My Hidden Strength

My outfit details: lululemon tank, lululemon pants, Nike shoes, Secret Clinical Strength deodorant

As most of you probably know running has always been a passion of mine. My dad is a big fan of running and I think my love for it stems from him. Both of my parents always inspired and encouraged me and my three sisters to follow our dreams and do what we love – whether that’s fashion, dance, cheerleading, soccer, art, music, anything!! I love that I grew up being exposed to such a variety of sports and extracurricular activities. And now being a mom myself I have a goal to do the same for my kids, expose them and allow them to try new things until they find their niche. 

I first started running about 8 years ago and throughout the many times I trained I learned so much, so I decided to create a Running Guide (now available, you can purchase it here!!) with all of the information that I wished I had back when I was training. I am not an expert and I don’t claim to be one, and I’m definitely not the fastest runner out there. But because I love running so much I’ve chosen to stick with it and push myself to reach new goals and accomplish new races! Last weekend my dad, my sister Rachel, Taylor and some of my girlfriends ran a half marathon in our community and I’m SO sad I couldn’t join them because of my stress fracture fibula. But I’m taking it easy and allowing my body to heal properly. But a couple weeks ago when Rachel and I were about to go out for our long run of the week I noticed her applying her Secret Clinical Strength deodorant. I asked her about it and how it was different than Secret’s other products that we had both grown up using, and she couldn’t say enough good things about it!!! So I decided to jump on the bandwagon and try it out for myself and I LOVE IT. Being a wife, a mom of four, managing my blog, training for half marathons, running my kids to school and practice and dance, and so many other miscellaneous things on the side, my life can be demanding. And I NEED a deodorant that I can trust to get me through the day. Secret’s Clinical Strength line offers faster, extra effective protection from unexpected sweat and the best part is you only have to apply it once a day for all-day strong wetness protection. 

Secret is on a mission to encourage women everywhere to stop settling, to reach higher and to find their hidden strengths and I’m thrilled to be partnering with them to support this message!! I’m so glad my sister recommended this to me! It hasn’t failed me and I no longer have to settle for breakthrough.

Have you guys tried their Clinical Strength?! I’d love to hear your thoughts if you have, and if not, let me know why you think it would work for you! You can purchase the product at Target through this link!

Sponsored by Secret Deodorant.