Mother’s Day With DSW

This post is sponsored by DSW, Inc, but all opinions are my own. 

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I have been surrounded by so many amazing mothers my entire life. Ever since I was little, my mom, aunts, grandmas and sisters always made me feel so special. I’ve always been so impressed by my mom. She raised my sisters and me to be confident and happy in our choices, relationships, and lives in general. My sisters and I have so many individual talents, and my mom has sat through each of our dance recitals, volleyball games, playing Barbie dolls and dress up, all the photo shoots for our businesses, and she was there for each of her grandchildren’s births supporting us in every single step. She is always encouraging us to follow our dreams! 

I didn’t know how much my mom did for me until I became a mom myself. Being a mom is tough! I am so grateful for her and her guidance as I became a mom. She stops by to let me get a nap in and snuggles the twins all the time. Seeing my mom become a grandma was the most amazing thing ever. I know she loves me, but she REALLY loves my kids. I love that she has so much love to give to every single person in our entire family. I really strive to be like my mom.

Growing up, me and my sisters loved sneaking into my mom’s closest and trying on her shoes. She has the best taste in shoes, and I know I learned my love of shoes from her. I want to share my love of shoes with my kids just like she did for me. DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse makes finding cute, amazing quality shoes for the whole family so easy! My sister Rachel and I love DSW and have worked with them in the past, so we decided to give my mom a pair of these Vince Camuto Lavelen Sandal in nude for Mother’s Day this year. She’s been eyeing them for a while and I know she will be able to wear these for years because they are a great, classic shoe that is timeless. I’m matching with her in my nude wedge sandal and Rach in her beige bow sandal

Happy Mother’s Day!!