The Heart of Our Home

This post is #sponsored by Milo’s Kitchen®I received product and compensation, but all opinions are my own.


I don’t know about you, but for us, our kitchen is the heart of our home. We spend a lot of time there – snack time with the kids, eating meals, talking and laughing with loved ones, doing homework and other activities. One thing that never changes: Max is always nearby waiting for something delicious to drop on the ground.  Lately both Cannon and Capri LOVE art – drawing and painting pictures to hang on the fridge for display and after they draw a picture, they always do a mini show-and-tell to me, Taylor and Max. Today’s picture features Max and is proudly hanging on our fridge. It’s safe to say we ALL love the kitchen; especially the kids and Max! 

Another way we love to spend time in the kitchen? Treating time! A couple weeks ago I was introduced to Milo’s Kitchen. The people there believe that dogs deserve treats made with the same quality of ingredients and care that we want for our food, which is why their real chicken or beef is the #1 ingredient is in their treats. Now we can finally share the best room in the house with him! The kids love to help give Max treats, so it allows us to really bond as a family. Max always gets a treat during the kids snack-time and Capri and Cannon will switch off on who gives him a treat. 

They sent us some of their treats (Simply Chicken Jerky, Chicken Meatballs and Beef Sausage Slices with Rice) and Max loves all of them!!! The Chicken Jerky is probably his favorite 😉 The treats  are widely available nationally at Walmart, Target, PetSmart, Amazon along with other places! They come in 4 different sizes and have a price point of $3.49 to $14.99. 

Have you guys heard of Milo’s Kitchen? If you have a fur child you should definitely try them!! They are a game changer and I love that we can all enjoy time in the kitchen together.