In Our Kitchen with Milo’s Kitchen

This post is #sponsored by Milo’s Kitchen®I received product and compensation, but all opinions are my own.

You might remember this post from a couple weeks ago when I partnered with Milo’s Kitchen and we told you about how the kitchen is the most important room in our home! Well, Max is LOVING their high-protein, kitchen-inspired treats (his favorite is the Simply Chicken Jerky but he also loves their Chicken Meatballs and Beef Sausage Slices with Rice). And I love that chicken or beef are the number one ingredients!

Capri had the idea of making a treat jar specifically for Max to store his treats in because we’ve been talking about how we do nice things or give gifts to people to show them we love and care for them. It was such a sweet gesture and totally caught me by surprise, but Capri is so creative and always thinking of others! Cannon wanted to join in on the fun too and both kids had the full creative freedom to do what they want, and they both wanted to paint (of course, the messy stuff is always the most fun!! ;). 

They had a blast painting these in our Art Room which is just off of our kitchen!! And Max hung out with us the whole time, it’s like he knew what was going in them! 😉 We keep the jars in our kitchen near the pantry and the kids love to give Max snacks and also help restock it. The kids are so proud of their jar that they made! Having a treat jar in the kitchen and making the kids responsible for filling it up and treating him is a great easy chore that the kids can do and it also helps them bond with our Max! And anytime any of us even walk near the jar Max gets so excited and thinks he deserves a treat!!! 

Have you guys tried out Milo’s Kitchen yet?! Their treats are made in the USA and available at Walmart, Target, PetSmart, Amazon and more. We absolutely love that real chicken or beef is the number one ingredient. It’s safe to say we all enjoy them, especially Max since he’s the one who gets to eat them, and I love that they allow us to bond together in our favorite room in the house (our kitchen!!! ;).