Behind The Scenes: Holiday Family Photoshoot

Being a busy mom of four can be a little crazy, but always so fun! Today I’m excited to be partnering with JCPenney and specifically their new lifestyle collection Peyton & Parker, that is launching later this month on October 19th, to show you a little behind the scenes on one of our family photo shoots!

We all know (or at least SHOULD know) that not every picture posted to IG is perfect. There’s most likely a mess in the background that we can’t see, 100 other photos that didn’t make the cut, and probably a stressful couple of minutes to try to get everything all set up and everyone happy and smiling at the camera for an Instagram worthy photo!

Photos, especially family photos or photos of my kids, are super important to me. I love to document their daily wins, our travels, moments that I don’t want to forget. And as tradition for the holidays we always have family photos done for a Christmas card. We usually take these in our home by our Christmas tree, but we don’t have our Christmas decor up yet. So round 2 of these photos will be in another month or so… Stay tuned!! But today I wanted to share a few tips on how to get the perfect family photo (or at least try to anyway, even when real life happens!!).

°  Begin with coordinating outfits

One tip I have is to figure out your color scheme and start looking for pieces that will all look well together and compliment each other. All of our outfits are from JCPenney’s new line, Peyton & Parker. It is curated of men’s, women’s, kid’s and home. Everything is budget-friendly allowing you to discover great items for less time, less money and less effort! The Peyton & Parker Colletion hits stores and on October 19th. Mark your calendars!!  

° Stage your home

Obviously I could go on and on about home decor since it’s a big passion of mine!! But use your decor creatively in your shoot. Whether you’re sitting beneath your tree or cozied up by the fire in a warm throw, use accessories to add more to your photo. I love this candle, mugs and plates from Peyton & Parker! They have really cute home decor items perfect for the holidays! If you know me at all then you know how I love a yummy scented candle to set the mood for the holidays!!

° Gather props/incentives for kids

If kids are involved, be prepared with toys they like, shows they enjoy, food they love. Basically, you know your kids and you know how well they cooperate. Don’t expect them to sit on the couch and smile for 5 minutes straight, change positions every 10 shots. Prep them and prep yourself to make things run smoother.

° Rally the circus and make the magic happen

Once everyone is dressed, the set is prepared and you’re ready – gather up your family! One BIG tip that I’ve learned the hard way on is to not force your kids to sit for longer than they need to. Grab them at the very last second possible and things should run smooth! 

If you’re planning on doing a cute family photoshoot in your home this holiday season follow these tips and be sure to check out JCPenney! They have a range of fashion, home and beauty at budget-friendly price points. And their new Peyton & Parker collection is super cute for everyone in your family! Check out the collection on October 19th!

Oh, and if you have any other tips for family photos leave them in the comments below! I’d love to hear what works for you guys and how you successfully create a IG worthy family photo!

Brought to you by JCPenney.