January Rut

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Sorry I’ve been a little MIA lately. I’m totally in a January rut! January is for sure my least favorite month of the year, partly because I feel like it drags on forever. I also think I may have seasonal depression (if that’s even a thing)… I’m in serious need of some sunshine and warmth, I can’t even wait for Hawaii next week! It will be so good to for my soul to get away and escape for a little bit! The weather here in UT has been bitter cold, dark, gloomy and the inversion has been so bad I haven’t seen the mountains or clear blue skies or even in the sun in DAYS. Do any of you get this way in January, too?! Or am I the only one? So looking forward to February!

But I am currently working on a blog post all about intermittent fasting and why I love it and the experience I’ve had with it. I’m not claiming to be an expert, but I’ve been getting so many questions about it so I thought I’d do a blog post covering everything. So if you have any questions that you’d like me to answer in the upcoming post, leave them in the comments below!

Thanks for stopping by!!! Have a great Thursday!


  1. Since you exercise and are obviously in shape, why are you doing the intermittent fasting? I am assuming it is not for weight loss.

  2. Seasonal depression is totally a real thing!! It’s sooo hard to have such a major lifestyle change in the winter–being stuck inside, not as much sun, etc. I live in Philly and the pastors of our church, without fail, every single year, talk about seasonal depression and encourage us to have our friends over for dinner, get together and live in community because the winter is a hard time for a lot of people, me included!! my husband and I lived in utah for a year and we embraced the winter by skiing and being outside as much as possible. Now we have lived in the northeast for five years and the winters are so bad that we’re moving to florida this summer. have fun in hawaii!! the winter won’t last forever. xoxoxo

  3. I live in suncrest so i know how you feel. We dont gEt the inversion, but Often we are living in the clouds. This year i made a conscIous effort to Not hate winter. I bought the aura dayligHt therapy lamp from amazon. The instructions say to sit in front of it, but i put it on the kitchen counter whIle making dinner. Usually it runs an hour, sometimes longer if it’s a really dark day. My whole family enjoys it and its made a hUge difference in my mood.