Family Photo Outfit Inspiration

Rachel Parcell Collection Windsor dress, 2. LPA ruffle sweater, 3. Prada booties, 4. Rachel Parcell Collection Monaco dress, 5. Crewcuts cable knit sweater, 6. Peek color blocked dress, 7. Peek polka dot top, 8. Peek flannel top, 9. Peek tulle skirt, 10. Old Navy sneakers, 11. Nordstrom cashmere sweater, 12. Old Navy one piece, 13. Peek color blocked dress, 14. J.Crew rose gold booties, 15. J.Crew top, 16. Allen Edmonds boots, 17. J.Crew velvet scrunchie

Chelsea28 dress, 2. Manolo Blahnik pumps, 3. Peek striped top, 4. RP Everyday Shop Puff Sleeve sweater, 5. Bodysuit overalls, 6. navy tights, 7. J.Crew chambray dress, 8. Janie + Jack striped tee, 9. Tucker+Tate boots, 10. Nordstrom gingham top, 11. Janie + Jack knit overalls, 12. Freshly Picked confetti moccasins, 13. Oxford shirt, 14. J.Crew girl’s dress, 15. Magnanni derby shoes, 16. Nordstrom cashmere sweater

Next week we are having family pictures taken with Taylor’s family and my family. These are the color schemes/themes for both and I just really hope all 4 kids cooperate and are happy!! Family photos never usually go as planned with our family… so we will see how it goes! Any tips?!

Do you guys have family photos taken in the fall?! What’s your favorite colors to wear for them?


  1. This is my favorite fall post so far! I spent a month tRying to put together ouR color scheme and oUtfits for family pictures with little inspiration. We have ended up with a mIx of both your color schemes for our photos next weekend. Love fall family photos!