Staying Connected with Circle

Screens of every kind now surround our whole world. It makes parenting both convenient and difficult at the same time. Capri is starting to use her iPad to research things for school, and Cannon loves watching YouTube videos about monster trucks or anything Disney (he loves Mickey Mouse and Puppy Dog Pals!!). Because I’m busy with the twins, I wanted a way to know that my children were not only viewing content that is age appropriate but also a way to guide their time on screens altogether. 

Circle with Disney is the perfect solution! It is a small, white device that pairs with our Wi-Fi router and then identifies any device that is connected to the Wi-Fi. Using the user-friendly app, Taylor and I are able to help manage the content and time spent on screens within our home. 

One of my favorite features of Circle with Disney is that I am able to set time limits for all our devices. This helps me follow through with saying, “You have 10 more minutes” to Cannon when he’s watching his favorite videos. I even set myself a time limit for social media to make sure I spend more time off my screen and with my children! It’s really been such a nice feature for us.

Circle with Disney has made navigating parenting in the world of technology much easier for my family and me. Have you guys heard about it?! If devices are a popular thing in your home I would highly recommend trying this!

Sponsored by Circle with Disney