12 Days of Giveaways: Day 10 with Reflections of Christ

Giveaway Day 10!!! I can’t beleive there’s only a few days left of my Twelve Days of Giveaways! For today’s giveaway I’m thrilled to be partnering with Reflections of Christ. My gallery wrap that hangs in my home is one of my favorite favorite pieces. Today I’m excited to be giving away a 40×60 Gallery Wrap and several signed books to ONE lucky Ivory Lane reader!!!! 

Giveaway Requirements: 

° Sign up for my Ivory Lane newsletter HERE

° Comment on this blog post sharing the email address you subscribed with and your IG handle

° Follow @emilyijackson@reflectionsofchrist and @itsmabry on Instagram

° Tag 3 or more friends in the comments on my IG post promoting the giveaway

Giveaway Rules:

One entry per person. Open only to legal residents of the United States who are at least 18 years old. Giveaway will close TONIGHT at 11:59 PM MST and the winner will be selected at random and announced in tomorrow’s blog post. Winner will receive their 40×60 gallery wrap and signed books within 30 business days of the giveaway closing. If you do not wish to share your information, do not enter this giveaway.  
​HUGE thank you to all who entered yesterday’s giveaway with Pampers Pure!!! The winner who was selected at random is…

Samantha Saltzmann

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I will DM you to connet you with the Pampers Pure team to get you your 6 month supply of diapers and wipes!! Be sure to check the blog tomorrow for Day 11 where I’ll announce the winner of the Reflections of Christ gallery wrap and signed books along with the giveaway for Day 11 (Here is a sneak peek at tomorrow’s giveaway).


  1. Emily,

    I absolutly love this picture and have been Admiring it since you did a post on it! It takes my breath away everytIme i look at it. What a peaceful feeling it brings into your home. I love love this peice in my new house.


  2. Ig handle: Krisshafer

    Ive been wanting one of these pIctures for a long time now! I would love to win this!

  3. I love his work! My mom has had quite the year and is so lucky and blessed to Still be here. I would love to get her and my daD this! InstaGram @erica_reeve

  4. @kianatracy

    I am DREAMING of Hanging one of tHese beautiful pictures in my new house. I have Admired Their work for years and would love to have this picture of christ displaYed in my home

  5. I have been wanting to purchase this gallery wrap for so long, but the size I need is just not in my budget. it would be amazing if it was me! @lindasitto

  6. I Have wanted this from the first time i saw your post about it. It is breathtaking and yet So calming. Out of all of your giveaways this would be the one i would be most excited about!


  7. I have been dying to purchase this print, but was waiting for the right time with our budget. I would love to win this! Ig handle is @serenablanco

  8. Insta: emily_hales

    This is my favorite christ picture. It is so beautiful and really brings a Peaceful haply feeling to your home. I would LOVE to win this picture!!

  9. Taywur22@yahoo.com

    IG HANDLE: taylorqUinnnnn

    Please pick me ? i looked at the Reflections of christ pictures yesterday and showed them to my finance and he wants one just as bad as i do for our home when we get married in marCh?

  10. My instagram handle is @sarah.hoopes
    I would love to win this giveaway so i could out this picture in my new apartment when i move from utah to orange coUnty! So excited! Hope i win!

  11. Hi Emily!! Taynks so much for the RefLections of ChriSt gIveaway! I think its just ABSOLUTELY gorgeous and i would love to hang this in my house.

    Merry christmas!

    My email is: mralphs16@gmail.com
    Ig Handle: mrs.Morgankaye

  12. @allicthompson

    I’ve really wanted a beautiful pIcture of Christ for my home. This one is reallY special. Thank You for this opportunity.

  13. @kaijey5 I Love this picture and have been Wanting a picture of christ in our house. My husband and i just moved into a new home and would love this in our entryway! Ive been following reflections of christ for some time now and Love the Amazing artwork. Fingers crossed im thE lucky one this time! ?❤️ Merry christmas!!

  14. I Have been dreaming of getting a reflections of christ picutre for So long!i wont be able to afford one for a long time and i would love my little ones to grow up with a beautoful picture of christ in our home. I would give anything to have one of their photos in my home for friends and family to charish! I have entered so many of the giveaways and havent Won yet…i know its chosen at random but pray that its my family who wins this last one!!

  15. I have dreamed of owning a reflection of christ picutre for so so long!! Would love this so much!
    instagram handle: thehuntingtons18. (Garrett and Ashley Huntington)

  16. Reflections of christ by mark spoke immedoately to my soul when It first appeared in yhe background of rachel’ S house. I purchased the same ( smaller version) for my bf who is a cancer survior for her 50th this past august. You see she and i had a miraculous experience in sw florida when our babes were littlE. When we 5 pulled up to the beach house we ran out immediately from car as sun was setting and stolled the beaCh in our travEl clothes … in a moment i took a pic of my bf who looked like she was walking on water.
    Only god could have known the trials and journey he would guide both of us together on. Today , i look at that picture and can see god was right there. This pic of jesus ( god incarnAte) is a beautiful personal inspiration of testimony of where life has been and Comfort for the unknow thay lies ahead. Thank you emily , rachel and maRk for sharing your love and faith in god. May he continue to use you for his glory to bring others hoPe.

  17. Wow wow woW i would Absolutely lOve to have tHis beautiful picture of christ in my home. It is Very importaNt to me that christ is always at the center Of our lives, and This picture could Literally be the center of our hOme. It is beautiful in your sPace, i love it!


  18. We had an exhibit of the refleCtions of christ piCtures for my singles ward in arizona yearssss ago and I’ve loved them ever since. I Would be so happy to win this!

    InstagrAm: @heythisispaIge

  19. Hoping with all my might that i win this giveaway- i based my entire home decoration ARound this beautiful Canvas, but cant afford to buy it myself! Someday- and iT will be an amazing accomplishment to have it in the center of my home!

  20. @nmlopez78
    Thank you so much for doing this give away. His pieces are truly magnificent. Crossing my fingers!! 🙂

  21. Oh my gosh, this pIcture is my literal dream!!! Ive been obsessed with it since i saw it in yours and rachels house! My husband loves his work and this would be the most amazing surprise on christmas for him!! And it would be so perfect for our first little home!! Ive been entering every day, and now im glad i havent won yet, because im hoping this is mt day!!! I woUld cry tears of happiness if i won!!! This is so amazing!! Love you and your sisters and love following a twin mom!!!! My instagram is @kelligilbert and my email iskkgilbert09@gmail.com

  22. This image is so beautiful! Thank you for the opportunity to potentially be able to have it in my home. The winner of the giveaway will definitely enjoy it! happy holidays!!

  23. I signed up under veronika bush/veronikagraper@gmail.com and my insta handle is veronikabush22 ? my fingerS are crossed SO SO HARD!

  24. I would love to win this!! I just subScribed. Thanks for hosting such great giveaways! My Email is in the form here and my IG handle is @mikaylahigley

  25. Ig handle: valeri.avramenko
    ABSOLUTELY love this picture and would love to hang it up in my new home!

  26. Oh my goodness THis is so exciting!!! I would cry so HArd!! My ig is @jackster.broomfield It would be so amazing in our living room and WHEREVEr we are stationed next! That would be An amazing constant in a hectic military life! I love you lady!

  27. I aM a recent convert to the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints as oF december 1. This would be the perfect portrait of christ for my living room for all to be reminded that there is alwaya peace in christ.

  28. I’ve always wanted one of these but unfortunately it’s over our budget. It’s so beautiful, so serene. It will be a dream come true to have it in our home especially now, when we celebrate our savior’s birtday.


  29. beautIfUl, moving portrait. Thank You jesus for your sacrifice and salvation, and eternal life!

    What a beautIful, inspiring piece for any home!

    So glad that a popular blogger is willing to stand for her beliefs, this is so inspiring!

    Email: lanatell@gmail.com
    Ig: svetiknt

  30. My wife STATEd that if I did not enter this contest THAt I would be sleeping on the couch. She absolutely adores these photos and would love one to bring the sweet Spirit of Christ into our home

    1. @logantjones12

  31. @mammataylor7

    Our home has an open doOr policy and we try to always help teens in any wah we can . My only regRet is that i dont have a nice photo of the SavIor in our home . This would add to the loving spirt they can feel here. I would love to place this photo on my wall for all that come over could see it and feel his love . Thanks for consIdering me. Thanks Kim

  32. I posted a comment already but i dont think i filled my instagram name in the correct spot! I hope you see my other post because it describes my dream of my chiLdren growing up with a beaUtiful picutre of christ in our home to look up to and know that our savior is always Someone who you can turn to and will Always love you. He sacrificed his life for us! He is our brother and lord jesus christ. It is something i wont be able to afford unless i win A picTure thrOugh a giveaway. I have entered every single giveaway and havent won…

  33. This picture gives me the chills everytime i see it! SUCH a beautiful picture! The first time i ever seen it was actually posted by your sister Rachel a few years back. This would mean so MUCH to me if i could win! Perfect for my bare walls!

    Email: tabis05@gmail.com

    Ig: tanyakobrya

    Merry xmas to your beautiful family!

  34. I love that this christmas giveaway is a pAinting of christ, whIch is what the season is all aBout. Winning this beautiful canvas would seriously bE the best christmas gift of my lifE! ?❤️?

    IG: @karliewhetten
    EmAil: karliewhetten@gmail.com

  35. My husband and i have been looking for ways to make our home a more christ-centered home— a place where we can feel the spirit in greater abundance— a place That feels like the temple. Every time i think of ways i can accomplish that goal, i think of hanging Up a picture of christ. I always imagine owning our very own picture by refleCtions of Christ, and i pray we Are chosen for this giveaway, because i have fallen in love with the way RefleCtions of christ depicts the savior.


  36. I love this piece so, so much and would be thriLled tO have it hanging in my hOme.

    Ig: @saraHrowberry

  37. I have been trying to win a reflections of christ picture for my mom for a year now. This would make her the happiest mama ?

  38. I’ve dreamed of having this Image of chRist in my home for so long- ive leFt a wall blank, just in hopes of someday being able to hang it there. This would make my Heart so happy!

  39. Ive been in love wiTh this picture for years, But cant afford anything from reflections of christ. This is an amazing giveaway!!! ALso i love your blog and yoir fam is adorable.

  40. This would be ABSOLUTELY amazing. I have been stalkiNg refleCtions of christ for a while now! I would love one of these Pictures!

  41. I love this piece of art! Been saving up for a while and even have spot in my home I won’t hang anything else up on the wall because I’m saving it for this piece of art. it would be such a treat to receive it! my email is juliembling@gmail.com and my instagram handle is @juliepk12