Update on My Half Marathon Training + FAQ Answered

^^ NordicTrack’s X22i Incline Trainer, lululemon tank, lululemon shorts, Saucony Kinvara 9

^^ First “long” training day

^^ lululemon bra, lululemon shorts. The photo on the left was taken 1 week after having the twins, photo on the right was taken after 9 weeks of doing BBG and 3 weeks of my Running Guide. 

I started my running guide over so I could train with all of you and I am on week 2! I am having so much fun training again and getting ready for my half marathon! Today was TOUGH because 1. London cried from 2 am-4 am. She just wanted to be held and bounced all night. When my alarm went off at 6:45 I almost skipped my run but I made myself get up and go! 2. It was COLD. It was only 39 degrees this morning. Utah weather is a little crazy. it was 85 on Saturday! I was proud of myself for not giving up. I took a hot bath after and snuck in a little (30 min) nap while the babies slept and Cannon and Capri were at school.  I have gotten A LOT of questions on my running guide and BBG! SO here we go!

° Is your running guide for beginners? YES!! I have gotten this question so many times. It is absolutely for beginners. There is a special 4 week pre-training section that is geared toward beginners. It will get you ready for the regular 10 week schedule.

° What is your pace when you are training? On the shorter runs I am running about a 8:45 pace. On the longer runs we are doing about a 9:15 pace. For the long runs we have been on the trails up in the mountains and going up hill a lot so that has slowed us down a bit.

° What days do you do BBG? It is definitely hard to find time to make everything work! I love going to my High fitness classes and I love BBG. But my running comes first. I do BBG Legs on Monday. BBG arms or abs on Wed after my sprint work out and then I sometimes go to my High class on Friday depending on how my body is feeling. If I am feeling tired I take Friday off. 

° What time do you go running? Typically I start my run at 7 am. Right now that works because we are in the early stages of training and the runs during the week aren’t super long. I am home by 7:50 and am able to get Capri off to school and Tay can stay home with the kids while I go. They are usually all just waking up when I get home. As the mileage starts to increase I will start my run earlier so I can still get home around 7:50.

° Do you have mom guilt when you are running or working out and you have to leave the babies? They are usually asleep when I go for my runs. When I do BBG I am at home and they are usually in their bouncers right next to me. When I go to my group fitness classes I do have to leave them for an hour and a half. I used to feel guilty but I don’t anymore! I think it is SO important to have an outlet outside of your kids. There is nothing wrong with taking care of  yourself. As moms, we do anything and everything for our children and  it’s OK to take an hour for ourselves! When I work out or run I am a happier, nicer, and less stressed mom. Also, I want my children to see me working out and doing something hard. It’s setting a good example of hard work and being healthy and taking care of your body! 

° How much weight did you gain during your pregnancy?  I gained 35 pounds.

° When did you start working out after you had the twins? I started lightly walking on my treadmill at week 5. Like I have said before, I was super anxious to be active again. I started BBG 6 weeks after I had the babies but I didn’t do any jumping at all. I didn’t start jumping or doing really high intensity things until 8 weeks after I had the babies. I just modified BBG a little bit.

° What gear do you have to have while running? I ALWAYS wear these socks. I wear my beauty bio science SPF. I love this water bottle because it’s easy to hold while running outside. Shoes are SOOOO important! I like the Saucony Kinvara shoes or the Hoka shoes but it would be a good idea to have your local running store fit you. 

Let me know if you have any other questions and I will do another post next week! It’s been so inspiring to see each and every one of your posts using my Running Guide! Thank you all so much for your support! It feels like I have a big team of women I am training with and I have LOVED every second of it!! 

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  1. I love this post!! You look amazing During and after pregnancy….. And with twins!! So incredible. My sister runs marathons aLl the time, and i wish i shared her passion for running. but, i am a dancer by nature, and Dont get the same joy out of running. That said- i am trying to teach myself how to love running, and am curious if Your running guide will help me ease into it and eVentually enJoy it?! I am not interested In doing a 1/2 marathon, but am interested in learning how to enjoy running…. thoughts?! Love you and your beautiful family!! ❤️❤️

  2. For your running guide, how many days per week should someone expect to run in order to stay on track with the guide?

  3. First of all i love all your family all the way from your parents to the babies. Im the one who asked how come you call your fatger by his first name. Not judging. My cousins do the same thing and i sometimes do the same thing.
    How often do you do speed work?

  4. Your entire message about the “mom-guilt” speaks to me!! That’s why it took so long for me to start working out again!! But you are SO right… Being healthy (keeping your sanity) and setting a good example for your babies is the most important thing!! Keep up b the hard work girl!!! ?

  5. Thanks for all that great info. I was wondering if you nurse Your babies? and if you do, how many extra calories do you add in a Day?

  6. Hi! Th thank you so much for sharing. I just recently had my second child and am also eaGer to get back active again!! But i do have a question, were you breastfeeding? Im nervous to get started again with my milk supply.