Running Guide: Now Available

Today is the day! I’ve been working on my running guide for a few months now and I am so happy that I can finally share it with you! I first started running about 8 years ago. I have run many half-marathons, 5ks, 10ks and two full marathons including the New York City Marathon where I was sponsored by Tag Heuer. Through out the many times I have trained, I have learned so much. I am not an expert and I am not the fastest runner but I have learned a lot through trial and error and personal experience. That is why I wanted to create this guide! There wasn’t anything for women that had all of the information that I wished I had. I hope you love it and find informative and helpful! Happy Running! 

Click here to purchase my Running Guide (training starts tomorrow!!!) and here to purchase my GRL PWR tank very limited quantities, so get one while you can! ( I am wearing a size small.)

And now for the fun part… in honor of the launch of my Running Guide I am THRILLED to be partnering with Saucony, one of my very favorite brands, for an amazing giveaway! TEN Ivory Lane readers will each win a pair of one of my my favorite running shoes, the Saucony Kinvara 9! Details below on how to enter! 

1. Follow @emilyijackson on Instagram

2. Follow @saucony on Instagram 

3. Comment on my blog along with your IG handle and the color of shoe you would want to win! 

4. For an extra entry do an Instastory about the giveaway and running guide tagging me (@emilyijackson)

GIVEAWAY CLOSED!!! The 10 winners have been announced in this post

Thank you all so much for your love and support!









  1. I am so exc for this. Just purchased it. My instagram name is rebeccapriddyphotography. I love the red shoE

  2. Hello! Thank you for the OPPORTUNITY! i put email and IG info in registration form above.
    I would enjoy saucony in red. Wish everybody good luck in training and winning!

  3. woohoo! im so excited for this running guide!! for the last year ive been working on wieght loss and when i saw you training for the Nyc marathon it inspired me to want to start running but i had know idea where to start. I love the blue and teal saucony shoe! email @kristilschauer

  4. I just said to my huSband i wanted to start running last night. Im not a running by any means but thank you for this and the constand inspiration! Ive been a fan for years!

  5. I used to run all the time with my best friend in our 20’s and 30’s. I moved and am nOw in my mid 40’s its harder to stay in shape. Would love to start running again. This may be just the mitivation i needed. Thx for inspiring me!

  6. I’ve Run a Few marathons before bUt purchased this guide as a gift for a Friend who wants to get into runnInG! When looking through it, I learned some new Things too and love the treadmill workouts and food ideas. Thanks so Much!

    Email: valeriejar
    Instagram: @valeriejar
    Shoes: white (kinvaras are My favorite too; i loved the 8 🙂

  7. Cant wait! I just ordered your guide


    I love the grey/white ones with the pink on the TIps and bottoms!
    I have the kinvara 7’s right now and Have Been eyeing the 9’s! Im havIng my third baby in a week and cant wait to start TRAINING again!

  8. Just ordered my gUide and I cant wait to get started! I’ve recently begun training for a half and it is so hard with littles! Thank you for putting this out there, you are a true inspIration for women!

    1476 le chesnay dr
    Centerton, ar 72719

  9. @jenelle_lane

    White/Blackened pearl

    So excited to have a running guide that is easy t0 follow for someone who has always wanted to be a runner but never known where to start! thank you for all your effort in creating this guide and for sharing it with us!

  10. Thank you for Putting this together! I have tried on and off For years to Get into running and had the hardest time knowing where to start! I cant wait to Use the guide

    Email address:
    Instagram: @kerriallysia
    Color: blue/denim/coPper


  11. Im so excited to try out your plan, im in a rut and hoping this will help me out! I hope i win this giveaway and i honestly dont care which color! I do know that when i run i overpronate so that would be Awesome if these shoes helped!

  12. Im so excited to use your guide and get back into running aGain!! For the shoEs 1st choice Lightblue/denim/copper. 2nd choice VizirEd. Thank you so much! ?
    IG- @reneedanielle

  13. Thank you so much for sharing this running guide with us! I have been wanting to start my training for a half marathon for a while now but was always too scared of not knowing where to start!

    Insta: @Olgaelijah
    Shoe: LightBlue Denim

  14. I have been counting down the days sInce you annouNced that you were releasing this guIde! I am so excited to use this, along with FiTness carli’s nutriTion guIde, to get ready for the Savannah half in november!

    Love the red!

  15. emily-im closer to your mom’s age than i am to your age but you inspire me Regardless! Thank you for creating this running guide; im going to give it a go!
    ….and thank you fir sharing your life with all
    of us; its been Fun to witness your joyney!

  16. Just ordered my guide! I’m looking forward to starting to train once I graduate in a few weeks. I have always been so amazed and inspired by marathon runners, but never knew just where to start!

    I would love a pair of the teal shoes in a size 9!
    Instagram: erinmoneill

  17. AHHHHH couldn’t come at a better time! My best friend and i set a goal to run 30 miles in races before we turn 30 next year! I haven’t done a half marathon in almost 10 years and good grief it is time!

    Guide ordered…check!
    color: ViZiRed

  18. I am so excited for you & your running guide. Huge congrAtulations on your Success and i looK forward to uSing it. I am starting tomorrow!!!

    Instahandle: slatkasladja
    Shoe color: light blue


  19. I have been Waiting for today, since you made your first announcement!!
    Just purchased your guide and im so excited to train for my first 1/2 marathon this fall.
    I would love to win a pair of Saucony in the blue teal : )
    Thank you Emily!!

  20. I have made a commitment to start running again at 55. I must have goals and honestly need it to motivate me to do something that does not come naturally to me. I work out regularly but know that I need to push myself. This year, my goal is run a 5K…A half-marathon At 60…who knows at 65, but need good shoes to get me moving. Would love your recommendations if I do not win those sauconys!

    1. Thank you for the guide! ❤️ i have been working hard and i have lost 45 lbs. i just completed the c25k and working on the 10k. I love to run, i Was too heavy to run before and i am enjoying it again. I will look forward to reading about your running journey ❤️

  21. Im in the middle of my half marathon training and am so glad i found this because i was feeling stuck and with so many qUestions. Just reading this guide Has alreAdy helped me!! Email: IG: marycjohnson_
    If i won i Would want the Light blue/denim/copper color. Thank you aGain for this amazing guide!!?

  22. My instagram is @skoclark and i would like the vizired pair if i win! I was a runner in high school, But got out of the habit in college and just had my second baby six weeks ago. i’ve been so impressed at how quickly YOU’VE bounced back from having twins, so I’m excited To give your program a shot!

  23. Hi! So excited to start using your guide!! I am a 6.5 and would love the red shoe you are wearing in this post!! My insta handle is mandzmuir
    Thank you!!!

  24. Following @emilyjackson and @saucony on instagram!
    instagram: kaitlinoelle
    saucony shoe color: vizired

    I have always had a passion for running; when coming across your running guide i had no hesitations with purchasing and can not wait to start tomorrow!! i love love love your “grl Pwr tank top” which i have also purchased with the running guide!
    stay tuned for my instastory tagging you about the giveaway, running guide and the ABSOLUTELY adorable grl pwr tank. thank you ms. emily jackson for this awesome opportunity!




  26. IG: emiliadodd
    I lIke the color of the ones You are wearing!
    Really want to get into running and live a Better lifestyle!

  27. Just purchased your running guide. I’m 54 & running a half marathon in Vegas in November. I’ve always worn Saucony’s & Would love to try the kinbara 9!love the teal/blue color. @vineyard14 @emilyijackson@saucony

  28. Hello Emily!!

    Thank you for creating this guide!! I have been wanting to sign up for a half marathon in Newport, RI this October, but I was hesitant because I had no idea how to even start training. I’ve purchased your plan and can’t wait to start!

    My email is rebecca. and my Insta is omgBecky_bbg

    Also I’m in love with those white kicks!! ?

  29. hi! I just bought the running guide, and am so beyond thankful you wrote this! i have always wanted to be “a runner” but lacked education about proper nutrition for it, proper footwear, etc. i feel so motivated now, so thank you! a pair of quality running shoes would really be amazing!
    My ig handle is: @erikacarbray
    my email is:
    shoe color: i’m obsessed with the “light blue/denim/copper”

  30. So excited to try this gUide! I have a few races planned this year and am excited to Branch out in my training. Thank you!! The kinvAra has been my goto shoe for yeaRs. I love the red ones. Email: KMCHRSTN10@GMAIL.COM iG: kaylama10

  31. Yay! I just have to Say it is so empowering to watch a girl boss Momma chase her dreams and share it with so many women to better others!! Thank you!! So excited to start training tm!


    Ig: stephoquin

    Color: Grey/White!! But really ANY!

    Also just wondering what race are you running at the end of the 10 weeks? Will it be in Utah?

  32. Hi Emily, just purchased your running guide today ( and have always been inspired by you and your sisters enthusiasm for exercising, so this guide is absutely perfect! I think its great how you mention doing this With a friend can create some of the best memories, so im involving my fiAnce as we Prepare for our Upcoming wedding, but also to just bond and work as a team toGether! Thanks for Being so motivating and inspiring, and sharing your KnowleDge with fellow wOmen! Youre working with a great partner for your givEaway, would love a pair of black or wHite shoes to kick off thIs journey!

  33. Woohoo! Been waiting for this program to be available:)
    Would love the red shoes…

  34. I am excited about Your running guide! I have been toying with the idea of running a half again (my first was 8 years aGo & i did not ProPerly train). Thank you for sharing your knowledge of running with oThers!! You are a true gem.

  35. Entered your giveaway!! I am So excited for this running guide. I Have been looking for something just like this!! As a college student, i thinK A plan like this will help me stay on track and stick with running. My email that i used to purchase Is and my ig is ash_daSh. I really Like the grey/Blue saucony shoes but i Would be happy with any color of sauCony sHoes! This would be amazing to win consIdering i Have been needing and looking for a new pair of running shoes.

  36. Entering the Giveaway! So excited to read this running Guide!!

    Handle: maggpark12
    Shoe size 9, color does not maTter!

  37. I love the Red!!! @tnsaunders cant wait to start the guide with my close friends and fellow mommies! we have our half scheduled in sept! thanks for getting us started.

  38. I can’t wait to check it out Emily. I have recently read your running posts and find you so inspiring. I am running my first half in 2 weeks. I love the red pair. I bought the guide ( and @stephaniembloomberg.

  39. I was supposed yo RUN a half MARATHON with my sister-in-law for st Patrick’s day but she backed out so I gave up. I want to start training again for a half marathon the right way this time and not give up. I’m super excited for this guide!
    Email: sammybrink13@gmail
    Instagram: sammy_brink
    Shoe: blue denim copper

  40. Im running a half next month and I’m so Excited to Use your guide to help in my training!! As for the color of shoe I’d choose red!!!!

  41. I love your running guide! I have modified it a bit To suit an 18 week training period as my first race isnt until august, but im excited for this process. I really love how you emphasize strength traing for injury prevention. Thank you for all the great information! My email for the giveaway is

  42. Hi Emily!
    Just purchased my running guide, im beyond excited!!
    Learning to run more then half a mIle and Completing a 10k/15k has always been on my bucket list 🙂 so i believe this is a sign. I signed up for oCean breeze 10k in july! i just moved back from NYC TO LA and have been Doing HITT classes for the last 3 mOnths as well thanks to rachel :).

    IwoUld love to win the SaucOny shoes in blAck or coral… (any color) is ok by me to be honest!

  43. I am so excited to start this running program! I’ve always wanted to be a runner but am always unsure of how to go about it. Thank you for creating this and thank you for all that you do. My email is and instagram is alaina_hogan. I would be so happy with any color shoe.

  44. Thank you for the guide I”m excited to start training! I have always wanted to run a half and i’m going to finally do it. my handle is @enxhiwebb and i want the color vizired.

  45. I recently committed to running my first half marathon ever but I had no clue where to start… until i saw this! Just purchased the guide and I am so exciteD!! Thank you!! Thank you!!
    CoLor vizireD

  46. So EXCITED to Get started with this run guide! Thank you for creating it and inspir so many women!

    I love all colors! @capturinglifesmoments

  47. I am so excited aBout this guide! I just asked my dad if I could do my first half marathon with him this summer and im so excited to use this! Definitely need to start getting better shoes and all that jazz to perForm my best! Thank you emily for providing this i so appreCiate it. ❤️

  48. Email:
    Instagram: @tktrask, @mollyandgidget, @radiostylish
    Shoe Color: denim blue/copper

    Thank you for doing this givEaway But more importantly thank you for creating this guide! Just ordered and in perfect timing. I have been looking for sOmething like this as i am just about to start my half marathon traiNing. So thank you in advance!

  49. I am really excited to begin using this training guide! Ive got about 9 weeks left till my half marathon! My instagram iS kaylenmargaret. I really like the red saucony in red.

  50. Hi Emily, i just bought your guide and started following you after i saw you on rachel’s story the other day. As much as i love bbg, i love running so much more so i was so excited to see you made a guide. Even if i dont win these shoes, can you make a list of your favorite running shoes? im already considering those saucony Ones even if i dont win them. Thanks so much emily! So excited to start your guide and be following you now 🙂
    Carmen Habeeb
    Insta handle: @carmshabeeb
    Shoe color:red

    Thanks so much!! ❤️

  51. Natnat952 is my ig.
    I aM SO excited for your running guide! I would
    Love the Vizired color shoes. They are ao cute!!!

  52. I have always wanted to be a runner. It amazes me the endurance and perseverance that Runners have. Winning these shoes would help give me the best fOot forward to achieving my life long goal of being a runner. If i won i would really like to win the red/black or light blue pair, whichever you have in stock! Love your instagram and congrats on the launch of your running gUide, you and your sister rachel are amazing mommas, businesswoman, and people best of lUck to you all!

  53. So excoted to try Out the guide. My first half was the nike womens in SF and i did the disney tinkerball half last mothers daY! I think with proper training i could improve my time, and feel better during the entire race. I love the color pictured, but Would just die to win any pair!!!!! My insta handle is missbruna 🙂 fingers crossed!

  54. HOLD THE PHONE its late and i cant see properly – i said bright pink it CLEARLY says vizired. But ObsessEd with the grey and white 🙂

  55. I Am so so excited for this guide! I have fallen in love with running This past year and so i asked my dad if i could run my first half marathon wIth him this summer and im so glad i have a guide to help me with training! I definitely need to get better running shoes and all that so i can perform my best! My instagram handle is @madisonlsmithh and if i Win i would love the Blue/denim/Copper
    Thank you again Emily i so appreciate this!

    Sorry if this is my second comment i wasnt sure if my first posted!

  56. I have been wanting to run a half for a long time. Maybe this will be the year. I would love the orange red ones!!
    Ig sirdodd1

  57. Hi! I love your blog and fitness and fashion tips. I would love to win the blue Sauciny sneakers. I am a busy mama of four who runs with my daughter (who is 11). These would be great!!! Erinnay on instAgram

  58. Congrats on the running guide! This is my first race back in 5 years. I took a long break from races after huRting my back. So excited! SaucOny shoes are my fav!

    Insta: aprilalohakuu

  59. Love your blog! Ordering your running guide tonighT. I was training for a half marathon and kept getting terrible shin splits and got so busy at work that i didnt end up running It but Im hopIng with this gUide i can do it! My insta is @salomons and blue or white if possible in the running shoe give away.

  60. I would love the grey ones! Thank you for the opportunity-Im interested to get into running and really appreciate this accessible intro! Instagram: @silvertapestry

  61. I love Saucony! My very favorite running Shoe! I would love the light Blue color/Denim/copper! So EXCITED to try out this running guide!
    Ashley (@ashleybus)

  62. How blessed WOULD I TO Win a pair of Amazing shoes on my birthday!?

    I’d have to say April 25th. Because it’s not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket. – Miss Congeniality

    IG- Kinzyconder

    The red color!

  63. I had my second daughter in December and am working on getting healthy and fit again. I recently decided tO run my first half marathon this fall/winter so your guide release is at the perfect time!
    Insta: @colletteyrobertson
    Show Color: light blue/copper

  64. My sister and I participate in the laguna hills memorial day half marathon every year. Ive been too nervous to try a full marathon but we are finally training for one the end of the year!

    Shoe color : vizired

  65. hi emily!
    i am running my very first half marathon (san luis obispo half marathon) this sunday! i have grown to love running these past few months and am so excited to purchase your guide for the next half marathon i run. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!!!

    Instagram: emmaschmidty
    Shoe Color: Light blue denim copper

  66. KaligriffIn13. I really loved the color you showed in your stories. Im hoping to Get back into running soon and desperatley need a new pair of shoes!!

  67. @janieayers18 light blue!

    I’ve gotten into running again this year with my second 10K coming up in a MOnth! I’ve Been wanting to invest in a great pair of runNers! Xo

  68. Ig user: Laurenpinkett

    I would love to win a pair of these kinvara 9 shoes in white! (Dangerous colour choice i Know.)

    Having just had my third baby (3 under 3&1/2!) i Need some motivation & drive to get into tip top shape!

    I love your insta videos of your workout sessions! Wish we had that here xx

  69. In fact…. the ones you are wearing in your running guide front page are ??… as are all of the others.

    Im post major foot surgeey ny a year Also (had to have my foot broKen to have some bone removed.)

    So that and a new baby. Add me a pair of those beauties & iLl be running eberywhre with a new Fitbit 🙂

  70. Following both accountS! My InStagram name: @lvendramin and i would love the orange/red pair! Thank you for INSPIRING me to run!

  71. So excited to start your training Guide! Running my first half in october! Love seeing you and your sisters support eachother always!

    I love both pairs but The blue is so cool!
    Instagram: @betsyvanloo

    Such a great giveaway!!

  72. I love you blog blog and congratulations on your running guide.
    I can’t wait to start training with your tips. I’m doing my first 5k run in june. My ig is @goldenheartsjewelry

  73. Love thr runninh guIde!! What a helpful way to train…i would have no idea how to get started!!
    Thank you!!
    Love the red shoes!!!

  74. My ig handle is @theashleyciaccia and i would want to win the pink/oranGe Pair of shoes! I love following yor FITness and running routine, thanks for sharing!

  75. Congratulations on your running guide! my ig handle is @aflowersgirl. I like the grey and white pair best!

  76. Hi emily! You’ve inspired me to start running. I love the grey/white shoes, and my handle is greta_jayne

  77. Im so excited aboUt this running guide. I want to run a haLf and its been almost 3 years since i ran a big race and over 10 months since i had my baby girl. Time for me to get back in the game!!! Thanks for creating this fun guide to gEt others excited about training. Id love to win the light blue/Denim/copper kivara 9’s. My insta is @irenemarlene ??

  78. I currently have sauconys and would love a new pair! My IG is @jamie.harmala and i love the saucOny light blue/denim/copper cOlor!

  79. I love the vizired! Ig is lindseyreha. Ive been wanting to get into running. I had a baby last august. I think its Time to get into shape!!!

  80. I would love some pink running shoes or all white ❤️ Im doing my first ever Half marathon in october and im so excited and nervous . Im a Us navy sailor and i rasie my son On my Own so im doing this run to Show him that anything is possible is you truly put your mind to it .

  81. i have been searching high and low for an awesome running guide, and great running Tips! Im so excited to run my first 5k this summer maybe a half if i really Get the hang of it! Shoe color: Black
    Xoxo Rickelle
    Ig: @rickellejsmith

  82. Thank you for The opportunity to win some new running kicks. Love my saucony guide 9 & 10. I like the grey and white the best

  83. i have been searching high and low for an awesome running guide, and great running Tips! Im so excited to run my first 5k this summer maybe a half if i really Get the hang of it! Shoe color: Red
    Xoxo Rickelle
    Ig: @rickellejsmith

  84. The blue Sauconys are adorable. Ive been weAring the freedom iso but would love to try a different model! Started to train with your guide in august for an october 1/2! Xo love hannah

  85. Im so excited about your guide! CongrAtulations!! I probaby would Choose the neon orange sneakers! ❤️
    My IG: evelynlou

  86. Teal/blue! ?? @lindseyteg loving the warmer weather and want to start training for another half soon! These would be A great kickoff!

  87. Hi Emily! I just purchased your running guide and I am so excited to try it out! I’ve been running for years but since having my daughter 2.5 years ago I’ve struggled getting back into shape, physically and mentally. I’m hoping this guide and motivation from BBG will get me fulling like myself again! Thanks for putting this together, you and your sisters are so inspirational! My IG handle is @jinnimee and I’d love the grey/white saucony Kincvara color. Thank you!

  88. I Would love the pink or red in a size 10. I just started EXERCISING agian after recovering from a surgery. So excited to get heaLthy agian! @jen.duby

  89. I need to start a good habit to get in shape! The guiDe may be just my anSwer! And the sycony shoes I heard they Are so soft for your feet! Love the blUe teal color! @kati.d.rod

  90. Hello! I’m hoping to win a pair of these running sNeakers! Just moved to california yESterday, set a goal to get back into Running and Winning a pair would be perfect! ?

    Instagram handle: tlnguyen

  91. Hi! Hoping to win since i just moved to cali and set a goal of getting back into running.

    InstaGram handle: tlnguyen

    Color: viZired


  92. I Started half marathon training this week with your guide! I’m so excited because running a half marathon is something i’ve Dreamed of doing for Years. I would love a new pair of shoes to help me with My training! My instagram is @stePhanierblack and i would love the red shoes!

  93. Just downloaded the running guide! I am so excited to be running my 3rd half mar in may, your guide inspired me to train for one in the summer as well! It is definetly difficult to train for a half while going to school full time, but there is someThing so rewarding aBout finishing it!

    Instagram – @katieklecar30

    White shoes ?

  94. Would love to win the blue ones from Your story ! This js oerfect for training Post Partum after my dr gives me the go!
    – @chanteg86

  95. Love these shoes! Heck i would be happy with any cOLor (but i do love the white-goes with every)! Fingers crossed for this big foot gRl?❤️?

  96. I would be so so Thrilled to get a pair of these shoes aS I know how important amazing running shoes are when trAining like this. I would love a white or pink pair! So excited about your Guide and cannot wait for the running ahead! My insta is @ingridlund ❤️

  97. Definitely going to buy this guide! I’ve done a 10k and half marathon but I am always looking for new ideas and pointers.
    M insta handle is shoklein AND I LOVE THE RED SHOE!

  98. Ordered your running guide & cutest tank ? cant wait to grt started! I would love the Saucony running shoes! Xoxo instagram: @shannonelizabethWilliams

  99. I just told my husband saturday that i wanted to commit to do a half marathon this year. So your guide couldnt have come at a better time! I would love to win a grey pair of saucOny’s. My ig is @chayleeduke

  100. I Am so exCited about your guide! ✌? And love sYconY’s …so soft your feet i love the teal/bLue ? @evelynloU

  101. @ashleyveurink – what an awesome GIveaway! I would Want a classic black pair, but would also love a dusty or baby blue-colored pair of the SaUconys!

  102. My IG handle is @chasingmydaydreams and I would love the Red! Just purchased the guide and cannot wait to use for my 2 fall half marathons! I am doing one in 2 weeks and do not feel prepared at all so hoping this guide will help me. I also wear the same shoes and am so excited about this giveaway!!

  103. this is awesome. ive started and stopped, tried and gave up running more times than i can count. hoping your guide will help me reach my goal! I’d love the red, white and black pair- fierce!

  104. LOVE your running guide i am so glad i purchased and can’t wait to get started! IG – svoriscamille and size 6.5 – red shoe!

    Thank you so much Emily!

  105. I’ve always wanted to be a Runner and your post is really starting to inspire me to start! I think the vizired is my favorite color.


  106. @penlopegallmanstronG
    So excited to Get started! its been my dream/life long goal to run a marathon ever since i can remember but i never knew whEre to start. Thank you so much for providing the start to my running journey! I honestly love all the colors but i think my favorite are the blue and copper Shoes!!

  107. I just got your guide! I am training for the American fOrk cancer run! So excited. Thank you… alSo i love the red Shoes. @Rissaroni_12

  108. I am tRaining for the american fork cancer run and this Guide came just in time!!! thank you so much.

    @rIssaroni_12 and the red are too good not to get!!!

  109. I just down your runing guide so exc to get going! Thanks for the MOTIVATION! If i were to win id love the red sneaks!! Yasssss!!!

  110. Ohhh I’ve been wanting to try a pair of sauconys! I run in Brooks, but feel a need to switch. I love the Vizired color. FUN! My instagram handle is: makenzie_Hamilton

  111. I’ve been WaNting to get more into running lately. You are such an insPiration! Winning a new pair of shoes would be an amazing start to my journey! If i were to win, id want black. @jannafayecolEman

  112. Congratulations emily on the guide. As a military member and military spouse…running is key to staying fit and healthy in our household. So excited for this opportunity. I Love saucony running shoes. Would love to get My hands on The white and grey ones. Bring back your bLack GRL Power Tank please!!! I didnt get a chance to purchase one 🙁
    Thanks again.

  113. Missed the part about the ig account so im recommenting. Mine is @Beauty_adventure17 and i lOve the blue/teal combo.

  114. You are so amazing! Girl power all around right! I love the bright pink. Dont forget to find me @moriahnellie on instagram.

  115. I am BEGINNING to REALIZE how much fun running is and would love a great pair of running shoes! My insta handle is @sushmabhat04 and would love a white or red pair of shoes! 🙂

  116. @kalianaonitA

  117. I just signed uP for my first post partum race. Its a half marathon in August and im so EXCITED. I would love the grey/white shoes! @sarahjohnson413

    Good Luck with your training!!

  118. So excited to get back into running! I ran my first half last year and then stopped, which I told myself I would not do. Oh well, I’m excited to start with the training guide! Thanks so much!

    I would love the Vizired.

  119. My instagram is @mollyhg i love all the colors, but my favorite is the lIght blue. I love running half marathons and want to work on getting fastEr.

  120. Hi! Excited to look into your running guide! I woUld be happy with either shoe color, just eager to get running again after becoming a momma to a now 19 month old.. should probably get back on that running train now, huh?! Lol!

  121. Insta: @kaT_turley
    I have been running for a year now and have done 3 half marathons and wow they are fun! I cant wait to try your running guide to help me be better prepared! Im in desperate need of new shoes so thiswould be amazing. I would choose the pink ones 😉

  122. Thank you so much for doing this giveaway! I uSed to run all the time bUt havent run in two years. I want to get back into it this sPring! I would love the red shoes!


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