New Year, New Me

I don’t know about you guys but every January I like to take the time to sit down and evaluate my life and make some goals for the New Year, and every year I have at least one consistent goal: be healthier. 

Obviously, that’s a very broad goal and I’ve made some smaller goals within that big goal, but change is possible with baby steps and sometimes even integrating a new product or formula. Some of my smaller goals include to drink more water, exercise 2-4 times a week (taking it nice and easy as I’m only 6 weeks PP), make better choices when I cook meals or eat out, get to bed early and wake up early (this one hasn’t been the easiest with the twins, but I’m trying!!!), and #ForGumsSake take better care of my oral health.

Today I’m excited to be partnering with Crest for the launch of their new Crest Gum Detoxify toothpaste! This revolutionary toothpaste is formulated with Activated Foam technology that reaches below the gum line to significantly improve gum health. I visit my dentist twice a year and I swear almost every time he reminds me to floss and to not neglect my gums. So when Crest reached out to me I definitely wanted to give this toothpaste a try to hopefully improve my current gum situation! I’ve always loved Crest and so far I’ve loved Gum Detoxify (I’ve been using it for about two weeks now)!!  My teeth and gums are pretty sensitive but this toothpaste doesn’t irritate them at all or make them tingle like other kinds of toothpaste I’ve tried. My teeth feel super clean and refreshed after I brush using their new Gum Detoxify toothpaste!!

To learn more, click here!! 

Sponsored by Crest.


  1. Hi Emily! long time follower here – love reading your blog. i don’t want this to come across as mean, but i’ve noticed lately that all your posts are sponsored. i literally think your 4 last posts have all been an ad for something…

    I read your blog regularly and its a bit disheartening to see a sponsored post over and over again. it makes your blog less authentic.

    anywho, thank you for being you and your twins are just the cutest!