12 Days of Giveaways: Day 11 with NordicTrack

As you all know I have a huge passion for running (click here to purchase my Running Guide!!). So today I am really excited to be partnering with NordicTrack to give away a X22i Incline Trainer to ONE lucky Ivory Lane reader!!!! 

Giveaway Requirements: 

° Sign up for my Ivory Lane newsletter HERE

° Comment on this blog post sharing the email address you subscribed with and your IG handle

° Follow @emilyijackson and @nordictrack on Instagram

° Tag 3 or more friends in the comments on my IG post promoting the giveaway

Giveaway Rules:

One entry per person. Open only to legal residents of the United States who are at least 18 years old. Giveaway will close TONIGHT at 11:59 PM MST and the winner will be selected at random and announced in tomorrow’s blog post. Winner will receive their X22i Incline Trainer once they connect with the NordicTrack Team. If you do not wish to share your information, do not enter this giveaway.  

BIG thank you to all who entered yesterday’s giveaway with Reflections of Christ!!! The winner who was selected at random is…

Kira Escobar

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I will DM you to get you your 40×60 Gallery Wrap and signed books! Be sure to check the blog tomorrow for Day 12 where I’ll announce the winner of the X22i NordicTrack Incline Trainer along with the LAST DAY of giveaways (Here is a sneak peek at tomorrow’s giveaway).


  1. My insta is @fireworkdelune. Super crossing my fingers! I’m a working mom of a toddler and it’s so hard to find the time to run outside!

  2. My Insta handle is @mIstrichins. This giveaway is a dream and so iS yOur mom bod ? we are just buying a new house so for now we cant afford to put money towards something like this, it would be such a blessing to win!

  3. My instagram handle is @mrsbeesh. This would be amazing to help lose the baby weight while being able to stay home with my baby ❤️

  4. This is awesome! my treadmill is 15 years old and about to break down any day now.
    holliister at gmail dot com
    insta: @collifornia

  5. Hi Emily!! I have been following you for a while and love seeing your fitness journey. You look absolutely amazing and your running guide is such an inspiration! I would love to win this Incline Trainer!! It would be a huge help to me to be able to keep up with my running as a busy mom on the go. Have a Merry Christmas and God bless!!


  6. Emily,

    I subscribed with email mb9790@gmail.com & my ig handle is meganbjones90. i am a long time follower of yours and this giveaway would be dream FULFILLING! i have been talking my sweet husband’s ear off these past few weeks about how inspired i am to incorporate a fitness routine as we head into 2019, and i have been looking into a nordic track treadmill! They are pretty pricey, so man-oh-man, if I could win this!! words can’t even describe how excited i would be! thank you for the opportunity!! merry christmas and happy new year to you and your family!

  7. Training for my first full marathon and have Had to Drive into town to go to Use the gym treadmill on rainy days. Having one at home h you c

  8. I sta handle is @wrightgal80. My husbabd is a runner and im hoping this yesr with the help of your running guide i can train to do the ragnar with him!

  9. Omggggg what a wonderful giveaway when I moved from my apartment i had to get My nOrdictrack treadmill apart and then it WOULD noT work i need my nordic track treadmill life Is easier when u can workout at home wHile the kids are asleep.

  10. @martinezleah_

    I am so excited to enter this giveaway. this giveaway prize wouldnt even be for me. it would be for my mom because shes always wanted to workout but cant because she cant afford a lot of the equipmeny. we thank god for all he has done for us as a family, we cannot complain but this would be amazing if i could win to give it to her. she has done so much i just wish to show my appreciation. thank you for the opportunity.

  11. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! I just bought your training guide last month, convinced my Dad too as well & then we signed up for our first half marathon!! I’m currently training outside, my Dad is on a very old nordic track, it’s tried and true but this new machine would really up my game!! my email address if juliembling@gmail.com and my instagram is @juliepk12

  12. I know every year i say this, but I’d really love to get my twenty year old body back! this would really help me hit my goals when it’s too cold to run outside.

  13. @brookeallison2007@yahoo.com This would be perfect to help me get back into shape after having surgery in November to donate my uterus to a friend who was born without one! Thank you!

  14. I would love to win this treadmill! I have ised your running guide and wohld live to be able tO run at home when the weather dOesnt allow Or kids dont have school!! ??

  15. Instagram handle: jessicaroma9

    I know the drawing is random but i just had a 2nd trimester miscarriage after fertitlity help to get pregnant. I delivered a baby boy. Anyway, im not a runner but i have a new goal to run a half marathon this year in my sons honor. This would be Beyond amazing. Thanks

  16. @Mrs_stough
    Huge running fanatic right here! Winter here MAKES it tough to get out and work it! Thank you for the opportunity IvoryLane ♥️

  17. Emily, this is an amazing giveaway!!! I use to run and do 1/2 marathons, then i had kids (excUses, right?) but want to get Back into it. This has been a Tough year (my father passed away the end of october after being sick) and it has really taken a lot Of our family. My hisband and i both said We need to get back on track with eXcersie and to increase them “feel gOod/ happy hormones” this would be a huge gift in staRting back into running, especially at home In the winter!!! Need to get ypur running guide, too!!! Btw- loved your gingerbread House- last night??

  18. Claraarbizo@gmail.com
    Would love to win for mY mom and i. My mom Has diabetes and needs to walk everyday but she hates waliking in the cold so this would be AMAZING for her. This would help mE start my own fitness Journey I would love to win. Fingers croSsed.

  19. Ahh we are just moving into a new house and im tRying to get into running (in cold Mn) ? was just looking at treadmills online!

    Instagram: rachsaylor

  20. I would love to win a nordic track! My husband got me one for mothers day and i think its lost in the mail ;P Your running plan and fitnesscarli meal Plan and ill be back yo pre baby body by summer!!! Crossing fingers!

    My ig is @jazleerose
    I signed up with jazleeg@Gmail.com


    Email: perele96@gmail.com

  22. ahhh I would die if I won this! I’m a mom of two and it would be my dream to workout during the little ones nap time. I’ve got the urge to run so bad, but once we put everyone to bed it takes all my energy to just get out and go to the gym..#momlife. my email is rachelebaird@gmail.com and my Instagram is rachel_emi

  23. Awesome giveaway!! I purchased your running guide and am going to start after the holidays..can’t wait! 🙂 I’m subscribed to all! klbutz5 instagram and butzkar@gmail.com for email…Thanks! Fingers crossed 🙂

  24. This is the most amazing giveaway ever!!! ? I’ve been scanning craigslist for a secoNd hand treadmill and it’s kind of depressing (when it should be fun!)… This is amazing!!
    IG: @lizrascher

  25. I’ve BEEN FOLLOWING EMily and rachel for forever love their IG feed and inspo!!! I want this giveaway for my mom she wants to get in shape but refuses to go to a public gym unfortunately.

  26. ❤️ IG: its.lindsey.p
    I have been following your fitness journey since last christmas! You look amazing girl. ?? This would be such a blessing to own.

  27. Absolutely dying for this! I’m getting your running guide for christmas and i’d love to be able to start training in the snowy winter on this!! this would be so so so amazing with little kids at home! seriously such a dream! praying its my day!!!!
    instagram: kelligilbert
    email: kkgilbert09@gmail.com

  28. I want this Treadmill For the exercise room we’Re putting in our new house! I was checking it out at scheels Last weekend. Instagram @hello_forever_home

  29. This is wonderful ! I use yoir running guide and have had (2) repaired ACL’s and it keeps them healthy and free of Further injury ! This is so amazing, love nordic track ?

  30. Love this giveaway and this noRdictrack would LITERALLY change my life. I’m a single mom of 2 amazing kiddos but working full time to support them leaves Very little time or money to Get to the gym

  31. Lisacarmel@comcast.net
    IG: Lisacarmelheller

    That is BEYOND generous… I couldn’t even imagine! I love when you post photos running or working out. It motivates!!!!! Nordic track looks like it is made from the best quality. no excuses with a machine like this!

  32. Running has helped me through tough times over the years and has definitely Helped me be the best version of myself! @jenniferlynn843

  33. Hi Emily! I am a new mom and trying to get in shape. The gift of good health is one of the best things we can give our kids and im desperate to get back on track!

  34. This is such a dream giveaway! Ive been wanting one of these Forever! This would be such amazing christmas gift for me❤️. Thank you so much for the chaNce!!! @Innatsypan. (Inkablondi@hotmail.com)

  35. I’ve been dying to try the Nordic Track! Due with baby number 3 in march and could defInitely use this to Stay active and then to get back in shape after she arrives! 🙂 Thank you for the oPportunity!

    Email – jweldon121@gmail.com
    Insta – @jjwilliams21

  36. I’ve wanted this for so long!! We just moved into a new place and a roof leak Damaged our treadmill so this would really help this postpartum mommy get back in tiptop shape (using your running guide, of course ;))

  37. @Mrskristinateam as a runner myself, your commitment to health and fitness is InspIring! Also, thank you for your holiday generosity. It is contageous. I love following you and keep doing you, girl!

  38. AH!!! I for real NEED this for training in the WINTERs Here in UTAH! It’s SO Hard Running in the cold.I have no clue how you and your dad do that!

  39. I can’t even tell you how happy I would be to win this! I bought your running guide to help with my goal of “sweating for the wedding”- WOULD LOVE TO PUT IT TO USE WITH NORDICTRACK! Merry Christmas to you and your family! keeping my fingers crossed xx

    Email: Katesheridan6@gmail.com
    Instagram: KATESHERIDAN6

  40. I would love to have this when mY kids are sick and i cant take them to the daycare at the gym! My instaGram is danielleperry

  41. @tammytomberlin I would love to have this treadmill. Life happened health wise and I stopped running. Anxious to start running again. it has been too long.

  42. Haven’t Ran in 2 months due to mediCal reasons but am dying to start running again soon! Can’t wait!!! Love your running advice and tips!!!

  43. I love your running guide. I need a Nordic track fo the Winter. Merry Christmas!

    Ig aveeneman
    Andrea Veeneman at GMAIL.com

  44. Would love this! Could help me get back into shape to run nyc marathon with my sis next Year post baby. Gets hard training in the Summer in the humid south! Ig account is kaaward. Thanks!

  45. ?chels.cooper@yahoo,com

    This Would be amazing to Jumpstart the New year with and finish shedding this Baby weight

  46. Would love to win this!! CurRently a stay at home mom and share a car with my husband so i dont get out much but really miss my consistant workout routine

  47. Winning this would be such a dream for me! Its so hard to work out with 4 kids 6 and unDer. Being able to run while the littles arw napping would be a life changer! Thank you!!! ????

  48. You are an incredible fitness inspiration! Especially for us moms!
    I need to be healthier for my children! This would be an amazing gift, coupled with your running guide, to get started on the running and healthy lifestyle journey.
    Ig: @svetiknt
    EMail: lanatell@gmail.com

  49. This is an awesome giveAWaY! I Would be beyond thrilled to win! I absoltely love running and it would be amazing to have a solution to do it at home when its cold (and my kids doNt want me to cart them to the gym!)