Building Confidence In My Smile

^^ My before 

^^ Amy’s before

Ever since I was a teenager I was always super self-conscious when it came to my smile. It was crooked and just not how I wanted it to be. You can ask any of my friends or my sisters – if I could change one thing about myself it would be my smile. I feel like because I wasn’t confident in my teeth and how I looked when I smiled I would refrain from smiling whenever possible, which isn’t how anyone should live. 

A couple months ago my friend Lisa Allen introduced me to Dr. Brian Harris, a smile creator, confidence builder and educator. I had heard nothing but good things about him and started following him on Instagram because his transformations were truly remarkable! Dr. Harris and I (and my sister Amy) did a virtual consultation and it was amazing to think that he could help me finally have the smile I’d always wanted. He was so detailed and educated and had the experience that I trusted to rebuild my smile and help me gain the confidence I was lacking, and I honestly couldn’t be happier with the results! It’s the BEST thing I’ve ever done! Also I had super sensitive teeth and gums but now with the veneers it’s been so different and so much better. If you’re considering rebuilding your smile or have always wanted to make a change but didn’t know where to start, Dr. Brian Harris is your guy! More than anything I feel more confident and to me, that’s so worth it. 

Be sure to follow me and Dr. Brian Harris on Instagram (@drbrianharris) for a giveaway later this month prior to the Dental Marketing Conference in Vegas on April 27th and 28th! Trust me, you definitely don’t want to miss out on this!! And in the meantime click here for your free virtual smile consult where Dr. Harris will show you what’s possible your smile, just like he did for me! 



  1. Working in the industry, I knew right away you had veneers and it is nice that you are finally being honest about it even though I imagine it is part of your partnership. Can you explain which type of veneer you have, and provide facts about the process to educate your readers?

    p.s. You were too hard on yourself, as your before smile was beautiful, too!

  2. HI emily!

    Thank you for sharing your story on your new smile. I think your new smile looks so good and very natural. I was hoping to know a little bit more details on your experience. Like, how long the procedure took, did they shave down all of your teeth? is there any maintenance to them? How long do they last? where is dr. Harris located? etc. If you could share a little bit more with us, I think that would be the most helpful.

    regardless, thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Emily!

    You were both too hard on yourselves! it made me feel sad that you weren’t confident about your smile – I can imagine many women feel the same about these ‘flaws’ that we all see in ourselves. Your dentist did a brilliant job and if it did boost your confidence then that is a fantastic outcome. I can see from his page that he is an amazing dentist has changed many peoples’ lives for the better. Thanks for sharing!

    take care

  4. Hi Emily, thanks for your post and rec of Dr harris, he and staff are AMAZING. I went yesterday and Now have temps on. Can’t wait fOr my perm ones in 3 wks. Just a quick Question, what shade did you go with? He recom BL2 for me, buT Just want to be sure THEY ARE white enough. Thank you!