New Year Resolutions / Intermittent Fasting

^^ My outfit details: Rixo sequin midi dress (also here, here and here), Christian Louboutin pumps, Hip n Happy MAC liner (also here), Charlotte Tilbury Kim K.W. lipstick

^^ My outfit details: Faux fur coat (similar style here and here), Rachel Parcell ribbed top, Citizens of Humanity jeans, J.Crew boots

^^ GRL PWR tank

^^ Running Guide

Finally a new blog post! I have been a little MIA lately. I took some much needed time to spend with my family. I was exhausted after the holidays and just wanted to hibernate at home with my people.

A little update:

Gray Gray is SO close to walking. He took four steps the other day! Watch out world! He is a wild one!

Lou Lou is just the sweetest most tender hearted little girl. She is afraid of her own shadow haha. She is starting to use the little walker and has mastered that all on her own! Maybe she will catch Gray and walk before him!

Capri is VERY busy with school and dance. She has her first solo competition coming up! She loved just being home during the Christmas break but was so excited to get back into a routine. She thrives with structure!

Cannon is my little super hero. That’s all he wants to play, talk about and watch. He also just started school up again and was so excited to see his teachers!!

As for me, the fun never stops! I have been so, so busy with work getting my secret project ready! Make sure you are subscribed to my newsletter so you are the first to know what’s happening and all of the details!! This will he coming at the end of May! I also did this darling GRl PWR tank. It’s such a flattering cut even though it’s kind of cropped! It has enough coverage but it’s still fun and cute!! Make sure you get yours!!

Over the break we talked a lot about our New Years resolutions. We made some as a family and we each wrote down our personal resolutions. I wanted to share a few of mine…

° Keep my family healthy and happy. I am always just so grateful to get through the year with my family healthy!

° Tone up. I don’t want to lose any more weight I just want to tone. I’m sure this is on everyone’s New Years resolution list! It took me one FULL year to lose my baby weight. Like I finally lost my last pound on the baby’s first birthday. I strongly believe this has to do with hormones and that mine finally just evened out after giving my body a year to recover from birth and IVF stuff!

° Run three half marathons. You can find my guide here!! You guys… I PROMISE if you follow my guide you can run an amazing half marathon race and it will be life changing!! Just the satisfaction in doing something hard is what was life changing for me when I did my very first race. It doesn’t even matter what your time is or if you are a beginner. It’s just such an amazing high to do something hard and then cross that finish line!!

° Continue to grow my business.

° Service. I really want to serve this year!! What the looks like, I’m not sure yet but that is on my list!

​What are some of your New Years resolutions?? Make sure you grab my guide and cute tank, I always get excited to work out or run when I have new work out clothes!! And tag me! I want to see you either using the guide or in the tank!!

p.s. I will be writing a post about intermittent fasting soon!! My running guide actually has lots of the meals I eat on a day to day basis. They are my go-to’s that are easy and healthy!!


  1. Hey! I’m not sure what you have in mind for service but i can tell you that joining the junior league ended up being a great, organized way for me to serve in my community in a structured and meaningful way. I’m a member austin, tx and my experience has been amazing and has given me so many more opportunities than i could have found or created myself. I recommend it to anyone looking to devote a little time and talent- it’s the easiest way for me to make a meaningful impact in measurable ways. The other amazing thing about it is that it is 100% woman-run organization so there aren’t as many issues with sexism, nepotism, etc. and most leagues focus on women’s and children’s issues. I know that SLC has a chapter and I think it’s worth looking into for sure! Best of luck with your goals!

  2. Love your site. Who is the manufacturer/style name of your stairs carpet. I love it and it would br perfect for my house.
    Thank you