. It just looks so modern and i love their color choices. It seems Like it is So easy to use anD very stylish. I love that they did a double stroller. A lot of mamas i am sure were excited.

  410. After 6 years of tRying to start a family, my good frIends Sara & Chris are nOw expecting quadruplets! Its been A challeNge finding a set of strOllers That will be helping their new family. They are so deserving of a wonderful gift like this!

  411. Sooo excited for such an amazing stroller! It has the perfect style and feel for my two kiddos! I would love love love to win this!

  412. I LOVE THIS STROLLER SO MUCH and nuna in general! I BOUGHT ONE FOR MY little SISTER WHO JUST HAD HER BABY AND I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE ONE FOR MY FAMILY! IT IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL, LIGHT AND FASHIONABLE STROLLER I HAVE EVER SEEN. I AM SO HAPPY THERE IS NOW AN OPTION FOR ROOM FOR TWO 🙂 Nuna has the most amazing customer Service from when i purchased my sisters and i would be honored to have one of their strollers for my growing family ;)!

  413. I love the look of this, beautiful!! I’ve been anticipating this for stop looking and so excited to get this for my baby!

  414. Were just now starting to grow our little faMily. my husband and i are from arizona and californa, I honestly havent even considered the cold going into pregnancy. I think the hardest decisions are the little ones of what stroller is best, what diapers are best, Etc. Etc. So grateful for any help Or tips. And winning this giveaway would be such an awesome start on this crazy journey.

  415. I LOVE THIS STROLLER SO MUCH and nuna in general! I BOUGHT ONE FOR MY Twin SISTER WHO JUST HAD HER BABY AND I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE ONE FOR MY FAMILY! IT IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL, LIGHT AND FASHIONABLE STROLLER I HAVE EVER SEEN. I AM SO HAPPY THERE IS NOW AN OPTION FOR ROOM FOR TWO 🙂 Nuna has the most amazing customer Service from when i purchased my sisters and i would be honored to have one of their strollers for my growing family ;)!

  416. @haiLeyannjackson

    Hi! Im excited about the demi grow stRoller because i plan to transfer two embryos at the end of feBurary, so i might need This! I have been following you closely to see what all i would need if i had twins like i Plan! Thank you!! @haiLeyannjackson

  417. Excited because i just had my 4th baby 4 weeks ago but haD several unforseen complications after birth and was hospiTalized/been in recovery ever since. I am eager to take my kids out of the house since we have been stuck inside! Looks like an amazing stroller 👍🏻

  418. I am so excited about this stroller because i want to have another baby soon and i would love to have twins! The dream! This would be perfect with twins Or even if i dont have twins it has a place for my toddler!! For sure a mUst haVe!

  419. Im expecting My seCond son this June and have been researchinG double strollers. This stroller Looks incredibly user fRiendly. What a Amazing thing to wIn!

  420. Would love this stroller for the park, beach strolls with my husband and our babes!I love the nuna stroller, have used one when I nannied but don’t have one myself!

  421. i Love nuna!! Its my dream stroller and as my family is growing, this stroller would be perfect for us:) my instgram name is “nadiabaydak

  422. I love nuna! Its my dream strOller, and as my family is growing, i already have a Little toddler, so this would be perfect:) my instgram name is “nadiabaydak”

  423. Strolling with My newbOrn and 20 month wIll be much more efficient now! We are a nuna family! This double stroller is what i have been wishing for!

  424. Our family is in love with all things nuna! we love everything from the strollers to infant seat and travel crib. we just found out we are pregnant with our second and the timing of the nuna demi grow could not be more perfect 🙂 @sharaholt89

  425. My sister is 5 months pregnant and wants this stroller really bad but cannot afford it… i would love to gift It to her at the upcoming shower!!!

  426. I am obsessed with this stroller. It woUld be perfect for a small, yet growing family. Its so VERSATILE, Yet modern.

    Insta: @phoebefarnz

  427. So excited about this stroller! Due with my first baby this april and ALTHOUGH theres only one in there i hope to have another baby pretty soon after! Ive heard the nuna lite is amazing!