Pampers Pure X Amazon

Our family has always been big Amazon fans so I was really excited to hear that they are partnering with Pampers Pure and offering product in bulk to make my life 10X easier! Being a mom of four (sometimes I still can’t believe that statement!!) is no simple task. Our days are jam-packed with school, preschool, dance practice and competitions, voice lessons, homework, family time and everything in-between! 

I love purchasing things in bulk, whether it’s groceries or home supplies or diapers and wipes – it’s the only way to go around here! Buying in bulk helps keep me organized and prepared. And Amazon makes it so easy by offering bundles in discounts on 4 Mega packs of Pampers Pure Protection diapers (20 ct) and 4 Pampers Aqua Pure Sensitive baby wipes 1X Pop-Top (56 ct). They also have a deal to buy $60 of select product and get a $10 credit! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I expect the very best for my babies and want to give them the very best, and I honestly have nothing but amazing things to say about these Pampers Pure products we’ve been using for the twins. I love that I don’t have to compromise!

If you’re a Pampers Pure lover and aren’t already purchasing from Amazon, you’ve got to!!! It’s a game changer for sure! 

Sponsored by Pampers Pure.