In My Master With Bed Bath & Beyond

This post is sponsored by Bed Bath & Beyond, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Room details: Duvet coverShams (also here), Decorative pillowWool throw all c/o Bed Bath & Beyond 

My favorite thing to do at the end of each day is to get into a freshly made bed with the softest linens and blankets. I love that feeling so much, especially with how hectic my life is lately! And where you get those linens is pretty important, in my opinion.

When we were building our home I knew my bedroom would be a center point in our home, so I wanted to make sure our bed was the most comfortable for us. And if you’re a long time follower of mine then you know how much I love the color white. Not only do I like to wear it but I love it when it comes to home decor as well. It’s crisp and clean, light and airy and you really can’t have enough of it! Every season change I feel like I need to update my home a little bit and make a few changes – whether it’s paint color, new accessories, or new bedding. Just ask Taylor, I have been wanting to “fresh up” our master (especially the linens) since January! Right after the babies were born! It was like I needed some sort of change in the room where we spent majority of our time, so I was excited to partner with Bed Bath & Beyond! They have a wide variety of really great high-quality bedding options at their physical stores and online. They even have designers like Frette at Home and Vera Wang. 

Every night when my head hits my pillow, I snuggle into the most delicate and comfortable piece of heaven. I’m so glad I was able to update my master with linens from Bed Bath & Beyond. And best of all, Taylor approves!! 😉 Do you guys like to update your bedrooms with the seasons, too?! Or is it just me?

Sponsored by Bed Bath & Beyond.


  1. This whole post is so fresh and lovely. i always go for white or neutral linens, which seem cleaner to me in some non-sensical way. love this post.

  2. I love your master! I used to constantly my bedding with the seasons – even fun christmas printed sheets until I decided to go all white bedding duvet. So now i throw on a throw to spruce it up – and this summer we might swap the hot duvet out with a quilt since phoenix gets so hot!

  3. I love how crisp your white bedding looks! I was given a set of white bamboo sheets from and I’m scared to ruin them. I would love if you could share some tips on you keep yours so clean.