Q&A: My Experience With Intermittent Fasting

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I promised you all a post on intermittent fasting, so here it is!

What is intermittment fasting? It is currently one of the most popular health and fitness trends. It’s basically alternating cycles of fasting and eating. Typically you fast for 16-18 hours. I personally stop eating at 8 pm and I start to eat again the next day around 12:30 or 1. Many studies show it can help with weight loss, improve metabolism, reduce the risk of cancer, help you gain lean mass and extend your life.

What is the ideal eating window for intermittent fasting? 16-18 hours of fasting. I fast from 8pm-12:30 or 1.

Can anyone do it? I’m not a specialist or a doctor and am not claiming to be one. So I would definitely check with your physician if you are considering doing intermittent fasting. I absolutely would not do it if I was pregnant, trying to get pregnant or nursing. So I guess you can consider this an announcement that I am neither pregnant nor trying to get pregnant:)

Can you eat whatever you want during the timeframe? I try to eat as clean as I can but am not a perfect eater, which is why intermittent fasting works for me. I recently read the book “Body Love” and loved it! She talks about the types of food you should eat and how you should break your fast. Basically you should break your fast using the “Fab 4” which is protein, greens, fiber and fat. So when I am making lunch I try to be mindful that I am using the Fab 4 to break it. I typically have a green drink, eggs with avacado and spinach, Kodiak Cakes with eggs etc. Really try to get that Fab 4 in! If you want to learn more about the Fab Four I would read “Body Love!” Simply randomly skipping meals while continuing to eat a diet high in processed foods won’t help you lose fat or improve your health. So pay attention to nutritional specifics and be prepared to do the work. 

Do you still eat 3 meals during the time you’re not fasting? Or do you just eat one or two meals and a few snacks? I eat two meals (with a green/protein drink) and one snack. I really try not to snack a ton! Like Kelly says in “Body Love“, you are not a toddler, you don’t need to snack! Ha! I’ve always remembered that!

Since you exercise and are obviously in shape, why are you doing the intermittent fasting? I am assuming it is not for weight loss. I honestly just wanted to give it a try. Especially after reading “Body Love” and doing more research on it. I’ve heard such great things about it. And it’s really not that hard for me! I have never been a big eater in the mornings. So it’s not a lifestyle change for me and it’s not hard for me to do. There are so many other benefits besides weight loss which intrigued me. I feel like it’s something that works for me and my lifestyle and is assisting me in becoming healthier – which is my overall goal. 

When do you workout, while you’re fasting or after you’ve broken your fast? I work out right when I wake up in the morning. That always helps a ton with my workout! Like I said above, I don’t get super hungry in the mornings, and if I did eat before a workout I think it would make me feel sick! The exception is if I’m doing a longer run (6 miles or more), then I usually eat peanut butter toast because your muscles need that extra energy for longer runs. When training for a half or full marathon, you need to cater your diet to your training schedule.

I have a hard time working on an empty stomach. Do you ever get hungry? Sometimes around 11:30am I can really hungry, so I’ll break my fast a little early. But I never wake up hungry. I would suggest giving it a try and see how you feel and how your body responds. You might surprise yourself! Also keep in mind that everyone’s time window is different. If you need to eat earlier in the morning you could stop eating a little earlier at night. I would also suggest starting with a 15-16 hour fast and see how you feel.

Can you share your meals/snacks and the time of day you eat them for a typical day? I have lots of meals and snack ideas in my running guide! You can find that here!

Is your last meal of the day (dinner) the same amount of calories as it would be if you were not fasting the next morning? Or do you load up since you won’t be eating the whole next morning? Good question! I eat the same meal sizes and portions as if I wasn’t fasting. I don’t really load up but just listen to what my body is telling me.

Do you have any basic tips and how to do it? Do your research!!! There is so much information out there! But for some people it’s definitely a lifestyle change, so be prepared for that. But while it has been great for me, I realize it may not be a good fit for everybody. You know your body better than anyone else, so take care of it the best way you know how!

Do you think it’s fine for both women and men to do intermittent fasting? I do! Again, I’d do your research before starting and talk to your doctor. I believe it definitely works and benefits both males and females.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Intermittent fasting works for me because I hate tracking my calories, macros etc. I think it’s exhausting and it can make you become obbsessive over calories. So with intermittent fasting, I don’t obsess over calories but just listen to my body and mostly stay away from unhealthy foods in the process. It is simple and convenient for me.

For other meal ideas besides what’s in my running guide I would check out Clean Simple Eats and Fitness Carli. Clean Simple Eats meals are AMAZING but definitely time consuming. Fitness Carli’s meals are also really good but don’t require any prep!

I hope this answers all of your questions regarding Intermittent Fasting! If you have any additional questions that I didn’t cover, feel free to leave them in the comments below! I’d love to hear your experience with intermittent fasting! Share below!


  1. Thanks for this! My doctor even suggested intermittent fasting as a WEIGHT LOSs help for me. After reading your post it made me want to try it, because it seems doable for my own lifestyle. 🙂

  2. Silly question maybe, but I was wondering if drinking coffee in the a.m. is ok? or can you only have water until you break the fast? Thanks for post, it was very informative.

    1. Hi! From everything i have learned through research and my own experiences – black coffee is ok, but with anything added to it means you are technically breaking the fast.

    2. I believe it needs to be under 25 calories .. I cant remember where i read that but i read it as i was doing research for INTERMITTENT fasting for myself. i’ve read everywhere that the thing to stick is water but if you need to branch out it should be with something like la croix or perrier etc…

  3. About three weeks ago i started intermittent fasting after you mentioned it. I also hate tracking every little thing. The first few days were difficult for me in the mornings. But now im doing really well and kept it going for three weeks (which being honest ive never kept to anytHing that long before). I dont find myself to be as hungry all the time And im also not craving bad foods. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  4. I’M going to have to read “body love”. I’m terrible at the snacking thing. So I LOVE hearing that “you’re not a toddler, you don’t need to snack” thanks for sharing this information!!!!

  5. Hey, just wondering what kinds of places you eat out at and what you order. I see so many bloggers anD inflUencers that eat out a lOt and are very fit….just wondering how you do it? ?

  6. Wow it was so nice to read you experiences! I do it as well and it works great for me. I do it the other way round: starting in the morning and having the last meal at around 4pm – i feel super healty and also I get the feeling once all the eating and digesting is out of the way I’m so much more productive.

    lots of love, Miri

  7. Hi, love your insta and website. only just discovered it. I just had a 2nd baby and have 40 pounds to lose – aaaargh. I am doing intermittent fasting and I slowly got into it. I started at 10am the first week, and have been pushing out my first meal more and more over January. so now i start consuming calories at 12pm. I’ve slowly adjusted. I find doing my exercise at 11am better for me. makes the time go faster when I’m the hungriest! also if I exercise at 6am I think I would be too Hungry too fast till 12pm. jjst remember no calories at All during the fasting period. I found out that the herbal Tea I was having during my fast had calories in It… in the form of sugar! so be careful xx