12 Days of Giveaways: Day 8 with Joss & Main

Today I’m excited to be teaming up with Joss & Main! They are one of my favorite brands and I really enjoyed working with them in the past on both my outdoor space (you can see that post here) and the twins’ nursery (see the full reveal here)! Today Joss & Main is giving away a $500 gift card  to ONE lucky Ivory Lane reader!!!! 

Giveaway Requirements: 

° Sign up for my Ivory Lane newsletter HERE

° Comment on this blog post saying what you would purchase if you won the $500 (also must leave the email address you subscribed with and your IG handle) 

° Follow @emilyijackson and @jossandmain on Instagram

° Tag 3 or more friends in the comments on my IG post promoting the giveaway

Giveaway Rules:

One entry per person. Open only to legal residents of the 50 United States and Canada who are at least 18 years old. Giveaway will close TONIGHT at 11:59 PM MST and one winner will be selected at random and announced in tomorrow’s blog post. The winner will receive their $500 Joss & Main gift card in the next 30 days. This giveaway is not affiliated with Instagram in any way. If you do not wish to share your information, do not enter this giveaway. 

HUGE thank you to all who entered yesterday’s giveaway with my sisters!!! The five winners who was selected at random are…

Marlie Scott, Tara Larsen, Hannah Millard, Christie Reynolds and Kristal Tyler

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I will DM you so we can get your your Running Guide, $30 credit to Shop Lazy Day and a Rachel Parcell dress of your choice! Be sure to check the blog tomorrow morning because I’ll be announcing the winner of the $500 Joss & Main gift card along with the giveaway for Day 9 (it’s a BIG ONE espeically for all you mamas out there!!!! Here is your hint!!).


  1. A new coffee table is top on my list! Happy holidays! And happy first birthday to the Twins!

    (sarah.a.bruno@gmail.com; bruno_SB_)

  2. good morning emily!!!

    i would get a new rug!! thanks for this OPPORTUNITY 🙂

    email:diannasweet10@yahoo.com ig:dianabelinski

  3. What i would give! We are moving into a new home and this would definitely be put to use! We are in Need of so many things- a new dining room Table, dining chairs, Entertainment center, rugs, couch.. the list goes on! This would be amazing for our famIly.

  4. Oh lord there are so many things I want! ?
    I think the top 2 items I would get, would be a vanity set and lamp set. I could use a new dining TABLE, but I’ll just stick with a vanity for now!??❤

  5. I’d buy a desk and/or bedroom furniture for my OFfice/craft room/guest room that i have yet to furnish. So excites to personalize that sPace for me and our future guests! Instagram: @dixiechickidie

  6. If i woN I would buy bedroom furniture. Ive Been married for almost 3 years. ANd we have alot of his old stuff and my old stuff. Id like to get rid of All that and get some pretty pieces that bring the room together!

  7. I just moved into a new house and i need to start making it a home with personal and decorative touches! I would love this prize!

  8. I recently moved into a mew amd bigger apartment and desperAtely want to finish furniShing it. I Have a few items on my cart on joss and maIn that i just cant afford to buy yet, so winNing this would be so so great! I would buy an end table, a pouf and all the rugs i need!



  9. Love the nurseRy. I would use the money to get new furniture for my So s room. I have a blended family of 11 kids and my poor sons room always gets overlooked since 7 of the 11 aRe girls! They e been asking to redo their room for the past 3 years but with all the kids we are on a tight budget!

  10. We are due in January with our first little One and we are having a girl. Her nursery is almost ready but it still needs a few things to Make it extra loved. Im hoping to shop at Joss and Main for a side table and rug and maybe some storage for Sweet SkYlar’s nursery. I am a big fan of Joss & Main. We have some of their pieces throughout ouR home. LOVE revisiting Graden and London’s nursery reveal post. So much inspiration ❤️

    IG Handle: @landenshea

  11. I would use the gift card on stuff oUr kids room! They Just recentlh started sharing a room and we would love to update it With some new furniture for each of them!!

  12. Oh my gosh what a dream!! Dying for this!!! I would buy new light fIXtures for our home! We are slowly UPdating our first home and this would be such a blessing!!

  13. Hi emily! I’d buy either a head board or dresser for our room! My fiance and i just bought a house! we started a blog TO share our home improvement projects! I love your page and How you’ve decorated! @jeannacybulski (personal) @jankytojackpot (home insta) thank you!! Fingers croSsed!

  14. We are building a home and It will be finished next mOnth!! We are so excited to buy new fuRniture and EVERYTHING else that goes with furnishing a new home. So I can’t say id buy one thing in particular, because id buy a lot!! ❤️

  15. Hello! This giveaway is amazing! Since we recently bought our first home, i would purchase decor for our living room, as well as my for daughters room!

  16. It would be the biggest blessing ever to win this giveaway!!! My sweet husband and i got married 6 weeks ago, and we are gearing up for a cross country move in 2 weeks and We have no furniture! It would be the biggest blessing to be able to use that money to deoxrate our new bedroom!!

  17. If i won the giveaway i would be able to purchaSe A table for my studio apartment. It’s so hard to be able to find a table that Could best Accommodate Our living situation. @alEx.opificius

  18. I would love to get some new decor pieces for my apartmeNt. My apartment is super bare And could use some Sprucing up!!

  19. I love Joss & Main, i’m buying a new house in January 2019 and need to outfit alot of rooms!!! i’d probably spend the $500 towards some pieces for our new family room, specifically new chairs to compliment our couch!!

  20. As a fellow twin mom (6 month IDENTICAL boys), id love the joss & main $500 to go towards their playroOm. I’ve already been looking at indoor tebts, rugs, and shelves for all the things they’ll get this christmas. Love following your beautiful journey.

  21. What wo I buy for $500?? WHere do i start?? There are so many cute thIngs on Joss&main ?? we’re building our first home and can’t wait to fill our home with many pieces from Joss&main!

  22. I have a 6 month old and would use the gift card to buy a rocker for her nursery!! We currently dont have one and i know How sweet it would be to rock her to sleep in her room <3. This is such a great giveaway!! @normabpowell

  23. Love this giveaway so much! ? My husband & i just got married in november and bought our first home! Furnishing an Entire home can definitely get to be a lot! There are still a few pieces on my list that i would buy with the joss & main gift caRd. Happy hoLIdays! Xo!

    InstAgRam: @mrs.kendradavis

  24. I adore your twins’ nursery! So elegant and clasSic! I Would lOve to get something beautiful to fill an awkward wAll space in my home—i tHink joss and main’s “clevenger hospitality” accent cabinet is stunning and wOuld lOok beautiful, so i woUld purchase that! Thanks for Doing this giveaway! Xx Jasmine

  25. I would purchase a standing mirror ive been eyeing for a while or some bedroom essentials. I just moved in My new apartment so soooo many needed things i could gEt.

  26. Excited for a chance to win this giveaway! I would love to go on a shopping spree to finish decorating our new master bedroom! @mrsjulieannpayne

  27. I’m actually due with my second child March 29th, a little girl. I would buy a rug, mirrors and all the decor I need! We’re barely getting started on the nursery this week and I have nothing. Not even a crib yet. Eek!

  28. We are planning on building next year and getting new furniture, so i would use the Gc for that or house decor. Cme101786 [at] Aol [dot], cyneason

  29. I LOvE Joss and Main!! My 75 year ikd mother just moved into an apartment and i would let her get whatever she wanted off the website! There is so much to chiose from! Merry christmas!

  30. I would love to get this gift card because I’ve been wanting to redecorate our family living room for such a long time now!! and this would definantely help out))

  31. Wow, this would be amazing! I would buy some new bedding and kitchen linens! ? My IG name is @fizzygig and I subscribed with angelseelyftw (at) GOOGLE mail dot com.

  32. I would love to win a 500 gift card to joss & main! They are my go to brand when I am looking for something new for my home. I am currently redecorating my office space and if I win, I would love to use my winning toward buying some fabulous furniture for this space. Email: traceyleigh07@yahoo.com IG: @misstraceyleigh07

  33. Love Joss & Main! I’ve recently gotten married and moved in with my husband, and would love to get a new rug for our living room!

  34. Happy birthday to those little cuties!

    I recently bought a House, so if i won I would definitely start with some Kitchen and bathroom decor ☺️


  35. I wouLD purchase items for my APartment! Im a teacher So i find myself spending more on my classroom than my apartment.

    InStAgram: @sweet_carolinerose

  36. I love your nUrsery for the twiNs! I would use the $500 to get at least 2 of Your gorgeous garden stool and the lamos in your post! You have fabulous taste!

  37. It Has been a really tough year for our family! We Moved into our home, and One week before delivering our 4th baby we had to move. Now our 4 sweet little loves are sharing one bedroom!! I would love to get them bunkbeds so they can have just a tEeny bit more space.

  38. WOuld love the extra cash to purchase a cushioned coffee table, such a needed piece with little toddlers!
    Thank you for sharing your hOme! So much inspiration for our new hOme!
    (??I never win these ?)

  39. I Love joss & maIn!! We are building a new hOme and i would use the money to help furnish it! Maybe a new couch ?

    Insta account: eliseolson1020

  40. I would use the money to make my dauGhters nursury into a big girls room now that shes climbing out of her crib everyday!
    IG handle- @jamiedayley
    Email- listed in the email section!

  41. We are in the midst of our remodel so we are still in need of a dining table, DIning chairs, entertainment center, sectional, and RUg!!!

    Love JOSs and main!! This would help us out so much because of all the furniture we still need to buy ? thanks for doing this giveaway!!


  42. I would use it to Decorate my twins nursery!! I am due in february and havent begun decorating or setting up anything. This would be a greaT push tO get things started. I am expecting two girls so it should be fun!

  43. I am buulding right now in cEdar hIlls so this woUld Be so helpful to help me furnish my home! My husband and i have been wanting a bunkbed for our two little boys to share, so thTs what i would buy!!

  44. I would rEally love to win this for my wife! She’s a huge fan of yours. We are house shopping Right now for a home in utah county so i know she would just die for this. Help make me husband of the year this chRistmas! I’d be happy to let her spend It on whatEver she wanted.. i leave the design stuff to her since she’s much better at it 😉
    Instagram: brooksreynolds18

  45. My wife has been looking for a new bed for us, and we’ve been holding off until next year. That said, I’d probably get the Cavaillon Panel Bed or the Harlow Panel Bed. Would probably have to check with her on approval, but I think she’d go for it since it’s her style. And with that, we’d likely need to get a new comforter, too. Can’t have a new bed frame without a new comforter.

    Thanks for sharing and the opportunity!

  46. Oh goSh The good QUESTION would be… what would i not buy from there! ? We’re in the middle of REMODELING our house completlY. So pretty much starting fresH, this hiveaway would be greAt!❤️
    Email sub: marina0844@gmail.com
    IG: marinazaytsev

  47. I would use this to furnish our new home. We used oir saviNgs to build and didnt save enough for new furniture for our new home!!!

  48. I am moving soon and am looking for an area rug for living room so i would most likely Put the Moneg toward that.

    Insta: kbrodersen

  49. I would buy a bookcase and an armchair. And it’s unbelievable I saw so many that I love just checking out the site. My Instagram @ewalsh40 And my email is ewalsh 40 (at) gmail .com

  50. This is such a dream gIveaway! I am constantly looking aT their websiTe for inspiration ideas! I woUld love BeDroom furniture & a headboard! ???❤️ Thanks so much for offering this amazing giveaway, & i could not be more appreciative! Happy holidays to you and your family!

  51. Oh my goOdness i screenshoted so many things that i’d Like?. Some of which include a bed for our guestroom, a ceiling fan, a task chair. The list can go on! This would be aMazing to win!

    (InkablonDi@hotMail.com) @innatsypAn

  52. I would purchase New shared sister room acCessories! We just moved to fort lewis, wa from texas and had a major room count downsize. My 13 year old will now be SHARING a room with my 2 year old! So many ideas Required :\ @Mrsclark208