Over the past several months I’ve been working SO hard on a project that I’m truly thrilled to finally be sharing with all of you!!!!! As most of you know, running is one of my biggest passions. In the last six years I’ve done countless half marathons, the St. George Marathon and NYC Marathon and I’ve learned so much from each race I’ve completed… so I had the idea to create my very own Running Guide!

My Running Guide ($25) which will be an automatic download and sent directly to your email after purchase, along with this cute GRL PWR tank ($28 – very limited quantities) will launch and be available for purchase on my blog THIS SUNDAY!

I first started working on this in January when my twins were only a couple weeks old. I was still a month or so away from actually being able to run, so in my down time between feedings and diapers I began working on a schedule to get myself back into shape. It had been one year since I had run due to all my IUI and IVF treatments. I wanted so badly to commit and get going again, but I also needed sleep and a little extra motivation. I recognized that I probably wasn’t the only woman out there coming off a pregnancy or wanting to get into shape that needed that extra motivation, because taking the first step and completing that first run isn’t easy! So in making this running guide I am hoping to motivate those that need it. 

I think women have an incredible ability to inspire and empower each other! We all come from different backgrounds and in different shapes and sizes. We have all had different experiences but can do this hard thing together. Here is my disclaimer, I am not a super athlete, I will not be winning the next Boston Marathon, but I’m going to do the absolute best that I can, and that’s the fun part! I can promise that the information in this guide will help you accomplish things that you didn’t think were possible and you’ll love it!

   My hope is that this guide can be a starting place for those of you who have always wanted to train for a race but haven’t known how or where to begin, or a refreshing reminder to those of you who have a similar love for running but have gotten out of the habit, or simply a new resource to help those of you who are already running races and want to learn something new.

All you need to start are three things:

° A good training plan: My Running Guide is 30 pages long and trains for 10 weeks. It goes in depth on long runs, speed work, cross training, recovery strategies and injury prevention. It has a strengthening section and nutrition section along with race day tips and so much more!

° A good pair of running shoes: Saucony Kinvara 9 (also here) are definitely my favorite running shoe!! But I also really love these HOKA One One Cavu

° A good pair of running socks: You may not think socks are that important, but they are!! Feetures are an absolute must have! I won’t run in anything else. I’ve tried before and was so sorry that I did.

Once you have these things you are ready to go! 

FIND A FRIEND and make a goal to run a half marathon together. Almost ANYONE, whether they are fit or not fit, can run and finish a half marathon. Running with a friend will make your goal to train and finish a half marathon much easier and a lot more fun! Use each other to stay accountable.

MAKE TIME Training for a half marathon takes a lot of time. Talk to your husband, friends or family and get them on board to support and help you accomplish this amazing goal. It will take up to 10 weeks of your life. There is nothing quite like crossing that finish line. The adrenaline that comes with it makes all the blood, sweat, tears and time worth it.

Write down your GOALS and print off the training guide I am providing and hang it up on your bathroom mirror or fridge. Somewhere you will see it every day.

BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. You are stronger than you think you are. Yes, you can run 13.1 miles. The very first step out the door is the hardest.

COMMIT. If you can commit and accomplish your goal it can change your life!

I want this to be something that we can all do TOGETHER! The idea is that we each make our own goal and help each other stick with it (I’m personally training for a few half marathons this summer and a full marathon in the fall). This gives you about a week to sign up for an upcoming race and mentally prepare yourself before training starts on Monday!! I will be sharing my progress and I hope you all will do the same. I know that we can learn so much from each other! So commit yourself  TODAY. There’s no time like the present!

p.s. I will also be doing two really awesome giveaways next week that you won’t want to miss! Here’s a little hint: Saucony and NordicTrack 😉 


  1. This is amazing!! You are such An inspiration! I am just getting back into running and cant wait to check Out your New guide!

  2. I love this!! I have been running for years. Have run couNtless 5K races and 8 mile races. But have always wanted to train for and run a half marathon and/or marathon. After having 3 kids my pace and distance is not where it Used to be. A guide like this might just be what i need to finally train and run that half or full marathon! Thanks Emily!!

    Xo, DEanie

  3. Hi! This looks great! I have been looking for a running program lately and have been doing some comparisons between a few. Do you mind sharing any credentials or certifications you may have related to running, training, and / or nutrition? This is an important selling point for me personally when making my final decision! xx, laurie

    1. Hi Laurie! I am not an expert and I do not claim to be. This running guide has worked for me and has helped me achieve my goals. I have had a personal trainer and sports medicine doctor review it. Good Luck in your training!

  4. YAY! Im due with baby #1 In 2&1/2 weeks and cant wait to use tHis to get back Out there as soon as i can! What perFect Timing

  5. You look amazing! I just want to know if your guide will be available as an e-book? I live in SA so it would be easier if i can get an e-book:)

  6. I’m so excited to see the guide! I’ve been running for the past several years but have never done anything bigger than a 10k (think Turkey Trot level) but have always wanted to run a half marathon. As someone who has watched you run countless races, I can’t wait to see your running guide especially since(at least is sounds like) it’s created for real women in mind
    xo – Ana Luiza

  7. Thanks EmilY! I have only run one half marathOn many years ago and want to run another one. I used hal higden’s novice half marathon training. Is yours more FOR EXPERIENCED runners or Is your trainiNg adaptable for any level?

    1. It is for beginners-intermediate. There is a 4 week pre training section that will get beginners ready for the regular 10 week guide. If you are an intermediate runner it is great for that as well!

  8. Would your guide be appropriate for all levels? I currently can’t run a mile straight. Does your guide help beginner levels or is it for the more advanced runner? I would love to do a half marathon someday.

  9. This is so awesome!!! Ive done three half marathons, but have been inConsistent wih my runnig in between them all! I have a marathon on my bucket list and this guide will be perfect to get back into thr swing of training! So excited for it!!!

  10. I am definitely checkiNg back for tHat giveaway! I am about to regIster for my first marathon (though i Have done many halfs and i’m quite fit) but i need a treAdmill due to mY husbands military job. Sending lucky vibes my way!

  11. I think it’s important to recommend that people go to a running store to get individually fitted for proper running shoes for their feet. The two you recommended in your post would not work for me. Maybe you go into that in the guide, but it should be noted in this post. Wearing shoes that aren’t suited for your feet can cause injury and damage, especially if you’re doing longer runs in them.

  12. Hi Emily-
    I am so excited for this running guide as I have recently started running – and really enjoy it! I’m anxious to start training for my first 1/2 marathon.
    I have noticed one thing that makes a huge difference for me while RUNNING is music!!! Depending on my playlist for the run makes all the difference in my time and the distance I am able to go.

    Will you be sharing your playlists or music recommendations in your program? I would love any song recommendations that help you on your long distance runs.
    Looking forward to using your guide.

  13. Hi! Do you have plans to write a full marathon guide? Id love to purchase this guide if it included full marathon training tiPs as well

    1. The tips, nutrition, injury prevention and pre race tips are all the same! Most of the info in the guide can be applied to the full marathon. It just doesn’t include a schedule for a full marathon.