Twins Update with Pampers Pure Collection

Graden and London are currently in the crawling stage and man, it’s tricky for me to keep up with them because they are on the move and are SO QUICK!!! And because of the obvious – that there are two of them haha. London’s favorite thing to do is follow Graden around. It’s so cute! So where one is, the other is usually close behind 😉

I’ve been getting a few questions about why we chose to make the switch to the Pampers Pure Collection of diapers and wipes for the twins, so today I thought I’d give a little update! With my first two kids I had tried a variety of brands of diapers and wipes, trying to find the best. I wanted a product that gave full protection and lasting coverage that had no fragrance or parabens, but I also wanted cute prints and designs. It’s hard to remember what it was like when Capri and Cannon were babies, but I DO remember wanting the very best for them and never felt confident that I had found it.

Shortly after having the twins I was introduced to Pampers Pure Collection and I was happy to discover that it had everything I wanted and needed for my babies! Premium cotton along with other high quality materials, free of fragrances, lotions and chlorine-bleaching, adorable prints. The list goes on! Ever since we made the switch (back in March) I’ve been so pleased with it and the twins are happy!! There’s no going back now!

The Pampers Pure Collection is something I know and trust and would recommend over and over again to any mama out there! Have you guys made the switch yet?!

Sponsored by Pampers Pure Collection.